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Eyes by AlexaRomanov
Eyesby Alexa
"Agent Murray." "Yes, sir." "Report to the jet in exactly five minutes." And then he hung up. "That was really... short," Max wh...
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bats and arrows (damian wayne x reader) by atlantic007
bats and arrows (damian wayne x re...by atlantic007
a story of oliver queens daughter and damian wayne that may include a oneshot or two if I get bored. And follows the line of justice league vs teen titans and the Judas...
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Introduction by Merpsalvile
Introductionby Merpsalvile
Hello! I am mersalvile!
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meeting the turtles by raphaelracer
meeting the turtlesby raphaelracer
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Fantasy Stuff that took forever by BiPrideCheck
Fantasy Stuff that took foreverby Can'tYouSeeMyAgony
Meet Selia, just your average fantasy universe alien girl who lives with her adoring parents on a farm planted called Cardalian. She enjoys wood carving, taunting her f...
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The Wizards of Bangtan [ON HOLD] by DiamondMay707
The Wizards of Bangtan [ON HOLD]by DiamondMay707
"Jihee, what are you not telling us?" I sighed, the sound of my voice echoing throughout the cave. "Umm...everything?" Taehyung glared at me. &quo...
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Is This The End? by bryced0805
Is This The End?by bryced0805
It is my first time writing i am just pulling stuff out of my head.
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~Getting to Know the Cats~ by TheCatClan
~Getting to Know the Cats~by TheCatClan
Get to know the Cat Clan: Leopard, the Leader; Cheetah, the Warrior; Lynx, the Seeker; and Jaguar, the Glamour! (You can call us Leopard-sama, Chee-chan, Lynx-chan, and...
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Avengers with my OC by CanYouHaltPlaceClose
Avengers with my OCby CanYouHaltPlaceClose
Welcome to the life of Claire Potts, adoptive sister of Pepper Potts and friend of Tony Stark. Now she's not your typical nineteen year old; she has brains to rival Tony...
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Not Just A Dog (Adam-12 Fanfiction) by mem5701
Not Just A Dog (Adam-12 Fanfiction)by ⚖️ Mary ⚖️
Follow Reed and Malloy as they have to deal with a stubborn German Shepherd, Luna, on a narcotics case at the local school. When Malloy doesn't trust Luna at all, will s...
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Holding on to Humanity by Mistique022
Holding on to Humanityby M022
As the world continues to end Jamie,Marcus,and Jason learn disturbing secrets about one another. Sequel to Til The End!!
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The Greatest Adventure | Adventure Time Fan-Fic by AstralXDreamer
The Greatest Adventure | Adventure...by Astral
"You're my everything. Everything else is just... everything else." When Fionna and Cake discover the ancient remains of an underground civilization in Aaa, th...
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The Evil Legos by ThePapaMan
The Evil Legosby ThePapaMan
Noting yet!
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Starlite by slothpanda1
Starliteby slothpanda1
Alexandra Bay is not your average girl. So she got into one of the top universities (Stanford). But she still has an secret. Not the type of secret like i have a crush...
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Dead in the water by KumoandKaiya
Dead in the waterby Huskiimoskii
Arwen cresiden is a wishek county detective on the case for murder. Allan is a psychopath trying to kill Arwen. Oh, let's not forget the corpse. On the search for a mu...
The Great and Magical Story of Stevie (He is very great and crud)  by avaisrandom
The Great and Magical Story of Ste...by avaisrandom
This story is great (not really) and very salty (very) and crud. (too lazy to put a real description)
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NightAngel {Season One}  by Aph_Avalon_
NightAngel {Season One} by Jamiya Coleman
"Do you like heroes?" ---------------------------- Who ever said being a hero was easy? Nobody. ---------------------------- "Do you know who NightAngel...
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Broken To Begin by Kaylynn323
Broken To Beginby Kaylynn323
This story is of a girl with many troubles in her life and how it all changes thanks to these struggles.
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