Book 1: The Wrath o...
By Espeon804
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"Didn't Raditz tell you old timer?" Goku growls. "I wasn't born on this planet, I was sent here to destroy it. I'm sure that Gohan dropped me on purpose so that I would lose my memory. But... it doesn't stop me now that I know why I was different from everyone in the first place!" "Snap out of it Goku!" Krillin grabs his arm and shakes him, but this only annoys him. "I said, my name is KAKAROT!" He harshly kicks Krillin across the field, and he lays there unconscious. "K-Krillin!" Roshi gasp. "I feared that this may happen one day. It seems that it has came true after all. Our greatest hero... is now our worst enemy!" ----------------------------------------------------------- It was that very moment when an alien warrior had touched down on Earth... Goku's life took a turmoil. He had a tail... and by 7 years, he is Goku's older brother. Memory loss had turned Goku's destiny to a screeching halt. He told him "Perhaps these Earthlings had been using you" No, that's not what irks him. His whole life was a lie. What if... Goku took Raditz's offer? ... Created: April 10, 2015 Finished: August 15, 2015 !!THIS is a DBZ fanfiction that takes place in an alternate timeline! Each chapter breaks further away from canon! ***Tweaked and slightly edited Ch. 1: February 21, 2019 ***Tweaked Ch. 13 & 14: February 23, 2019 Fanfiction - Dragon Ball Z OTES: 2015 - 2020 -Book 1: "The Wrath" <You> -Book 2: "The Retaliation" -Book 3: "The Forgotten Past" -Book 4: "The Dissonance" (Ongoing) **1ST PLACE winner of The 2017 DBZ Watty Awards, in the category of "Goku". (I don't own image. I only added the title to the cover.) Rated T for violence and language. *Story is ONLY available on Wattpad, Fanfiction, DeviantArt, and Quotev. If seen on any other website, it is likely one that will give your device a virus.

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Book 1: T...
by Espeon804