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Let You Love Me by barnesjamcs
Let You Love Meby barnesjamcs
Bucky Barnes feels some sort of way towards the newest recruit, but he doesn't let himself think too much about it out of fear of getting hurt. Will he push you away eno...
Chosen by jpatt82
Chosenby jpatt82
What started as keeping the centuries old creature of the night busy while your team took out his nest turned for the worse. You were captured by James 'Bucky' Barnes, a...
Me and M'Boys by jpatt82
Me and M'Boysby jpatt82
A collection of stucky oneshots
Fallen  by jpatt82
Fallen by jpatt82
The same haunting dark figure, surrounded in crisp white have plagued you since early childhood. For a while the dreams have stopped until you move to New York and they...
The Unthinkable Truth by jpatt82
The Unthinkable Truthby jpatt82
Bucky likes a girl, but is so out of touch with the dating world he asks the one person he never thought he would turn to for help. You and Bucky have never really gott...
Sweeter Than Sugar ➵ Bucky Barnes [✔] by kidney99
Sweeter Than Sugar ➵ Bucky Barnes...by kidney99
Bucky Barnes happens to encounter a new waitress at his favorite diner with Sam Wilson and manages to make a complete fool of himself. ♛♛♛ Even though you probably call...
What A Man Gotta Do by barnesjamcs
What A Man Gotta Doby barnesjamcs
All Bucky wants is a date with you, to which you agree. But only after he completes the long list of insane tasks you've given him. In short, it'll never happen. Fast fo...
All You Knead is Love by tinymalscoffee24
All You Knead is Loveby ⍟ malia ⍟
After being cut off by her family, Y/N L/N started up her own business. With her business finally rising to the top after three years, her family invites her back on two...
𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐂𝐊𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐌 𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐃𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐄 | A Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader  Story by oofjustanothermcufan
PAIRINGS - • Dark!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader WARNINGS - • Dark! explicit content, non/con and dub/con themes, acts of violence, language, smut, angst, very littl...
The Quarantine Diaries  by barnesjamcs
The Quarantine Diaries by barnesjamcs
In the middle of a pandemic, Y/N has no place to go and Bucky has an extra room. Easy fix right? Wrong. Polar opposites stuck living together in a two bedroom studio is...
Bucky Barnes' Fics!! by LadyCanary_
Bucky Barnes' Fics!!by Georgia lance
hi! I'm Georgia and here I will share some of the one shots or series that i wrote about Bucky Barnes! if you like them feel free to leave a comment and if you have any...
When We Were Young by cravingmarvel
When We Were Youngby Nimi
Friends since they can remember and falling in love like they're meant to. But sometimes life just isn't what you expected. People making decisions, mistakes and saying...