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Mated To A Jerk |✓ by ranchchips
Mated To A Jerk |✓by jenna claire
Being mated to the future alpha isn't a breeze, especially for Cassandra. Wanna know why? Because he's a flat out cocky, egotistical, hot, demanding, possessive, indecis...
Wild Humans by JayPawOC
Wild Humansby JayPaw OC
This is the story of a teen born in a rich familly with a dark secret. The story takes place in the future when humans discovered the technology of modifying the size of...
Eyeless Jack love story ( dark wolf one ) (ON HOLD) by Smol-Emo-Bean
Eyeless Jack love story ( dark wol...by Deleted
Hey guys if you read my Jeff the killer love story then you will know a girl called dark wolf and she falls in love with eyeless jack so I am going to make a story about...
My Dark Wolf King by SL_Holland
My Dark Wolf Kingby S.L. Holland
For thousands of years, shifters have roamed the earth, hidden and safe within their secluded packs. But eleven years ago that all changed. The humans attacked the Dawn...
Broken© (Niall fanfic) by bellebug23
Broken© (Niall fanfic)by Belle Horan
She lives in a world full of darkness. There is no color where she lives. Pain, sadness, misery, they all surround her everyday. She wants more to life. She wants to see...
the night Victor fell in love with a werewolf by Zuzu_Dork
the night Victor fell in love with...by Zuzu_Dork
ok peeps I am back and this story is called the night Victor fell in love with a werewolf so this is for everyone so enjoy peeps
Island Survival - A ChooseYourOwnAdventure Book by DarkWolf283
Island Survival - A ChooseYourOwnA...by DarkWolf283
Hello everybody, this is an interactive book for all you people who enjoy commenting. The book will have a decision at the end of each chapter and you guys get to vote o...
The Dark Wolf King And His Luna by Gabelchan
The Dark Wolf King And His Lunaby Gabriel Perez
Jasper LoboArrum, the separated dark side of Ferrum, now explores what he can do, considering he's the only other son of the wolf king Ferris and moon goddess Platina, h...
Wolfs Flames by speckledvulpix
Wolfs Flamesby shine b!t¢h
Fading away in the Dead Forest is unpleasant. But I'm fighting to end this.
The Dark Wolf by MrWarewolf
The Dark Wolfby MrWarewolf
You see so many psychopaths throughout your day and you dont even know it. Well what if one of these phsycos was not, but was framed by something more. Poor Nathan Villa...
• Black wolf • by wolffang017
• Black wolf •by •Darkwolf•
Jacob{a 15 year old} loses control and becomes crazy and insane once turning and can't get back to his perfect life he had. The more angry he gets the more people and an...
The aminals by ManyeWIRomeave
The aminalsby Mãnye W.I. Romeave
There are 8 deer girls, they fall in love with wolf boys. There are 8 different types, ironically the same types end up falling in love.
The Last Dark Wolf by Erik_Hirst_Wolf
The Last Dark Wolfby k9 wolflord
this book follows the life of erik, the last darkwolf. he was not always the last but war took it's toll, I wont say too much so i cant spoil it. the first chapter will...
The Dark Wolf and The Red Hood by FairytaleMachine
The Dark Wolf and The Red Hoodby FairytaleMachine
When the king pays a visit to a witch to get a herb for his sick wife, she gives it to him but when the herb doesn't work and his wife dies he blames the witch and burns...
short storys of erik by Erik_Hirst_Wolf
short storys of erikby k9 wolflord
this is Erik Hirst's ((my OC)) life. he is the last of his race, the dark wolf If there is a ( * ) at the name of the story, that means it will be in the main book
Ask or dare me or the creepypastas! (ON HOLD) by Smol-Emo-Bean
Ask or dare me or the creepypastas...by Deleted
Hey guys I am making a random book so you can ask or dare me or the creepypastas now!