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Sweetly Yours by NerdyBirdie
Sweetly Yoursby E m i l y
A few days before the 25th, Farah Dailey decided to take a risk and anonymously deliever a Christmas gift to her long-time crush, Jamie Bright. Things don't go quite as...
Into The Rabbit Hole & All It's Sinful Delight by CallieSumner
Into The Rabbit Hole & All It's Callie
Abbie Black is a simple girl, from a simple little small town, with simple little dreams! Graduate from high school. Then leave this nowhere town for her dream universit...
SOTUS: The New Head Hazer and The Pink Milk Monster by pinkpatata
SOTUS: The New Head Hazer and Coffee Prince
SOTUS: The New Head Hazer and The Pink Milk Monster [A FAN-FICTION] Description: SOTUS: The New Head Hazer and The Pink Milk Monster is fan-fiction of Sotus novel origin...
Revenge: Lost love  by Asteriamist_
Revenge: Lost love by Asteriamist_
Naruto joined akasuki after the pain attack.The village threw him out accusing that because of him the leaf destroyed. Everyone hated him except one , hinata. Let's see...
Operation C.R.U.S.H by opaloona
Operation C.R.U.S.Hby opaloona
OC x Canon!!! A Kids Next door operative falls in love with the Delightful Children From Down The Lane, but her guardian, Sheryl Rossel, brings her to a play date with t...
Loved In The Kingdom Of Beauty  by Count_Leo
Loved In The Kingdom Of Beauty by Leo_
[ A Feel-Good Romance. ] Jacqueline had two passions in life. The first one was to be the best fashion designer of her time, and the other place in her heart was reserve...
KND: Operation KID  by waterpup
KND: Operation KID by ♡waterpup♡
Kuki Sanban. The sweetest operative ever known. Or is she? The Delightful Children from down the lane delightfulize her. Missing for a day, she works with Cree, The Deli...
Puppy Playdate by LizK94
Puppy Playdateby LizK94
Makayla the puppy is quite different from other puppies, because she doesn't socialize very much. But, she meets a Pomeranian puppy with similar problems. There's just o...
Taken by Pigssaymoo101
Takenby Pigssaymoo
A place of emotional writing
NEW KINDNESS POEMS 2341-2370 by StephenGifford
NEW KINDNESS POEMS 2341-2370by StephenGifford
Poetic pleasure in meter-and rhyme; insight, encouragement, and faith.
The New Girl by LizK94
The New Girlby LizK94
Akahana is a 16-year-old Japanese girl that is coming to America. When she leaves Japan and stays in America, she gets teased and laughed at. But she does have a passion...
Next Top Celebrity  by tommotrash28
Next Top Celebrity by tommotrash28
24 selected teens from the ages of 16-19 have a chance of fame. Good Lucl and may the most famous win.
OBSESSED by VamrealaMcKenzie
OBSESSEDby Vamreala McKenzie
Natalie Brown a billionaire by inheritance just found herself into a deep cut... Wanting love will not be the easiest road she chooses. But an obsession.!! Now cut a ba...
1,000 Happy Thoughts by thesenovelthoughts1
1,000 Happy Thoughtsby Harriet Young
Sharing one happy, positive, inspiring thought each day for 1,000 days.
Random One shots by ChloeAndSharyn
Random One shotsby Chloe and Sharyn
Random one shots created by 2 very sleep deprived and bored adolescents. No, these are not meant to be taken seriously. Enjoy~ ;)
Poetry by jillianj_kay
Poetryby jilliann
The Books Written by Emzd28 and syrup_original12 have given me the idea to write this book. I hope you enjoy.
NEW KINDNESS POEMS 2041-2070 by StephenGifford
NEW KINDNESS POEMS 2041-2070by StephenGifford
Come get your inspiration and encouragement. Accessible with only one click total, a group of 30 poems in meter-and-rhyme!