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You Belong With Me (Camila/you) by CamilaCabello_MyLife
You Belong With Me (Camila/you)by .
Camila Cabello the school's Ms.Popular. Head Cheerleader, Girlfriend of Austin Mahone the Captain of the Football team. Y/N Dale the school's nerd. The crush of Ms. Popu...
"El Intercambio" Temporada 3 by camrenisreal4514
"El Intercambio" Temporada 3by camrenisreal
Tercera temporada del "El intercambio" todos los derechos a la escritora
Troubled Royalty.  by fallenworldofchances
Troubled Royalty. by cecilia.
Y/N receives the news that she has to marry the princess of their small island at the age of 18 because her dad and the king said so. Will Lauren, the princess, and Y/N...
roll bounce (laurmani)  by gomanibear
roll bounce (laurmani) by gomanibear
what happens in the roll bounce, stays in the roll bounce!
day one (laurmani)  by gomanibear
day one (laurmani) by gomanibear
since they've met, lauren has been in love with normani but at the news of normani's accident she's decided recollect every moment she's fallen in love and fell into a d...
The Only One by multifandamatic
The Only Oneby multifandamatic
Normal girl with an unexpected future. Emily a 16 year old girl born and raised in Phonix, Arizona. She and her family had to move to England, and start a knew life t...
No Time by SatisfiedHarmony
No Timeby Lauren Blue
"You're Beautiful, with all your flaws and Imperfections"
Ignorance {KB/DL} by moonshinexxxx
Ignorance {KB/DL}by sun
Kéfera Buchmann, dona da K-Sky uma das maiores empresas de tecnologia do mundo, 27 anos, sozinha, mora com sua melhor amiga, Lauren Jauregui. Lauren Jauregui, cantora so...
I'm To Blame camila/you by camilas_bae
I'm To Blame camila/youby camilas_bae
Ask me questions on my Instagram. My Instagram is _50shadesofcamila_ love y'all.
Camilla pulls out the trump card (Camonald) by EvieFanfic
Camilla pulls out the trump card ( EvieFanfic
Camilla Cabello x Donald Trump A collab with ppl idk the names of to be cccontinued WARNING: THIS ISN'T FUNNY ITS CRINGEY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED DON'T COME HERE EXPECTING...
Camren Texts by celebtexts
Camren Textsby celebtexts
Camren Texts Dolan Twins texts
Brown eyes by DinahJanesbitch
This story is about Dinah and Normani meeting for the first time. What happens when this little interaction takes its course? Read to find out. Dinah G!p Highest Rank...
Only Told The Moon|Camren| by Habichuela7u7
Only Told The Moon|Camren|by MagicUnicorn
"I only told the moon, tonight up on the roof i told her that i'm scared that all my thoughts, they look like you"| AVISO: Esta novela va a ser muy sad :"v
Velvet Kisses  by Camvert
Velvet Kisses by Camvert
"What is it that you want from me, Ms. Cabello?" She sat back with those devilish eyes, her hands clasped together with a pen in between her fingers. I tremble...