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Dragonball x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN) by Hello_Starlight
Dragonball x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN)by Hello_Starlight
I do all Dragonballs (Z, Kai, GT, and Super). I do all ages for the reader baby!reader, child!reader, teen!reader, and normal x reader. I DO NOT OWN THE DRAGONBALL FRANC...
DBS Broly x Fem!Reader by RetroADH
DBS Broly x Fem!Readerby 19🕊
Dragonball Super Broly x Female Saiyan Reader! - In this story you will be living through the events of the Broly movie through your perspective. You are Vegeta's younge...
Book 1: The Wrath of The Earthling Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z) by Espeon804
Book 1: The Wrath of The Earthling...by Espeon804
"Didn't Raditz tell you old timer?" Goku growls. "I wasn't born on this planet, I was sent here to destroy it. I'm sure that Gohan dropped me on purpose s...
DBZ X Reader by ShadowX1200
DBZ X Readerby ShadowX1200
95% Clean and happy DBZ X reader stories for y'all to enjoy! ^-^
Pai Zhua Samuri~ The Lone Tiger by FanfictionRanger
Pai Zhua Samuri~ The Lone Tigerby Fandom Queen Jess 👑
A young boy named Jack is the son of Casey, former red ranger of the a Jungle Fury Rangers. Ever since he could walk, talk, Casey, along with Master Finn and a few Samu...
The Heart Virus by dragonballzfangirl
The Heart Virusby 🌻Katie🌻
This is a sequel to my other book "The Nightmare"so please go read that first. This book is when Riley gets the heart virus after her father survives it. Will...
Two Universes, One Giant Crossover (Reader Insert) by ElementalReaper9000
Two Universes, One Giant Crossover...by ElementalReaper9000
[ON HOLD/HIATUS AND HEAVY EDITING] (DBZ/ATLA x Reader) (A Dragon Ball Z and Avatar the Last Airbender Crossover) Description is unavailable. A Word From Your Sponsor: If...
Fanfiction Ideas by NatsuEND67
Fanfiction Ideasby NatsuEND67
If you need some ideas for fanfictions but can't come up with some, then here's some ideas. There's also some ideas for some Magic if you want to use it.
Love Story by calqlate
Love Storyby ˗ˏˋ qq ˎˊ˗
Upon the first day of high school, (Y/N) meets a boy by the name of Son Gohan. It does not take long for them to become the best of friends. Soon, she harbours feelings...
Adult Life (ON HOLD) by princessniya03
Adult Life (ON HOLD)by princessniya03
Book 2 of Teen Dragonball/ DBZ Highschool The teenagers are coming out of school and might go on their different ways into adult hood The characters and pictures does no...
Stand By You by calqlate
Stand By Youby ˗ˏˋ qq ˎˊ˗
(Y/N) met the boy of her dreams at the age of six. Son Goten. He was playful and mischievous in the eyes of ordinary people, but was charming in the eyes of her. Her fee...
Android 21: An Android 17 love story by Star_ball
Android 21: An Android 17 love sto...by Star_ball
You wonder and think, did Doctor Gero only create 17 and 18? Guess again. Matters turn worst for the Z fighters as they realized that he had constructed and designed yet...
Yamcha x Reader (Shy Girl) by oafy_cheesy
Yamcha x Reader (Shy Girl)by oafy_cheesy
There aren't enough fanfics about mah boi, so yeah👌🤠
Android 16 was a girl by levylove24
Android 16 was a girlby levylove24
Everyone thinks they know android 16 from dragon ball z. But they don't. Android 16 was in fact a girl. But not just any girl. Vegetas long lost saiyan sister! Here's t...
UFC Fighter ( Goku x ChiChi ) (ON HOLD) by princessniya03
UFC Fighter ( Goku x ChiChi ) (ON...by princessniya03
It's great, just read it. Sksksjsk Alternative Universe
Dragon ball x reader by natsumiuchiwa
Dragon ball x readerby natsumiuchiwa
as u know in this book i will write x reader about dragon ball dragon ball z dragon ball z kai dragon ball super and gt i hope u'll like them ^-^ dont be shy u can tell...
Random DBZ Stories X Reader by ShadowX1200
Random DBZ Stories X Readerby ShadowX1200
Oof. I hope these aren't too cringy to read. I felt pretty inspired to write these because I've always enjoyed reading some dbz fanfics on the web. Been for years and no...