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Wonder ━━ Weasley by captainsmarveI
Wonder ━━ Weasleyby 𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑒𝑙
She was a lady, and he was just a boy. All Rights Reserved. ❪ FEM! OC X GEORGE WEASLEY ❫ © CAPTAINSMARVEI
Nemesis | Teen Wolf AU  by -VoidSuga
Nemesis | Teen Wolf AU by 스텔라
History has a Nemesis for every sin. After helping Scott's pack defeat Ghost Riders' Wild Hunt and their chaotic ride in a dimension outside normal space and time, Nora...
Bagaimana jika kamu bertemu dengan sahabat lamamu lagi? Bertemu dalam suasana berbeda tapi tetap dalam perasaan yang sama, perasaan yang sama seperti 3 tahun lalu. Ellie...
HAPPILY EVER AFTER! carlos de vil by shortiegal
HAPPILY EVER AFTER! carlos de vilby L
― ❛ villains don't usually get happy endings. ❜ ❛ but you're not a villain. ❜ ❛ how are you so sure about that? ❜ ❛ because I'm your happily ever after.❜ OR ― ❛ in which...
Treat You Better (On Hold) by poostories2
Treat You Better (On Hold)by Pooja pallai
Ana Wright, an young, beautiful, intelligent and sweet girl had everything in life. But after her parents dead everything changes. Her highschool sweetheart had to move...
INSTAGRAM// Shawnmendes by dylxobrien24
INSTAGRAM// Shawnmendesby dylxobrien24
In which Shawn Mendes falls deeply in love through the internet..
My Brother's Teacher • Shawn Mendes by shanintyadhivya
My Brother's Teacher • Shawn Mendesby shanin🌸
Sierra Davis never believes in love at first sight. Scratch that. She doesn't believe in love at all. Countless broken hearts and fuckboys made her swear off boys for go...
there's nothing holdin' me back  by whitenessangel
there's nothing holdin' me back by whitenessangel
ეს ამბავი არის 17 წლის ელი ბამბერსა და პოპ ვარსკვლავ შონ მენდესზე, რომლებიც სრულიად განსხვავებული სამყაროდან არიან. ელის ოცნება არის რომ დიდი მომღერალი გახდეს, მაგრამ ჰგ...
What We Came Here For (Spin-Off Two Mississipi) by KandARoses
What We Came Here For (Spin-Off Tw...by KandARoses
Uma detenção coloca em risco uma amizade de infância, Nathan e Emma são colocados em grupos opostos e precisam decidir o que é mais importante para eles. A história é a...
Summertime Of Our Lives [Shawn Mendes] by krtnapriyanti
Summertime Of Our Lives [Shawn Men...by ❤
In every girls life, there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began.
The lovers  by yoitskarla
The lovers by N&k
Read to find out how a girls life can change after meeting a boy. #teenfiction #love #mystery
i love you by imastra
i love youby nathália
Você não vai retirar o que disse? Diga que estava tentando me fazer rir.
Girl online: Penny and Noah on another level by Anelija_P123
Girl online: Penny and Noah on ano...by Anelija_P123
Hi! I just read all three books of Girl online and I thought to write fourth part. It's much shorter than the offical ones, but I hope you like it!