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Teacher chatroom {BNHA} by TaurusDoodles
Teacher chatroom {BNHA}by Todoroki's left shoe
Nezu makes the mistake of creating a chatroom for the UA staff
The Life of Hizashi Yamada by ChildOfErasermic
The Life of Hizashi Yamadaby ChildOfErasermic
Hizashi Yamada keeps a book full of hurtful messages towards himself but doesn't bring attention to it. He gets bullied because of his loud quirk, and it is taking a tol...
Kitten (BNHA X Child!Reader) by AlanaFitz
Kitten (BNHA X Child!Reader)by Mrs. Azumane
"Hitoshi you can't just put your little sister in the sink whenever she bothers you!" Shota yelled trying to calm the child he was carrying. ...
I'm Sorry by BasicHumanAlex
I'm Sorryby Ren
Izuku Midoriya, the so called 'happy' kid, wasn't what he came off as. It had all started that horrid day he got diagnosed quirkless. Being abused by his mother, bullied...
Cinnamon Bun by PeridotKirkland
Cinnamon Bunby PlusUltraFangirl
What if after the 1A students moved into the dorms, but one day they were hit with a quirk that changed their lives forever?
Erasermic pictures¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (INCOMPLETE) by FlyingTodoroni
Erasermic pictures¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ( patrick star
only erasermic pictures. Inspired by @Lil_MonsterAnimates I'm pretty new in this 👁👄👁
My Dumbass Neighbor ⇝ EraserMic by AizawaShota
My Dumbass Neighbor ⇝ EraserMicby ✿
››› [COMPLETED] "Dear, Blonde Loud Next Door Neighbor, I see that you have your own boys volleyball team, that's nice. I hope you guys lose every game. Seriously...
Why do children have to be so small? by CancerTheLobster
Why do children have to be so Charlie Amerioun
Pro hero EraserHead is out during his night patrol. Nothing is really happening, at all. Until something catches his attention, in the corner of an alley. It's a child.
Damaged Not Broken (TodoGaar a Naruto and BNHA Crossover) by MysteriousShipper101
Damaged Not Broken (TodoGaar a MysteriousShipper101
Gaara and his family are part of the bnha universe. His father was a pro hero, and his siblings are twins and a couple years older than him. Read on as Gaara deals wit...
Extraordinary ( Erasermic ) by vencense
Extraordinary ( Erasermic )by spacebar
Shota Aizawa He was a boy. He told himself, "I am normal, I just got lucky, I am not special." But Hizashi Yamada saw much more.
Aizawa Reset by double_entendre
Aizawa Resetby double_entendre
After a run-in with a villain and getting hit by a physical age reset quirk, Aizawa wakes up the next morning as a 15 year old. Thing is, he can't remember anything from...
Keep Hope Alive by dumbbottomenergy
Keep Hope Aliveby empi ☁️
"Where are your parents?" He asks, but the child just continues to munch on the blueberries without care. And then Shouta realizes that he probably has no idea...
Bnha reacts! by pipperamm
Bnha reacts!by P M
•Updates bi-weekly• It was a normal day in UA. Classes were going as usual, and the buzz of students talking and going on with their day filled the halls. Everything was...
EraserMic Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
EraserMic Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada
Abused by BlowingYourMind
Abusedby full name? yeah right.
Kaminari finally has the pleasure of knowing what a family is like ° Or, Kaminari is being abused, and Aizawa is not going to let it keep going on. ° (Basically Dadzawa...
 Bakugou's Secret (Also Quirkless) Boyfriend- Katsudeku by Addy-Chan008
Bakugou's Secret (Also Quirkless) Addy_Chan
Bakugou Katsuki was always angry and never had many friends in class 2-A, so he struggles to inform them of his greenette of a boyfriend. (despite being best in the clas...
25 OTP NSFW CHALLENGE {erasermic} by Shouta_baby
25 OTP NSFW CHALLENGE {erasermic}by Shouta_baby
I'm doing the 25 day Nsfw challenge and I'm excited!;)
Tenko Shirakumo by piles_of_snow
Tenko Shirakumoby ᐯOᒪTᖇY
This is an au where after Tenko murdered his family, he was found by Oboro. Tenko was raised by Oboro, with the help of Shōta, Hizashi, and Nemuri. There will be a chapt...
Glass Heart by Peachyanimelover
Glass Heartby PeachyAnimeLover
TRIGGER WARNINGS - suicide attempts and consideration, self harm and depression. Izuku is being abused by his father. His mother left him and ended up dying. Izuku at th...
My Hero Academia~Oneshots  by Jackelin_Holster
My Hero Academia~Oneshots by Jackeline Holster Pumpilin
Most likely this'll be mostly smut, but there will be few fluff and lemon. Plz no ship shame, just move along to a different book or chapter. Thanks~!