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HeartBroken, But Mended By A Vampire by SurfInPink2
HeartBroken, But Mended By A Gabbi
Corki Brown is the school's punch bag. Outside of school she has her boyfriend who is a DJ, but the day she found out that her boyfriend was now attending her school she...
Too Sexy To Stop (Sebastian X Reader) by Motionless144
Too Sexy To Stop (Sebastian X Motionless144
What happens when you are completely clueless to who you are why you show up in a crime? As times go on deaths are constant, and all lead to you. Who is setting you up...
Merto by KittyAlii
Mertoby SleepyNya
The planet "Merto" is a dangerous planet. Filled with dangerous "creatures" that would love to end our miserable lives. Who are "we", you...
Life without earth! by amandamarks1234
Life without earth!by Amanda
What would you do when you are the last of your species? What lengths would you go to if you had to find a new home? What would you be if nobody knew your life story? Wh...
Bumi by claralouisaaa
Bumiby Chubs
This story happened in 1268. Where few evidences were recorded that life existed in this planet. We existed, our kingdom, everything. We built this world, the planet Bum...
The Planet That Wasn't by BethyBooRadley
The Planet That Wasn'tby Bethy Boo Radley
A boy struggles to find his place among the small amount of people left, after the explosion. The explosion of the planet, that is. Earth day? Who cared? Nobody on Earth...
Running from the stars by hollydelicious664
Running from the starsby hollydelicious664
Melodia is running. A war has been raging on her home planet of Haelly for centuries and she is running. She has been sentenced to death for abandoning her post and has...
Vivid -  #JustWriteIt by mimi-ellen
Vivid - #JustWriteItby Amelia
It's ten years after the war which destroyed Earth an the human race has moved to the newly discovered planets, Vivid. The new conditions have forced a jump in evolution...
Re-Do by Goodkoneko
Re-Doby Goodkoneko
In games, there is always a button to go back and do things over again. In reality? It's not that simple. How would you make a re-do button for an entire planet...
Planet Zero by korean_kitty
Planet Zeroby Reina Patita
There's a cool writing challenge that I saw Wattpad put up so I'm deciding to write what life would be without Earth. Enjoy ;D
Janus by Sean-theSheepTaylor
Janusby Sean Taylor
#JustWriteIt #EarthLove
The Truth of Past and Present by Moon_of_Fire
The Truth of Past and Presentby Nicole Holdman
It has been five centuries since we left. Our home planet was no longer sufficient, so many shortcomings and problems, hindrances of our advancement. Now, we live in the...
A Place Written In A Memory by makatangbaliw
A Place Written In A Memoryby Jeninay
Have you ever imagined even once in your life that you are living in a place that not like the one you're living in today? Most of the time I do. And this write up would...
Back End of the Moon by NatalieC0011
Back End of the Moonby NatalieC0011
It was only supposed to be a quick in and out engineering job, a way for Vega to earn some much needed brownie points from the powers that be on the Capricornious Space...
The Next Generation by booksforcats
The Next Generationby Sophie
On their planet made up completely of water, the Ayuta have developed into humanoid creatures with tails instead of legs and very long, flowing wings sprouting from thei...
#April #WorldLove #JustWriteIt  by MamaFaithful
#April #WorldLove #JustWriteIt by MamaFaithful
I have the other chapters written I just have to wait till I'm able to write. Damaged hand while fainting. Making typing hard. Sorry. We've all experienced life on Eart...
The Distant Planet by Lolodude12321
The Distant Planetby Lolodude12321
What would you do if one day you woke up to an alarm and lights and a deep scary voice telling you to go out of your house? Well, I would be scared as crap! Maddie is le...
Humanity is a virus by JasontheFuzz
Humanity is a virusby JasontheFuzz
The first world is the key ____________________________ This tells the tale of two men who live at a point in time where the galaxy has been colonized and people are run...
The Bad Boy's Queen  by ReD_hEaRt_PrInCeSs
The Bad Boy's Queen by Leine Sacdalan
The Bad Boy's Queen (TBBQ) Crystal Claire Venus Savanna...isang babaeng medyo snobber at laging itinatanggi na maganda sya... Prince Ivan Jay Salvador...isang lalaki...