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D O L L  [l.s] by lovemeplease28
D O L L [l.s]by love me please?
"Because you're mine, from now on you belong to me. Understood?" "Wha- what do you mea-" "Understood, Harry?" "Yes." "Yes wh...
Kiss Me Or Fuck Me  by bitchytommohaz
Kiss Me Or Fuck Me by bitchytommohaz
"I can't wait until the fucking contract is done" "Oh really? Why so?" "So I can get the fuck out of here and never have to see your face again...
Don't Trust Me ~Larry Stylinson~ by BulletForTheBands
Don't Trust Me ~Larry Stylinson~by ѕαrαн
Louis Tomlinson isn't the luckiest person on earth. Thanks to his depression, anxiety, short temper, bad luck, and getting kidnapped..? He thinks his life is over and h...
Arms Open ~ Larry Stylinson by GrotesqueFaced
Arms Open ~ Larry Stylinsonby Grotesque Face
Overwhelming Louis Tomlinson wins back his long lost love but in the process gets healed of the wounds he did not know he had.
Escape by pizzanus
Escapeby pizzanus
basically, you escape.
Beneath Your Love | Larry Stylinson by iridecentstyles
Beneath Your Love | Larry Stylinsonby — 𝐒𝐀𝐘𝐃
a larry stylinson fanfic. Louis Tomlinson was troubled. Spending 3 years in juvenile prison for nearly killing his friend Ashton. When he gets out, his family wants noth...
Dark Angel (ON HOLD) by WORLDLWT
Dark Angel (ON HOLD)by Larry Stylinson
Harry Styles is in need of a guardian angel but instead is sent Louis Tomlinson a dark angel can Louis help Harry's life change for the better or is this whole dark ange...
Monster; Stylinson ; by Ziamcxmdrop
Monster; Stylinson ;by coming soon
The monster wasn't under louis's bed, but rather in it. ©ziamcxmdrop