Well, You Fooled Me
By StupidFreakingBees
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"We fake date each other for two or three weeks then we have a public breakup." I think he's hit his head one too many times playing football. "Really that's all you could come up with?" He just rolls his eyes. "It's perfect! Stacy will move on because she can't have me." Katie Fleming is your average shy girl and sarcasm is her main language. She has one best friend, well two if you count her best friend's boyfriend. Oh, I forgot to mention she is a total horse girl, who lives and breathes horses. She thought her senior year was going to be easy, stay single, ride her horse Ripley as much as she can, and try her best to get straight A's in all her classes. Well, that was till her school's star quarterback almost hits her with his car. Wyatt M. Kent is Clearwaters' star quarterback and the most popular boy in school. Ever since he almost hit Katie with his car, he can't stop running into her. So, to stop the head cheerleader from constantly flirting with him he proposes the idea of them fake dating. But little did he know getting her to agree might come with a high price. What happens when you can't tell if you're fooling each other, or if the feelings are real? Mild language (No really bad swearing) Hit 1k reads 2/18/23 🙀🎉🎉 Hit 3k reads 4/27/23 Ranked #1 in fakedating 2/20/23 🙀 Ranked #2 in quarterback 3/26/23 🙀 Ranked #2 in sarcasm 6/10/23 Ranked#8 in romance 6/9/23 OG readers (these are the readers that have stuck with me the whole time. They vote and comment on every chapter. Thank you😘.) @SarahKathib @WonderlandWanderer90v @funtazieeyyy @karen5125014 @JeremyLindsay @Storytellingdude871 @EliteWaffler

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Well, You...
by StupidFreakingBees