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Anonymous by laurenjauregvii
Anonymousby lern jergi 🦁
When her uncle announces that she has to move to a different continent, Bonnie isn't happy at all. She doesn't like the new house, or the town, or the school. The only t...
Thinking of You (Bubbline) by BubblineVauseman
Thinking of You (Bubbline)by ViolentRima
Bubbline three shot! Might turn to a multi chapter if people want more.
Bubbline Pictures by Ruu_blue
Bubbline Picturesby Ruu
↽------------------------⇁ Bubbline Pictures ↼------------------------⇀ Highest Ranks: #25 in marceline #11 in marcelinethevampirequeen #7 in bubbline #19 in prince...
"You are mine, got it?~" A bubbline story by Alex_TheShip_Writer
"You are mine, got it?~" A bubblin...by Alex_TheShip_Writer
Hope you enjoy! <33 It took me months to finish, was it worth it?
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓ by EYDEL_
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓by EYDEL
marceline abadeer, a thousand-year-old vampire who loves her battle-axe bass guitar, remeniscised about her times with bonnibel bubblegum - a prim and proper princess wh...
bubbline one shots by sherlockianwrites
bubbline one shotsby jenna lavender
just some one shots, mostly fluff... enjoy :D
still learning the ways our hearts can beat by pepperybepperty
still learning the ways our hearts...by pepper
Marceline and Bonnibel... the perfect pair. If only they would realize it.
The Beauty and the Vampire Queen {bubbline/ sugarless gum} by TitanCamden
The Beauty and the Vampire Queen {...by LocalDaddy ™
Found this on Fanfic.net, thought I'd share the story as it was pretty amazing. Originally on fanfic.net, created and all credit goes to CaptainOntoOcean.
Bubbline smut story by AnubusAnimations
Bubbline smut storyby Anubus Animations
a series finale send off to a great ship and a great show
Pizza Dates And Plastic Plates [BUBBLINE] by abadeerly
Pizza Dates And Plastic Plates [BU...by abadeerly
Marceline has a pretty messed up past, an even messed up present and probably a messed up future already laid out for her. But maybe getting partnered up with a popular...
Christmas Miracle  by AnimeLife53
Christmas Miracle by Robin
Bonnibel is a hard working perfectionist who works at a tech company. After spending too many allnighters at her job her boss starts to get worried. He sends her on a Ch...
Bittersweet - Bubbline AU by TersyGabrielle
Bittersweet - Bubbline AUby Tersy Gabrielle
Marceline is a pure mess. She's in the bottom of the world. There's nothing on her life that wasn't gone wrong. Bonnibel is the school's princess. She's in the top of ev...
eternal ~ bubbline by melanianoname
eternal ~ bubblineby No-Name
Marceline has had romantic feelings and sexual attractions to Princess Bubblegum for years. Will PB return those feelings? And what's going on with Flame Princess and...
Just Pretending (Bubbline/Sugarless Gum) by GumLee777
Just Pretending (Bubbline/Sugarles...by Chandler
When Princess Bubblegum and Marceline go undercover to check out a couples resort, they find how hard it is to fake being girlfriends. But how long will their fake relat...
High-Grade Red by ComXDude
High-Grade Redby ComXDude
With the defeat of the vampires, Marceline and Bubblegum seem to be as close as ever. But what happens when a sudden bolt of lightning brings the Vampire Queen as close...
Best friend by YatoriForever0504
Best friendby YatoriForever0504
There was nothing between them. But Bonnies body, her smile, her style. Everything about her was really.... attractive. But no way did she feel the same. She liked guys...
Into You. (Bubblegum x Marceline) by butterflypufff
Into You. (Bubblegum x Marceline)by butterflypuff
Marceline Abadeer always wanted to run away from her past, to get rid of it. Along the way, she met Jake, Finn, Lady Rae, Bonnibel and Beemo. And her world started to fl...
Bubblegum Tastes Sweeter With You by bagel-gay
Bubblegum Tastes Sweeter With Youby thegayyestbagel
Bubbline college au- Marceline and PB are roommates who don't realize each other's feelings towards them, that is, until they start to get to know each other. After Marc...
The Scars of Love (Bubbline Fanfiction) by ZombiezEatPringlez
The Scars of Love (Bubbline Fanfic...by xx
Bubblegum broke up with Marceline a month ago and it wasn't her best call. (Short story!) CX
Bubline Smut (and Fluff) by uneventfulshit
Bubline Smut (and Fluff)by Alias :p
A ravenous series of short sexual stories filled with passion. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum get hot and heavy. Do not fret there is plenty of wholesome, soft, butt...