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Starting over {Damien Haas}  by SofiaroseGionomo
Starting over {Damien Haas} by Sofia-rose Gionomo
When Courtney's cousin and life long best friend Sydney finds herself in a bad relationship, she gets fed up and removes her from the situation. How will Sydney adapt to...
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Just A Fangirl (Damien Haas x Reader) by Booperdooperbooper2
Just A Fangirl (Damien Haas x Read...by Dis bitch 👏
Oh no, I've gone and started yet another story. But there are NOT enough Damien stories around here! The title pretty much says it all, right? Prepare for some fluff! (N...
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There's No Way (Damien Haas Fanfiction) by daddyneedshismmmunge
There's No Way (Damien Haas Fanfic...by trash
The day Damien and Chloe met, they both knew that there was no way that nothing would happen between them. Will their relationship blossom despite trying to keep their f...
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The Yearbook Photo: Damien Haas X reader by Egibson42197
The Yearbook Photo: Damien Haas X...by emily
You move to Los Angeles, California after a life changing event, and make a wish upon a star. Upon packing you find an old yearbook with a picture that sticks out for yo...
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chatty//smosh groupchat au by petrichor_plots
chatty//smosh groupchat auby emmeline vance
just some crazy kids starting a crazy group chat with crazy friendships. chaos shall ensue. - - !! this is a work of fiction and my imagination, purely for shiggles !! ...
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Key to my Happiness (Damien Haas Fan Fiction) by sagtornamist
Key to my Happiness (Damien Haas F...by Sagtornamist
Not your typical love story. This involves the new member of the smosh fam - Damien Haas!!! He has been a charming young guy so I've decided to make a realistic fan fict...
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Reunited (Damien Haas x Reader) by SlickBox3
Reunited (Damien Haas x Reader)by SlickBox3
Damien Haas. He was your only best friend ever since Middle School. When you graduated High School, you had moved away and said goodbye for good. At least you thought so...
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Everything Changes  - A Smosh Fanfic by OliviaDyson6
Everything Changes - A Smosh Fanf...by Olivia Dyson
As Ian's little sister, you've been apart of smosh since it all began. Growing up you helped edit, produce and write for smosh. Growing close to everyone member of the c...
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Time is Ticking (Damien Haas Fanfic) by smoshstories
Time is Ticking (Damien Haas Fanfi...by smoshstories
Eleanor Sherman just moved to Los Angelos from Melbourne Australia. She hope to peruse her dreams in acting before she reaches her fatal end. But she meets someone along...
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Those Words - Smosh Fanfiction by xxfspirxx
Those Words - Smosh Fanfictionby xxfspirxx
As a Smosh games member life is going pretty well. You work alongside many amazing people. There is a new person joining and you don't know how to take it all in. H...
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My Brother's Best Friend (Damien x Reader) by Firaseyna
My Brother's Best Friend (Damien x...by Fira
You move to La from England to live with your brother, Shayne Topp. He helps you gain a job at Smosh Games and everything is perfect until you start developing undeniabl...
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sent [smosh squad groupchat au] by lemonadeleaves
sent [smosh squad groupchat au]by kel ♡
what happens when some idiot teenagers decide to make a cursed group chat? only time will tell started: october 23, 2019 - DISCLAIMERS: - i do not own smosh or anyone em...
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Falling slowly ... by Srishti21srivastava
Falling slowly ...by Srishti21srivastava
Damien haas with reader. Y/n is punished to work for Smosh when she tries to stand up against her boss. This becomes more of a gift. But what happens when your and Damie...
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Everything Changes | A Damien Haas Fan-fiction by REDReader082300
Everything Changes | A Damien Haas...by REDReader082300
Samantha Topp and her older brother Shayne had always been close. Even as kids they were practically inseparable, mostly because they were into some of the same things...
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Shaymien- Dorks in Love by michael_bricky
Shaymien- Dorks in Loveby kittenglasses
I seriously can't stop writing abt these two dorks. This will be a story of them discovering how fun it is to be intimate with a friend. Also, there will be smut and sug...
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Smosh One-Shots (Requests Open) by trashytaurus
Smosh One-Shots (Requests Open)by i need mental help
Ayo, request stuff.
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Smosh One shots {REQUESTS OPEN!} by MmeNOOB
Smosh One shots {REQUESTS OPEN!}by MmeNOOB
Hello my dudes.
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Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- Shaymien  by michael_bricky
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- Sha...by kittenglasses
Truth or dare shenanigans Shaymien Possible continuation w/ smut if y'all want it
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SMOSH x reader oneshots by smish_smosh1
SMOSH x reader oneshotsby Smish.smosh1
SMOSH x reader taking requests Started May 10th 2019 Ongoing #1 in #smoshxreader June 29th 2019 #1 in #Lazercorn August 23rd 2019 #4 in #Wes September 5th 2019 #3 in #Sh...
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Good Riddance by --Percy-
Good Riddanceby percy the hero
it's just a Smosh fanfic- But aside from that, this follows the personal lives of all of the Smosh family (mainly those during SSG apocalypse, with mention of old member...
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