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BTS IMAGINES by Moonchildxzx
BTS IMAGINESby Anon Moonchild🌙
Mostly Sad and depressing. Stay tuned for more updates‼️ Don't report!!👿 Okay.. Y'all get ready!😘👍🏾
"I Love You." by 11Caitlyn11
"I Love You."by Caitlyn M.K.
When Todoroki turns up on Midoriya's doorstep, crying and mentally in pain, what will Midoriya do to help his best friend and crush? Includes : -Bakudeku -Tododeku (Main...
Not Everything is Sunshine by cheesecop
Not Everything is Sunshineby foreskin thief
All of middle school Kirishima was that emo kid. The one who wore hoodies to cover his scars and did his best to avoid people. But when he gets into his dream highschool...
Quotes by makenzieeeb
Quotesby makenzieeeb
just some random quotes from random places **the beginning of this book is awful, i'm sorry but it get's better** **actually no it doesn't this whole book sucks, gotta b...
carbøn diøxide. by trippy_lil_hippie
carbøn diø trip on a knife.
i write because you exist. lowercase is intentional.
Silent Scream by katroxy76
Silent Screamby Bluejay
He has a few close friends, I am a loner. He's a "bad boy" and I'm "mute" We both have secrets we don't share with anyone. I don't talk so he choos...
tragic | 5SOS little sister by Dahlia_Piercings
tragic | 5SOS little sisterby 3MM4
TRIGGER WARNING "I can help you. We can all help you as long as you let us," he whispers sympathetically, trying to calm me down. More tears well up in my eyes...
Cold China- (jjba Villains + reader) Completed by XmarksLashingX
Cold China- (jjba Villains + Feliciano Bou
there's a main plot-^^ cuz I enjoy my villains just as much as the main Jojo's and jobros! Y/n. You meet all these weird people as you slowly be more open to society. Yo...
Defying lightning  by sikenike
Defying lightning by FAILED-SYSTEM
Kakashi wanted to die. He was tired, 𝑒𝑥ℎ𝑎𝑢𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑑 after he lost everything. Why was he still alive? Why him- out of everyone?! Why did that damn blonde save him?! A...
Save You by m00n_child_
Save Youby m00n_child_
In the blink of an eye someone you thought you didn't need can be gone. And with that, your world can come crashing down. Bakugou never understood sadness, he never unde...
Quotes by BlueGemstone
Quotesby -fiddlesticks
Well, the title says it all really. I am just an ordinary person writing quotes, searching up quotes and loving them. I wrote this book in the hope that someone out ther...
poetry II by dumbassflower
poetry IIby sav ⚜️
poems about abandonment and betrayal. an ode to the scars left behind by the people who said they'd never leave. (number 2 in poetry, october 2019)
If Only by PladNite
If Onlyby PladNite
Your name is Karkat Vantas and you've obviously been trapped on this god damned meteor for far to long because you never bothered to notice the signs that this death roc...
Love Or Death {re writen} by Sammyexe
Love Or Death {re writen}by xゴミ箱x
AU: Ethan found out that he had one year to live, Mark finds out as well. But Ethan doesn't know that Mark does, so Mark decides to make a channel called unus annus. As...
Crankiplier And Tythan Oneshots by Xxbittersweet_RoseXx
Crankiplier And Tythan Oneshotsby Bittersweet_tragedy
Oneshots for crankiplier and Tythan, I take requests. feel free to send any I'd gladly write them. Disclaimer~ The one-shots posted are older ones that I decided to post...
What No One Sees by WolfMoon5
What No One Seesby Lydia
Leo smiles. He laughs. He jokes. But no one sees how much hurt he is going though. How much pain he has stored up inside. How close he is to breaking. They don't see tha...
Dear Keefe, - Love Foster | ✔ | #3 by crayonowl
Dear Keefe, - Love Foster | ✔ | #3by ᴏᴡʟ:☽
Dear Keefe, This is from my six years without you. When I was having trouble moving on. I hope you read these someday, and know just how much of a pain you were. Love...
Please, let me die. by ok_im_trying_my_best
Please, let me ok_im_trying_my_best
Bakugou thinks a lot. Maybe too much. Absolutely too much. He comes to hate himself for all that he has done to hurt. Pushing others away, he insists that he is fine but...
Cherry; Harry Styles by decvption
Cherry; Harry Stylesby d.
When two very different people become something indescribable, is it in love or lust? All Rights Reserved to decvption, 2019. ©
"Forever" by 11Caitlyn11
"Forever"by Caitlyn M.K.
The second book of 'I Love You'. Class 1-A goes on a surprise trip to the beach, but not everything is going perfect. Midoriya and Todoroki are slowly deteriorating, the...