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Surviving The Aftermath [Book Three] by dreamin247
Surviving The Aftermath [Book dreaminofdemi247
Sequel to 'Surviving Parenthood' Can Demi and Kobe survive the struggles of raising two toddlers while dealing with an inconsistent ex-fiancé?
Surrogate by dreamin247
Surrogateby dreaminofdemi247
Demi finds herself offering to be a surrogate for her best friend, Matthew and his new husband, Damien. Is this the best thing she's ever done, or was offering just a hu...
Meeting Demi Lovato by scxrlettloves
Meeting Demi Lovatoby ᴍᴀʏ ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴏғғ
Y/n is a massive, and I mean MASSIVE fan of Demi Lovato. You could even call her a lovatic. One day she meets her idol, little does she know that won't be the last time...
Surviving Quarantine [Book One] by dreamin247
Surviving Quarantine [Book One]by dreaminofdemi247
2020 was supposed to start with the most amazing musical comeback but a pandemic and indefinite lockdown put that comeback on hold.
The Life and Death of Skylar Lovato by Harmonized_Lovatic
The Life and Death of Skylar Lovatoby hailey
You all know Demi Lovato, right? And her sisters Maddie and Dallas, right? Do you know Demi's twin Skylar? I bet you don't. I'm Skylar Lynn Lovato, and welcome to hell.
Our celebrity teacher  by ironlovatic333
Our celebrity teacher by ironlovatic333
My faverout singer comes to are school and turns into my faverout teacher. But behinde all of that are hidden seacrets hiddens seacrets that will sooner or later come o...
Just Another Lovato by suggthemonkey
Just Another Lovatoby xxJ
Hey. I'm Kayla Lovato. Yea, yea. Go scream, tell your friends about me, but my life isn't the best. Just because I'm a Lovato, doesn't mean I'm treated like the queen...
Paisley by dreamin247
Paisleyby dreaminofdemi247
Sequel to 'Surrogate' How will Demi, Matthew and Damien cope with co-parenting a sassy toddler?
Quarantined Lovato by scxrlettloves
Quarantined Lovatoby ᴍᴀʏ ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴏғғ
DISCONTINUED It's been a year since the wedding. Demi and Y/n spent 6 months travelling around the world as their honeymoon. Demi decided to take 2019 off regarding her...
The Coin To Our Harmony | Delena by fxllinline
The Coin To Our Harmony | Delenaby — britt
"Listen, what am I supposed to do with a black coin that only has a name on it?" "Get me a free drink." You recently got a job at "Daisy's Dinn...
Adopted by who?! [[COMPLETED]] by RadicalBadical
Adopted by who?! [[COMPLETED]]by Jenna & Avia
Sierra, 11 thrown away by her parents and adopted by Demi Lovato, can Demi help Sierra over come her bad habits and have a normal life again? Read this book to find out ...
I Wish You Were Still Mine. by havealittlefaith
I Wish You Were Still мєℓσ∂у
When Demi Lovato reunites with her ex boyfriend, Joe Jonas by accident, she has to decide whether she wants to start a relationship with him. But the only thing that's s...
Youtuber and Beyond (Demi Lovato Fanfic) by AlexJohnson539
Youtuber and Beyond (Demi Lovato Alex Johnson
What will happen when you become a youtuber and then a YouTube video after you get messaged by Demi and Scooter Braun?
forget about fate & just hold me. by hayarimunroe
forget about fate & just hold ari
a love story that takes place is L.A, California. Demi Lovato & her best friend Selena Gomez are entering 11th grade. Demi struggles to keep her relationship with Joe on...
"Perfect Family" by earthlydemi
"Perfect Family"by earthlydemi
Emma is the daughter of demi LoVAto and Nick Jonas, her famous parents. emma is a good kid. She doesn't smoke,drink,or party. her focus is completely on school Until on...
Didn't Mean To by In_The_Darkkk
Didn't Mean Toby In_The_Darkkk
It wasn't on purpose. Things began piling up, and it came crashing down hard. One-shot of Demi relapsing. Trigger warning for self-harm, eating disorders, suicidal thoug...
Please Don't Catch Me (Demi Lovato Fanfiction) by HoldUpDemi
Please Don't Catch Me (Demi ❤️
Chloe Hastings is an average fifteen year old teenager girl living in small city in Florida. One day her mom is in a fatal car accident and she passes away. Chloe and he...
Hidden Behind A Smile by AlyssaZBeauty
Hidden Behind A Smileby Alyssa
Some people say that the scariest thing about life is dying. Well me, I disagree. For me, the scariest thing about life is waking up each day. Everyone tells me that I'm...
Life After Meeting Lovato (Demi Lovato) by ryllezen
Life After Meeting Lovato (Demi ryllezen
Meet Georgina Simone Williams: She is rich, pretty, intelligent, dancer. She almost had it all except love and happiness. Her parents aren't always there for her when...
Hope in a Dark World by unbrokenlovaticc
Hope in a Dark Worldby Parker
My name is Sabrina Isabelle Montoya. My parents were raised in Italy, but moved to California when they had me. They died when I was 4. I am now living in an orphanage...