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I'll Wing It by GabrielXander
I'll Wing Itby God
[Dragon Quest IX] [Female Reader Insert] You know, being a Guardian Angel kind of sucks ass. Not that you would ever say that, lest you want your superior, Aquila, to st...
Dragon Quest XI + Male Reader Insert by PixelBit92
Dragon Quest XI + Male Reader Inse...by PixelBit
Dragon Quest belongs to Square Enix and Akira Toriyama Title says it all #1 in Luminary [04-06-2022] #1 in DragonQuest [06-06-2022]
The Mighty Morg by knotanumber
The Mighty Morgby Knotanumber
When a knight-in-training sets out on a dragonquest to win the hand of a fair princess, he expects to return in time for a pavilion wedding in the fall. But after fifty...
Jump Force: The series (On Pause) by Gygan_9835
Jump Force: The series (On Pause)by Darakgears
Have you ever believed in the multiverse?, That you're not alone?, If heros exist?, If gods were real?. That you could possess chakra, magic, and many other abilities. W...
insert creative title here (Solo x reader) by DsmpHater730
insert creative title here (Solo x...by CEO of Sex
(temporary cover, title, and under some editing) This is a deconstruction story, I kinda referenced diamond in the rough but other than that this is just your average SS...
Dragon Quest Xi: Back to Children  by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
Dragon Quest Xi: Back to Children by Maya_Ahmed_lotfy
This fanfiction takes place after Calasmos is defeated when all of the characters are invited to a festival which is held at Heliodor Castle to celebrate their triumph i...
Dragon Knight of Alsgard  by Mega003
Dragon Knight of Alsgard by Son Goku
This is a Dragon Knight male reader x Cyberdimension Neptunia fic. It will utilize elements from the Dragon Quest anime and the game 4 Goddesses Online. I don't own eith...
Dragovian Hacker (Lisbeth x Hacker! Hero! Male Reader) (SAO x Dragon Quest) by DarkForceWhis
Dragovian Hacker (Lisbeth x Hacker...by Cunning God of Class
Y/N L/N or better known as "Dark Ninja", as that's his username, is an 18 year old boy who beta tested Sword Art Online and one of the 10,000 people to get the...
Slaves' stuff (Hero x Harry Tickle) by Cinccino666
Slaves' stuff (Hero x Harry Tickle)by Cinccino666
After Prince Harry gets kidnapped, the Hero tries to save him but by doing this, the Hero loses his father that gets killed by a horrible demon, this last kidnaps the He...
Dqb2 random story's by CreativeAce336
Dqb2 random story'sby CreativeAce
I'll be writing short story's like builds that the builder made from malroths POV If anyone has ideas or things they've done I'll be happy to write them I will also be w...
Rest by TasteofFire
Veronica sacrifices herself in favor of saving Serena and the party on Yggdrasil's falling day, only for a mysterious force to save her itself. She awakes to find she a...
The Luminary and The Princess by Cora_Stone
The Luminary and The Princessby Coriiii
For all the Jade Fans out there😉
Record of calamity: Legend of the cursed dragoon by vr00mvr00mboy
Record of calamity: Legend of the...by Lost
10,000 years ago the monsters that walked the earth raged war on the gods. It was a gruesome battle but towards the climax of the battle the monsters were given a boost...
A Strong Bond (alternate story) by CreativeAce336
A Strong Bond (alternate story)by CreativeAce
(Taru is the builder in this story) Being. Transported back to cantlin without a clue how he got the Taru starts a quest to find why ad to reunite with his friends (The...
Dragon Quest: Two Tiny Gods, One Massive World! by Hiki-k0-mori
Dragon Quest: Two Tiny Gods, One M...by Hiki-k0-mori
Dragon Quest. A world of silly wonder, and thrilling tales. P'mulmin-the demigoddess of harmony- and Oscion-the god of adventure-are HUGE fans! One day, Oscion decided t...
The Heros Lovers by TheMaskedWriter420
The Heros Loversby Masky
The hero's of Erdrea have found there matches for them, will they love each other or will they break up and hate each other after!
Super Smash Bros RP by OmniGoku
Super Smash Bros RPby Son Omni
This is my first time Doing an RP so i'll try Also Sora and Roxas from Kingdom hearts are in this
Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DQ 9) by _Agent_Michigan_
Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DQ...by SomeNerdGirl
"For how long now have we watched over their realm..? For how long have we Celestrians existed..?" In an ancient world long ago - a world full of monsters and...
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Preferences by Redstormtrooper
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Preferencesby Aurora