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Two's Company  by gooniesneversaydie1
Two's Company by gooniesneversaydie1
In the space of five minutes Louis life has turned upside down His mum is getting married to her boyfriend James, he's moving house and he's getting two new hot, gorgeou...
Blue-Eyed Omega // l.s by larry-child
Blue-Eyed Omega // l.sby 🌈
(Alpha!StylesTriplets / Omega!Louis) "Everyone could fall in love with him just by looking at those blue eyes."
The Prince and His Kings (styles Brothers/larry ) by larrygaystylinson28
The Prince and His Kings (styles B...by gaystylinson
au were the kings of the gang world find their prince and the other three boys are there as well lowercase intended
Angel Face (triplets!styles and fem!louis) by harryinlove
Angel Face (triplets!styles and fe...by harryinlove
Louis is a sassy omega who's the captain of the cheer squad. Harry, Edward and Marcel so happen to be alphas who are the star players of the football team who continue...
Bubblegum  by ActualSunshine
Bubblegum by ActualSunshine
Ageplay AU // Harry is a 'Little', one of the many classifications one can be born with. Such a sweet boy needs protecting until he is matched with a Caregiver.
Chosen by hemmo96_forever
Chosenby Larry and lashton af
Louis is in for a surprise when three Alphas claim him.
Dewy-Eyed (Louis + Styles Triplets) (ON HOLD)  by ishiplarry79
Dewy-Eyed (Louis + Styles Triplets...by Lizzy
Dewey-eyed, that's what Louis was considered. He was always too quick to trust someone who seems to be kind to him, which is what has gotten him into so much trouble thr...
All The Kings Men by poofyquiffffff
All The Kings Menby Babie
All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Edward together again. (Styles Triplets x Louis)
3 Kings by honeybee_424
3 Kingsby HoneyBee
Louis is the omega if his kingdom that is ruled by his father. He is in a arranged marriage with the neighboring kingdom of Cheshire. He is a shy and quiet boy and gets...
Our Omega (Styles Triplets + Louis Tomlinson)  by Avengers_
Our Omega (Styles Triplets + Louis...by Avengers_
Edward Styles- Alpha Harry Styles- Alpha Marcel Styles- Alpha Louis Tomlinson- Omega • Liam Payne- Alpha Zayn Malik- Alpha Niall Horan- Omega
Devil's Goin' Down {Styles Triplets+L.T} by poofyquiffffff
Devil's Goin' Down {Styles Triplet...by Babie
The triplets are heirs to the throne of the devil himself, and they are told to complete a task before their father retires and hands the crown over to them. Successful...
Wolves ✿ H.S by ImTiredAndIts_Winter
Wolves ✿ H.Sby Ivy :)
« I wish it wasn't true But the whole world's tryin' to get a piece of you And my heart keeps fighting in this battle of fools Gotta make it through, gotta make it throu...
Jellyfish (Styles Triplets) by LowkeyIndya
Jellyfish (Styles Triplets)by Indya🖤
"I've always admired the ocean. It can be the most beautiful thing you'll ever see. But when the sea is angry? It can easily be the last thing you'll ever see."...
wrng by rxinbouws
wrngby rachel <3
WRONG ADAPTACIÓN sin fines de lucro todos los derechos a su autor
Metanoia  (Louis + Styles Triplets)  by ishiplarry79
Metanoia (Louis + Styles Triplets...by Lizzy
The mating games were held once every year, during the time when fall was slowly turning into winter. Only the most strongest and high regarded alphas across the country...
Three is a magic number. But four is even better. by signature_smirk
Three is a magic number. But four...by signature_smirk
The Styles triplets, most popular, lusted-after alphas in the whole school. But they never find an omega to fit their needs, never one they agree on. Until Louis, a sho...
Sunshine (Louis + Styles Triplets)  by ishiplarry79
Sunshine (Louis + Styles Triplets) by Lizzy
Sixteen year old omega Louis Tomlinson has always spread joy and optimism wherever he goes and mostly everybody that he's met has loved the boy for his innocence and hap...
In between by orggdc
In betweenby orggdc
Harry, Edward, Marcel They might look the same but they're oh-so different. | Brie Alona's unbearable relationship with Harry Styles becomes more complicated when after...
Bandito (Louis + The Styles Twins) by ishiplarry79
Bandito (Louis + The Styles Twins)by Lizzy
A virus has spread throughout the world, causing most of society to become brain-dead, except for the appetite for human flesh. With the world torn to ruins there was a...