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The Horadrim by Pendraegann_
The Horadrimby Pendraegann
Farren Cain has a dangerous destiny that puts her and the lives of those she loves in grave peril. And as the forces of Hell rise, her world-- and life-- hang in the bal...
Random Anime/Game Boyfriend & Girlfriend Scenarios by Sweet_Psycho_Mikan
Random Anime/Game Boyfriend & Girl...by 🖤Pan_Goth_Queen🖤
Like Title Says I Don't Own Anything GXG GXB F!Reader Inserts Part 3
SAO Grim Reaper by TimmyShadowKing
SAO Grim Reaperby Tim Gibbons
SAO X Death Male Reader SAO, the dreaded death game created by Kiyaba is notorious of getting many, many players killed either by an NPCs, Player Killers, Bosses ECT. Bu...
Various x reader (One-shots) by Lamperru
Various x reader (One-shots)by Lulu
'Ello, it's me. Haven't wrote a story in ages, so I'm gonna be rusty as fuck. But it's whatever. I'm taking requests, so if you want anything or anybody just let me know...
Wings of Valor - Diablo 3: RoS by PatataFea
Wings of Valor - Diablo 3: RoSby Nel-ish Nel
Ever wonder what happens to our heroes after the story ends? Astraea's life was dedicated only for revenge. The demon hunter lives to aid others in need and prevent her...
imperius x reader by mrs-tae-tae
imperius x readerby mrs-tae-tae
You are a fighter with some sass and one day you fight a gold spear that fell from the heavens.... and from there your story continues
Multiverse x OP Malthael OC by TrueRisingFTW
Multiverse x OP Malthael OCby TrueRising
An almighty Angel of Death awakens from his slumber and sees that the multiverse has grown vastly. So, he of course decides to explore the worlds and show his supreme st...
Diablo by Ceiwyn1
Diabloby Ceiwyn
In an attempt to keep the Lords of the Burning Hells from taking over Sanctuary, the Archangel Tyrael captured the three prime evils: Mephisto, Lord of Hatred; Baal, Lor...
savior [diablo III] by 12-00am
savior [diablo III]by dipper
when news reaches elpis that a star has fallen in near new tristram, she sees this as her chance to finally prove her worth. though, she quickly realizes that this is mo...
Angiris Drabbles by iDuskFeather
Angiris Drabblesby DuskFeather
A series of Diablo fluff I've put together just because I love the game too much!
Run devils. The necromancer has risen! by Hitmonbruh
Run devils. The necromancer has ri...by TAMMU Joestar
The necromancer Y/N has beaten malthael, the angel of death, but is then transported to a world filled with more demons and angels by orek, a nephalem, to make sure anot...
Gazer by SeleneYK696
Gazerby SeleneYK696
Though his hatred for all nephalem runs deep in his veins, it dissipates at the thought of one. ~~~~~~~~~ A thought I had while playing Diablo III again. I own none of t...
King of Angels and A Nephalem by AribethKnight
King of Angels and A Nephalemby AribethKnight
A love story between The King of Angels and a Nephalem trying to rid the world of evil. The Ancient laws forbid Angels interfere with the human realm. What will happen a...
Tyrael by the_superwoman
Tyraelby the_superwoman
Tyrael & Leah Beide Charaktere stammen aus dem Diablo 3 Universum, wie auch die Geschichte. Es ist eine Fanfiction. Diablo 3 ist ein Videospiel von Blizzard. Wenn ihr...
Cure For Curie 2: Sanctuary Lost by RoboticaThursday
Cure For Curie 2: Sanctuary Lostby RoboticaThursday
Curie and John are on their way back to Sanctuary and the loved ones they left behind in the Commonwealth. With the horrors of Skyrim now behind them, they look foward t...
The Life Of Immortal King by 4l3k5s
The Life Of Immortal Kingby 4l3k5s
The life of Immortal King, the last of the barbarian tribe and last Nephalem. This is Immortal's adventure to stop Diablo from taking over Heaven
Delightfully Chaotic by Florayna
Delightfully Chaoticby The Nert
Demon Hunter/ Wizard. Therefore, Valla/Li-Ming. Diablo 3! The title because both the Wizard and Demon Hunter grow to realise different aspects of each other, but draw th...
Crossover Role Play by TimmyShadowKing
Crossover Role Playby Tim Gibbons
This is my first RP story so bare with me please.
naruto the abandoned soul by reapernaruto
naruto the abandoned soulby
what if narutos parents were alive what if they left him when he was a baby to train his sisters mito and naruko what if naruto had chara frisk betty sanna fem sans asri...