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The Bird and the Flame by MassHomocide
The Bird and the Flameby Ereh
Our lovely chicken man and the fiery, grumpy old guy are friends at first. Then one falls for the other. The one who has fallen for the other makes it quite difficult to...
warm you up by hicccuj
warm you upby khæna
The story of two men, who grow to be each other's soulmate. Keigo's precious heart is filled with love for the flame hero, who seem to be an arrogant person with cold at...
As I watch the world burn (EndHawks) by _Llios_
As I watch the world burn (EndHawk...by :]
The pro hero Hawks had always admired the now Nr. 1 pro hero Endeavour. But is it really admiration, or maybe something more? And what will happen when the world takes a...
EndHawks (Lemon) (One-shot) by CaiusOnWattapd
EndHawks (Lemon) (One-shot)by Caius
I felt the vibe so... here go ig warning full smut mode here
"Give up, pet." by bouncymochi
"Give up, pet."by レム remu
*Story contains Mature and Explicit content* NSFW [UNCOMPLETED] "WHAT THE HELL DOES HE WANT FROM ME?!" --- A young male named Keigo Takami lived in a small vil...
EndHawks: Enji's second Chance by TokoShojiShipper
EndHawks: Enji's second Chanceby RJ
RJ here! Bringing you all an ENDHAWKS story that i personally can't wait to see what happens. *I swear to fucking god! If i get ANY hate... I will sit an laugh because y...
What your favourite MHA ship says about you by KnockOut567
What your favourite MHA ship says...by Knock Out
Got this idea off of Eldena Doubleca5t Tags do not even scratch the surface of what is to come! This is a Joke fic, do not take this too seriously! If you do, then perh...
My Hero Academia: Oneshots💫 by Shigaraki_Simp16
My Hero Academia: Oneshots💫by 《♡Lilith♡》
*ONLY FLUFF* if you dont like a ship, dont hate on it and just skip over it. Will have some sensitive topics in it, but will give warnings at the beginning of the stor...
𝚒 𝚑𝚊𝚍 𝚊 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚠𝚎'𝚛𝚎 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚖𝚢 𝚘𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚍
ship opinions | bnha by -softsxki
ship opinions | bnhaby 🔱⠀
Keep in mind these are my opinions, so please refrain from bringing toxicity in here ♡ you can request any ship, even if it's a crack ship- i'm gonna be brutally honest...
░EndHawks incorrect Quotes░ by st00pid_fics
░EndHawks incorrect Quotes░by Sp00der Man
omfg- I found this incorrect quote site on FB and it just reminded me of them!!! Enjoy the laughs and bonding of these two crackheaded bois!! :D Also...top Hawks anyone...
Drowning in Petals by DabiTheBurnt
Drowning in Petalsby ☆ Daddy ☆
Tokoyami's internship with Hawks is over, but he still stays in touch with the hero. Why can't he get the number two off his mind? Enji has accepted that his family will...
We Can Live Like Jack and Sally if we Want [Naruto and MHA Crossover] by SoftGothUwU
We Can Live Like Jack and Sally if...by Idk what to put here ;-;
Congrats to you if you got the reference in the title. In this story, some people from the leaf village (feat. The sand village gang) come to U.A. to learn about their s...
That Damned Bird ~ EndHawks by MochaSkies07
That Damned Bird ~ EndHawksby Marco <3
Enji Todoroki was never one for emotions. He was never one for creating bonds with people or getting attached. But there was something... something about that damned bir...
Electric Love (Denki X Tokoyami Soulmate AU) by Shad0_Clover
Electric Love (Denki X Tokoyami So...by Nex/Ferret
Class 1-A lives in a world where when you turn 16 you get your soulmates name on your wrist. Denki has some not so great parents and fears he's putting his soulmate in d...
drabbles ✨ by silenntanon
drabbles ✨by silenntanon
a bunch of drabbles! will contain mostly fluff and angst, writing smut isn't really my thing. i might write it every now and then, but i'll put a warning then. will cont...
BNHA: Kids Are The True Heros by Docto33
BNHA: Kids Are The True Herosby Docto33
Our babies of class 1-A all living in the same nieghborhood where they live with there gentic children?! YES PLEASE! <3 <3 main ships are: (Kamisero, Kiribaku, Mom...
Roaring Thunder and High Skies by WolfieWilliams2
Roaring Thunder and High Skiesby Wolfie Williams
Izuku Midoriya finds a drake in the forest, who he finds out has a connection with him just in time for the elite dragon racing school UA's entrance exam. But competing...