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It Should Be Easy by brooklynismyheart
It Should Be Easyby Brook and Lynn
Caira Taylor and Carter Smith have known each other all their lives, and have been friends for as long as they can remember. But when Carter moves to New York, he leaves...
Forever My Mate (ManxBoy)(MPREG) 18+ by CaliPalms
Forever My Mate (ManxBoy)(MPREG) 🌴CaliPalms🌴
Tanner Hunter, The cruelest dominant werewolf known to man was summoned by his father to stakeout the enemy's territory & invade their land with his men. To kill whatev...
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Mystique Awards 2020 [OPEN] by MystiqueAwards
Mystique Awards 2020 [OPEN]by 𝐌𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬
Open (🎭) Judging ( - ) Close ( - ) Are you a budding writer who wants honest reviews and recognition? Or a rising star who wants honour through fair acquisition? Then...
A vallyk pena love story🦋💕 by annurrr206
A vallyk pena love story🦋💕by annurrr206
Anna sat there lookin at vallyk."Do u really love me vallyk''.
Jungle Fever (BoyxBoy) (NSFW) 18+ by CaliPalms
Jungle Fever (BoyxBoy) (NSFW) 18+by 🌴CaliPalms🌴
Benny Milton is the prized son of Reginald Milton and heir to the Milton Safari Group. Having lived a life of privilege, Benny had started to become bored with his daily...
Wattpad Best Stories by pussychO_
Wattpad Best Storiesby Semideus
You'll see more best stories here...
The Best Stories on Wattpad by portiamorz
The Best Stories on Wattpadby 👽
A lists of suggested wattpad stories for y'all. These books are worth to read!!
Mafia leader (Arranged marriage) by atypicaljayy
Mafia leader (Arranged marriage)by atypicaljayy
Where two co- mafia leaders have to get married so they can combine their gangs and kill the most powerful mafia there is. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ SOME SPELLING MISTAKES ‼️ AND SOME...
Wrong Text by MakingPossibilities
Wrong Textby Trintrin~~
28.08.19 #2 in teen fiction ♥ One wrong text can be responsible for a whole story ♥ [EDITED] PART 2 COMING SOON (will be posted here)
Kpop Girl Groups/Soloists Preferences <3 by retrodxll
Kpop Girl Groups/Soloists ᒍ
Prefrences about your favorite Kpop Girl Groups!! (GXG) I do take requests so comment awayyyy! Hope you enjoy this story :)
I am adding my favourites book which written by Indian writers Ps:i am not adding any fanfiction.i am adding only writers original story
Must Read Books | Best Teen Fiction Books  by RelatablePenguin
Must Read Books | Best Teen ♔ Sarah ♔
Some books that I've enjoyed reading , hopefully you'll find something good here to read. Highest Ranks: #10 recommendations #25 read #29 stories #32 books #208 wattpad
Abused and Broken by korishma8
Abused and Brokenby Rosa19
It's all about the alpha and the broken girl destiny brings them together and the alpha knows this is his mate. Will Ember accept this or will the scars of her body leav...
The Best of Dramione by niharika_palep
The Best of Dramioneby Niharika Palep
Have you ever scrolled aimlessly through Wattpad, trying to find that perfect Dramione story to transport you to another world but unable to find one good enough? That h...
shameless Imagines by Stilinskie24
shameless Imaginesby Serenity Singleton
About Shameless boys and possible girls Try to be as gender fluid as possible I don't own the characters First imagine book please don't hate Request open
YiZhan/ZhanYi/WangXian Books Collection by KavyaAgnihotri
YiZhan/ZhanYi/WangXian Books Kavya
I have read some of YiZhan books. I am still trying to read many more. And, you know, it's a little difficult to find English YiZhan Books. So, I am trying to make a li...
Best books on wattpad by taylor_MsBingXD
Best books on wattpadby 🦋
Just a bunch of binge-worthy books. So be aware. You're treading into an unknown and dangerous territory of countless sleepless nights. But trust me. It's worth it! [...
Wonderful Disaster by Roshuma
Wonderful Disasterby Roshuma Florence
(Sequel to Beautiful Dilemma) She was a girl; full of beauty and rich in art... He was a boy; full of mystery and daring adventure... Together, they were a disaster. A c...
Here are my top favourite wattpad books that are must reads!! All these books fit in the category of Romance, Teen Fiction, and werewolf!!!
Alchemy of Souls by BooktiqueHub
Alchemy of Soulsby Rohit Bhatia
Alchemy of Souls: Compilation of book witnessing splendid work by almost 50 co-authors and an amazing compiler. While showering love to others, often we forget to love o...