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It's Us Crew Oneshots by the-pulls
It's Us Crew Oneshotsby monke
Just a collection of oneshots I've made. Some of them have more parts than one. I basically moved all the ones from my Random NSC Book to here just so things are more or...
Origins Oneshots and Incorrect Quotes (REQUESTS OPEN) by Dragon_Lord_Girl
Origins Oneshots and Incorrect Dragon_Lord_Girl
So I'm gonna be doing this now. I'll happily take request and when there isn't any I'll just think of random ships. They can either be cannon or not. Just whatever ship...
TheFamousFilms FNAF One-shots 2.0 by iroman152
TheFamousFilms FNAF One-shots 2.0by iroman 16
I'm trying picking up where I left off for you guys! So just so you know I'm not doing anything smutty (at least not that often) and I do take requests but it'll probabl...
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Recontinued || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
Cussing? Yep. Possible triggers? Hopefully not. Ships sailing? Yep. *This book is a Bryan X Molten book* #1 in fnaf6 : 11/29/2020 #6 in JonJon: 12/27/2020 7.18k reads :...
Becoming One Of Them (Tommy x Reader) by Wolfie0313
Becoming One Of Them (Tommy x Wolfie0313
"Everyone welcome the new student!" The teacher exclaimed pointing at me. She motioned me to stand up. I felt sick doing so. "What's your name sweethea...
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| (Being Rewriten) by coast_walker
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| ( A-Panic-Party
(cover art done by me) Give this book a chance!! (The book is mature because there will be some violence) Bryan's hurt mentally and he hasn't healed one bit. How could...
Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Book by AwesomeAshely23
Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Bookby AwesomeAshely23
What the title says ~~Requests are open~~ <3
Wires and Blood (A TheFamousFilms fan-fiction) -ON HOLD- by KomaniKat
Wires and Blood (A K0maniKat
It's a normal day in Freddy Land. Well, as normal as it can be when your 'friends' are walking, talking animatronics. Bryan walks through the park. Someone is watching...
Origins Oneshots/Theory's etc..  by Genocide_Player
Origins Oneshots/Theory's etc.. by Chaotic Melody
This book is about Oneshots, Stories and Theory's about The Roleplays the Origins Crew made with some people from other fandoms too
A Mother's Love by ArtificialAlibis
A Mother's Loveby ArtificialAlibis
(TheFamousFilms) Bryan has always been motherly to anyone he so much as thinks needs any form of comfort, guardian, or overall someone to feel safe around. After an acci...
The Art Book of Cat by Cat_De_Fox
The Art Book of Catby Kit Kat
Just a place where I post my art. There will be a multitude of fandoms, a couple examples being: ItsUs and Sander Sides. I will add more tags as it goes on. Edit: I wi...
'The Last Laugh' Zombie AU  by Not_Twisty_I_Swear
'The Last Laugh' Zombie AU by NotTwisty
This is my AU created on the universe of Jon, Bryan and Ersa's fnaf roleplays. It starts off at the end of Bryans season one... This also may include some of my own char...
TheFamousFilms FNAF 6: Afton's Secret Daughter (REBOOT) by StormAfton102603
TheFamousFilms FNAF 6: Afton's Storm
Storm has been looking for her dad since she forgave him and Molten for the accident. The accident that caused her to be 15 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟. Her little brothers were kill...
Incorrect Quotes by Camille_and_Fritz
Incorrect Quotesby Camille 🧶(and Fritz 🏵)
FNAF Kids, Origins of Olympus, Fairy Tail Origins, Supernatural Origins, TFF FNAF6/7, Origins of Olympus S2
My Art and Other Crap by QueenOfUganda288
My Art and Other Crapby QueenOfUganda
This is where I'll be posting art, ideas, memes, and other crap like that. I've got a lot of crap. (' -__-)
!TheFamousFilms Ship Art book!(COMPLETED) by AG_DontKnow
!TheFamousFilms Ship Art book!( AG_DontKnow
today I'll be drawing ships but the people who love TheFamousFilms! you can request any ship you want that you like, love, or hate.. I'll try to be fast but I need more...
Bryan and Lefty's secrets (Thefamousfilms) by Bubblespop2007
Bryan and Lefty's secrets ( Ender
Lefty, well he's better known as The Puppet, has been keeping his actual identity, apart from being the Puppet, he's Charlotte Emily, the daughter of Henry Emily. Lefty...
Secrets are Deadly  by Unipup17
Secrets are Deadly by Xoxogamer
Bryan was abandoned as kid by his parents they left him in the woods when he was 3, Slenderman had noticed Bryan and decided to take him in so he raised Bryan as his own...
name idea? by kathyC303
name idea?by kathyC303
This is a story about thefamousfilms.