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HENTAI  by deadvalerie
HENTAI by 𖤐 Val 𖤐
-Clickbait- Cover by @ghostemanes
MCYT Oneshots by 2XDarkSkiesX7
MCYT Oneshotsby sᴋɪᴇ
Just some Oneshots of MCYT cause why not :) Includes: Dream George Sapnap Eret Wilbur Niki Any many more 🤗 Hope you enjoy it, have a great day.
inside jungkook's body by jungkookscell
inside jungkook's bodyby jungkook cell
lol im sorry this existed
Sylveon x shiny jolteon story (RECONTINUEDD) by Foggydawn124
Sylveon x shiny jolteon story ( ombre/purplexed 🌌😻
Charm is a 14 year old sylveon that just moved to a new school, she meets a shiny jolteon named neon who she thinks is cute, but he doesn't like her. This is a POV book...
Back from the death  by aetherismylove
Back from the death by eman79697
Idfk this is just a joke so please don't come at my house and chop my legs off
Literal Garbage by corey_inthehouse
Literal Garbageby A Literal Corgi
it's either me venting about depression and stuff OR just random shit. there's no in-between, it's always one of the two. oh and i cuss a lot so maybe keep your kiddos o...
Ticci Toby X Masky (UP FOR IRONY/JOKES ONLY) by red-soda
Ticci Toby X Masky (UP FOR IRONY/ ᏟᎪᏢᎥᏆᎪᏞ h
Ticci Toby had been close to Masky- And by close, I mean terribly annoying. Every second of his life, Masky has to power through it. The annoyingness, the pokes, his nam...
Two halves of a heart by Kennymccormickcool
Two halves of a heartby Abby Ernest
Noah, the star football player, is officially benched. After his devastating leg break, he lost the only stability in his life. Now all he can do is act like everything'...
Aizawa x Winged male reader by ThatOldSock
Aizawa x Winged male readerby ThatOldSock
Aizawa was married to you, a missing, presumed dead guy. With wings! An incident occurred and Aizawa fell depressive after you were presumed dead and missing, people st...
(W.I.P.) by gremlinpotato
(W.I.P.)by gremlin
The story is still under construction this is for lore purposes and only for my friend's eyes to see, please don't read if you're not someone I know. tbh if you want to...
UnderTale AU randomness! by bellaprimero
UnderTale AU randomness!by Jade : )
Some randomness on AUs, might as well include mine cause why not? Some Sanses here dosent belong to me! So is the cover, imma change it when IbisPaint will let me draw...
Tokyo Revengers Oneshots, Ideas or POVS by Asimpforsum1
Tokyo Revengers Oneshots, Ideas Tokyorev’s s/o ❤️❤️
Yeah, as the title states, this is just a book where I write things that my head say that I should write, and don't mind the cover for the book- And I do curse a lot so...
vent by mad_donnut
ventby Arekkusu
don't read this if you don't know might help you know me and I don't want to be known don't talk to to me or even try and support me
How to waste ur time by itsCloudGirl
How to waste ur timeby CloudGirl
dont read this unless u wanna burn time XD
N@zi Sex Party by chadgetsbitches
N@zi Sex Partyby chad
its about a 3 way bro sex content warnings? none this beauty also includes: smut, gay sex, face-fucking, degradation, male x male x male, black man, use of the n word...
Poems by haech1vr
Poemsby ˗ˏˋ ★ᗩᖇᗩ★ ˎˊ˗
don't actually read this pls 🥰
Leafeon middle school story (idk) by Foggydawn747
Leafeon middle school story (idk)by Mint the leafeon
Mint is a new student at her middle school, she usually get's bullied for being a grass type. She is scared for her first day at this school made especially for eeveelut...