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The Lies Told (COMPLETE) by Sboyle97
The Lies Told (COMPLETE)by Sboyle97
Percy has been trapped for over a thousand years by her half sisters, forced to watch as both of them used her children. Once Esther rises from the dead, and her binding...
Who the hell thought making me a Half-blood was a good idea? {ON HOLD} by Shining_N1ght_Sky
Who the hell thought making me a H...by Maddie
ORIGINALLY IZZYMRDB When I got reborn, I was out of fucks to give. Puberty? Boyfriends before college? Passing maths and preventing Kronos from rising at the same gods-d...
My Penpal (COMPLETE) by Sboyle97
My Penpal (COMPLETE)by Sboyle97
My old account got hacked and everything was deleted. Luckily, I've found some of my stories saved on flash drives. The Penpal Series Rewritten This is a rewrite of my...
Love Knows No Bounds by CursedSeaStar
Love Knows No Boundsby C. M. K.
Rewrite of The Mother Returns Book 1 Percy Jackson is her name, right? Wrong! How? I'm not giving out any clues other than the Seven and Nico are all grounded. Most of t...
Karma by wxld-flxwxr
Karmaby wxldflxwxr
Aphrodite has a plan. Is it a good plan? ... that's not the point. Luckily for her, the Fates also have a plan.
Thálassa W.T.M. HP & PJO by MissVampWolf22
Thálassa W.T.M. HP & PJOby Mariah Ann
During Alessia Potter's 5th year movies appeared along with Greek God's, demigods, the Black's, the Potter's, the Lupin-Blacks, the Weasleys, the Malfoys, the ministry...
Expecto Patronaum by NotRenee2
Expecto Patronaumby NotRenee2
Peserphone Ella Jackson is The Granddaughther of Voldemort. How will the order react to finding out the truth that Voldemort has a "Family" and that there Swee...
Holy Water   [Dean Winchester] by theallylayne
Holy Water [Dean Winchester]by Ally Layne
Persephone Jackson has faced many things, but nothing has ever bothered her quite like Dean Winchester. Especially when she discovers he works with her Uncle Bobby. Or...
𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐚 by Essielovesall
𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐚by Tresi Antony
In which Persephone Jackson is the adoptive sister of Clary Fray. What happens when they get thrown in the shadow world? A Percy Jackson and Shadowhunters crossover I do...
Born in Gotham by GrandmamaEster
Born in Gothamby Grandma Ester
Persephone Hestia Jackson doesn't exactly like her father's lifestyle, but she never did anything about it until she got back from the giant war to find he dragged her y...
Godly Wolves (TVD/PJO) {WTM/WTS} by jokermadhatter
Godly Wolves (TVD/PJO) {WTM/WTS}by jokermadhatter
The Fates had brought the gods, demigods, Scooby Gang, and the Originals to watch Persia Jackson's life with the help of Hope Mikaelson. Persia, discovered to be under t...
A Slow Process by night_fallz
A Slow Processby night_fallz
Percy wanted to believe that the fates have finally gotten bored of her. However, she was quickly proven wrong when her life only continued to get worse. Overwhelmed wit...
Daughter of the Sea by DragonPhantom01
Daughter of the Seaby DragonPhantom
A little girl was found by Morticia and Gomez Addams abandoned in the streets of New York City. The couple were quick to realize that the girl was different than other p...
Deuses reagem a Au by M09122005
Deuses reagem a Auby Janette_Hades_Poseidon
Os deuses vão reagir ao futuro de 3 pessoas, 2 que eles conhecem e 1 que ainda não conhecem. Female Percy Jackson. Wmmap x Percy Jackson Au. Apolo x Hefesto
Mama 'Tasha by PiggieQuackQuack
Mama 'Tashaby Oink
Persephone's mother died when she was six. So her aunt took her in. Percy's aunt is Natasha Romanoff. When Percy was 11 she found camp Half-Blood. That same year a myste...
You and I || RTB by 1-800-Wolfstxr
You and I || RTBby Stary<3
What of Thalia was not frozen in the tree but sleeping, stuck in dreams? what if through it all she was connected to one person. What if everyone got to see Percy Jacks...
Seer Of The Sea  by Ama_014
Seer Of The Sea by Chuuya Dazai
demigods and gods read the books on Pasiphae Jackson's life