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Crush, Crushed (Completed)  by vngxlmvx
Crush, Crushed (Completed) by A
[ E P I S T O L A R Y ] Baby boy Series #1 Girl banat, Alyzsa was messaging this guy who doesn't know him. He was her long time crush, since she was in elementary up u...
Driving Lessons - An Octonauts Story (complete) by isobeljones2000
Driving Lessons - An Octonauts Izzy
It is well known that Shellington cannot drive for his life. This leads to many crashes and accidents after which it is Tweak's job to fix the Gups. After yet another cr...
Crashed and stranded (Larry and Ziall fanfic) by anonymoustwins97
Crashed and stranded (Larry and I'm back
The boys are ready for there senior trip!!! all of them are excited to fly across state to the beautiful island of Hawaii. But what if the plane crashes before they get...
Sittin' On Swings by CitysFinallySleeping
Sittin' On Swingsby Mak
After every race - win or lose - he's right back there. For thirteen years after she left he has sat alone, declining the company of those who love him. Until one day hi...
Sightless: Collision of Tenders and Boilers by TheFlyingKippper
Sightless: Collision of Tenders The Flying Kippper
(CURRENTLY NOT FINISHED) So this is a small thing that I've started to make. Updates and new chapters/parts might take a while to complete but I'm still going to write/t...
.•♫•♬• ꉔꄲꋊꇙꏂꆰ꒤ꏂꋊꉔꏂꇙ •♬•♫•. by astalavavavista1
.•♫•♬• ꉔꄲꋊꇙꏂꆰ꒤ꏂꋊꉔꏂꇙ •♬•♫•.by asta
This is an OmiHina (Sakusa x Hinata) fanfic. There arent many of these and i adore this ship, so here it goes (・∀・) ---------------------------------------------- 𝚂𝚊𝚔...
Life With the Crawford Boys by sadbutfabulous
Life With the Crawford Boysby sadbutfabulous
Eight gorgeous boys and one girl living together in the same house. It'd probably be heaven to most girls, but to Adelaide Hendricks, it's the total opposite. Who wants...
Dragon Shifters RP by CheetahNadder
Dragon Shifters RPby Cheetahtail🤘
This book is a HTTYD RP. Here you can RP as Dragon, Human, or Shifter. You can RP in several locations and with many different people.
Crashing And Thrashing || Top Gear / The Grand Tour by killingkilgrave
Crashing And Thrashing || Top Ambitious... but rubbish
-- a Top Gear / The Grand Tour whump collection -- Whumptober 2022. A collection of whump-filled Top Gear and The Grand Tour one-shots.
Cotton Candy by BigRed3
Cotton Candyby BigRed3
Chelsea's older sister, Janae, and Jake's older brother, Tanner, used to date but had a bad break up. Tanner and Janae refuse to let their little siblings talk to each...
Wedding Crasher by Irhaboggle
Wedding Crasherby Irhaboggle
Standing in the hidden corner at the back of the chapel, Elphaba watches Glinda's wedding. She comes to support Glinda, but Oz knows she wishes she could be the one wait...
Unfolded Mystery - Winx Club Fanfiction by oldlittleme
Unfolded Mystery - Winx Club oldlittleme
It's gonna be a big day for the Winx and everything needs to be perfect but, the boys have to get there in time but, got some ups and downs on their way, and forgetting...
The Circuit by DylanKilgore2
The Circuitby Dylan Kilgore
Matt is a local street racer with a friend named Brian. They both love cars and love going to races. Once Matt starts to realize that he needs to do something bigger, he...
I'm the New Girl and He's the Werewolf Quarterback [COMPLETED] by taylerrrify
I'm the New Girl and He's the Tayler
There once was a girl name Autumn Leaf Falls. She talked to her dead brother in windows and had a werewolf boyfriend. She was cursed by an evil vampire and her best frie...
Everything In Between by sierrahrae
Everything In Betweenby Sierrah Russell
A 17 year old girl, Briar, moves to the small town of Forks, Washington. After leaving St. Louis, Missouri, her life in Forks is pretty dull.....until she meets two guys...
Slow Motion by HeyyItsJanelle
Slow Motionby Janelle Pepper
A car crash in the woods... caused by a sprts car.. hmm...
Is God Close? by Its_PhenomeNiall
Is God Close?by Meric
This is actually a true story. This happened to me on October 8th of last year. I have pictures of the car, but for some reason, nothing is working right now, and I can'...