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Highschool DXD X One winged Angel Male Reader by Jedisage
Highschool DXD X One winged Jedisage
So I been reading a lot of fanfics with RWBY,YUGIOH, Highschool DXD ETC. So I decided to throw my hat into the ring and make a Highschool dxd x One winged angel fanfic...
Ship it or burn it  by Crazycat189
Ship it or burn it by Crazycat189
lots of gay ships a few straight ships and lots of rare ship animes will be one piece hiakyuu yuri on ice black butler Harry Potter mha and more
Power of lucis  by scorch1000
Power of lucis by scorch1000
After the battle and defeat of trihexa issei that he'll have a good life with his friends and harem but is ignored by his harem, friends , parents and is beaten the kend...
Cloud x Tifa - Instead, He Chose to Kiss Her by somebodyznightmare
Cloud x Tifa - Instead, He Chose SomebdysNightmre
A Final Fantasy VII story, based on Cloud x Tifa. Takes place after the events of the remake part one.
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The promise (ff7) by AngeliaryX
The promise (ff7)by Ang3liaryX
The story takes place after advent children where tifa and cloud blossom a new kind of relationship however they face some difficult events as they make new enemies and...
tales by jaggdd
talesby Shamxn
Honest work thanks for reading :') faram.
requiem. (loving girlfriend Yang x male Cloud Strife oc x loving RWBY harem)  by UrielGonzalez574503
requiem. (loving girlfriend Yang Toad Skywalker
Toad Strife is a former SOLDIER now turned mercenary. He always had a hard life as his jobs always put him in constant danger but he's more than willing to take the job...
The soul Calibur wielder by Jedisage
The soul Calibur wielderby Jedisage
Soul calibur is one of my favorite arcade game and since highschool dxd had Excalibur might as well add Soul Calibur
Under The Crescent Moon, Book One: The Hurting by JanetKWallace
Under The Crescent Moon, Book Janet Kimberly Wallace
From the idyll to the decay of love; From a world of fantasies to a harsh reality, the first-half of Freya Crescent's reimagined storytelling, featuring her quest for se...
OCs by AriesStar337
OCsby Leandro Gutierrez
Just a little book regarding my OCs.
My Omega by Damonthefallen
My Omegaby Damon C
Gladio never realized how he felt about Noctis but when the Omega prince is attacked by two Alphas it makes everything clear for the shield, who is also an alpha. When N...
New Life New Game (RWBY x Male Reader Gamer) by DarkNarukami112
New Life New Game (RWBY x Male Dark Narukami
You were a normal boy with a normal life until.....It happened you were walking home and from behind you someone stabbed in the back.When you woke up you were talking to...
The son of the beginning and the end(highschool dxd x sephirots son reader) by izuru21
The son of the beginning and the izuru21
After the Great war ended the devils needed to get rid of a problem, primals. They were only able to get 3 Primals Sephirot, Sophia the Goddess, and Zurvan. One if them...
A New Path [Final Fantasy VII Fanfic] by VampireDarkprincess
A New Path [Final Fantasy VII •Cecil•
Certain characters except for my OC and her parents belong to Square Enix. A night like any other, Aurora sat in her couch, resting after a long day of work, she drifted...
Ashe's Cosplay Book  by AsheHere
Ashe's Cosplay Book by Ashe
You get to see my cosplays!! yay!! My Instagram is @Crimson_Ashe_Cosplay
The Bombing of Emotions//Cloud Strife x Teen! Reader by DeathPuppies12
The Bombing of Emotions//Cloud DeathPuppies12
You wake up in a strange place, with no memories. Lucky for you, a nice merc happens to bump into you. Go on a Journey with a quiet merc and crazy group of friends. Tryi...
FatalRagnarok by DianaRomero649
FatalRagnarokby Diana Romero
Esta es la continuación de la serie de juegos de nuestro amigo gamer, ya que a futuro este puede superar los más de 200 juegos que sales cada mes y cada año, presiento...
Espers clover by scorch1000
Espers cloverby scorch1000
What if asta was a girl and name is astalla what if she was half human and half esper ff6
final fantasy adventure's of lightning and cloud  by Otakushinbocosplay
final fantasy adventure's of Otakushinbocosplay
Chapter1 Final fantasy Cloud; was walking to is motorcycle to going to pick lighting is wife from acdamia where she. Train to people be solider Cloud tr...