Everything Changes...
By REDReader082300
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Samantha Topp and her older brother Shayne had always been close. Even as kids they were practically inseparable, mostly because they were into some of the same things. Shayne wanted to be an actor, playing different characters in movies and TV shows. Sam on the other hand...she wanted to make them. She went to Film Camp every year since she was ten, and learned just about everything she could in the art of film-making, from writing scripts and screenplays, to video editing and camera operation. She did it all, and even grew up to attend the USC school of Cinematic Arts. Now graduated from college with an impressive list of skills and credentials, now all that's left to do is find a job, and hopefully one day be able to produce her own products. And who better to hire her then a money-hungry company who can pay one person to do multiple jobs? Sam finds herself working for Smosh, a YouTube channel owned by Defy Media, and coincidentally, the same company that her brother and his best friend Damien currently work for. She thinks that its a dream come true, and from the standpoint of getting to do what she loves with people she cares about, it is. But, needless to say there is a lot wrong with the way this company is being run, and its only a matter of time before their greed catches up with them and everything changes... Including the way that Sam begins to see her and Shayne's long-time best friend Damien Haas.

Chapter One: Pathetic

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by REDReader082300