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The Mighty Morg by knotanumber
The Mighty Morgby Knotanumber
When a knight-in-training sets out on a dragonquest to win the hand of a fair princess, he expects to return in time for a pavilion wedding in the fall. But, after fifty...
Jump Force: The series by Gygan_9835
Jump Force: The seriesby Gygan_9835
Have you ever believed in the multiverse?, That you're not alone?, If heros exist?, If gods were real?. That you could possess chakra, magic, and many other abilities. W...
Dragovian Hacker (Lisbeth x Hacker! Hero! Male Reader) (SAO x Dragon Quest) by DarkForceWhis
Dragovian Hacker (Lisbeth x Hacker...by DarkForceWhis
Y/N L/N or better known as "Dark Ninja", as that's his username, is an 18 year old boy who beta tested Sword Art Online and one of the 10,000 people to get the...
The word of a wizard (Dragons Of Eralia #1) by SunOrSunfire
The word of a wizard (Dragons Of E...by Sun/Sunfire
Ah, Eralia. A world of dragons, and a small amount of humans, wandering free. ................................................................. A dragon should have pow...
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Preferences by Redstormtrooper
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Preferencesby Aurora
The Promised Neverland Oneshots by mafumero
The Promised Neverland Oneshotsby @;mafumero🎤
X Readers, AUs, Crossovers, Ships...All to do with The Promised Neverland/Yakusoku No Neverland!
Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate 3: Viaje entre Realidades by Ang3l231
Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate 3:...by Mazorca :v
Línea Ultimate - Capítulo 6: El Viaje Entre Realidades Paralelas Tras los eventos de Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate 2: Los Antepasados, pasaría un año y dos meses, pero...
Erinn's Side (Dragon Quest IX) by bluekynia
Erinn's Side (Dragon Quest IX)by bluekynia
The plot of the game Dragon Quest IX, but from Erinn's side, in which she falls for the hero, Kynia. **ERINN IS 20 IN THIS** I've been playing this a lot lately and sh...
A Ticklish Hero (Erik x The Luminary) by Cinccino666
A Ticklish Hero (Erik x The Lumina...by Cinccino666
Erik from Dragon Quest 11 and the Hero, even called The Luminary are just arrived in Hotto where they go into a sauna and here Erik discovers how mutch ticklish the Lumi...
Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Skies by _Agent_Michigan_
Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Sta...by That Soldier Girl
"For how long now have we watched over their realm..? For how long have we Celestrians existed..?" In an ancient world long ago- a world full of monsters and o...
Dragon Quest Xi: Back to Children  by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
Dragon Quest Xi: Back to Children by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
This fanfiction takes place after Calasmos is defeated when all of the characters are invited to a festival which is held at Heliodor Castle to celebrate their triumph i...
Funny Memes ,  Jokes, And Text by Redstormtrooper
Funny Memes , Jokes, And Textby Aurora
Funny Memes to make you laugh. We got everything here! From youtube, to videogames, to comic book, and just normale book, we got the memes of it. (NOTHING IS MINE)
Luminary's Demons... by Enisolar
Luminary's Demons...by Enisolar
Warning: I do not own any of the characters from Dragon Quest XI or that are portrayed in this book. How would the story have changed if the hero was a bit more vocal? ...
Hell hath no fury like this chatroom. (Dragon Quest 11 Chatroom!!!) by hyjhfuhjkhiygutf
Hell hath no fury like this chatro...by ultimategamer
Chatroom between all Dragon Quest 11 Characters.
Funny DQXI short stories  by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
Funny DQXI short stories by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
I am going to be posting. Separate funny short stories.....😂
Cesarel Roommate AU by GoatRune
Cesarel Roommate AUby GoatRune
A compilation of short one-shots in an alternate universe involving Dragon Quest Heroes 2's Lazarel and Cesar! While some one-shots will reference others, they are not w...
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies: To Remain by Zyule-X
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the...by Joshua Brown
Takes place after Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, Pavo discovers herself to be the last surviving member of Celestrian race, riddled with doubts on why h...
The Luminary and The Princess by Cora_Stone
The Luminary and The Princessby Coriiii
For all the Jade Fans out there😉
Aquila x Fem! Reader One Shots! Dragon Quest IV by AnonLilaca
Aquila x Fem! Reader One Shots! Dr...by Anonymous Lilaca
These are a series of oneshots~~~ The title explains it all. I ship it so much that I actually got so attached to Aquila. I know, I'm psycho. Honestly haven't played the...
GoatRune Writes: Dragon Quest Oneshots by GoatRune
GoatRune Writes: Dragon Quest Ones...by GoatRune
only expect stuffs from Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest 8, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and possibly Dragon Quest Heroes, will contain smut with some ships, if you dont like the...