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push your feelings away and smile by pepperybepperty
push your feelings away and smileby pepper
There is nothing cuter than Bonnie and Marceline. I will fight you on that. I do not own cover art.
Adventure Time Bubbline Fanfiction by The-Word-Smith
Adventure Time Bubbline Fanfictionby Eschella
Marceline the Vampire Queen is back in the main drag of Ooo and is settling back down after her trip around the whole land of Ooo. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had b...
bubbline one shots by sherlockianwrites
bubbline one shotsby jenna lavender
just some one shots, mostly fluff... enjoy :D
Toxic (marceline x princess bubblegum) by williamselliex
Toxic (marceline x princess bubble...by williamselliex
heart broken, alone, unwanted, lonely, those were all the emotions that wandered through Marcelines head. After her lover Bonnie moved away Marceline spent months in den...
Fifty Shades of Red  ~An adventure time fanfiction~ Completed  by Chikooo
Fifty Shades of Red ~An adventure...by Chikooo
Marceline and Bonnibel have been best friends for as long as they can remember, but things begin to grow complicated as they grow up. Ooo is about to get a whole lot mor...
The girl next door *Bubbline* by caitisaweirdo
The girl next door *Bubbline*by Caitlyn
Bonnie is living a peaceful life with her siblings and parents. A straight A student in school and a passion for Science, she hopes of finding a boyfriend. But does her...
wlw Art by yellower4067
wlw Artby Bob
Some might be from shows (probably most) Others might just be art
still learning the ways our hearts can beat by pepperybepperty
still learning the ways our hearts...by pepper
Marceline and Bonnibel... the perfect pair. If only they would realize it. (formerly called Oblivious) I do not own cover art.
Bubline Smut (and Fluff) by uneventfulshit
Bubline Smut (and Fluff)by Alias :p
A ravenous series of short sexual stories filled with passion. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum get hot and heavy. Do not fret there is plenty of wholesome, soft, butt...
Marceline x princess bubblegum -Taste You- lemon oneshot by fandom-trashcan
Marceline x princess bubblegum -Ta...by ✨Hello✨
Marceline and Pb fool around for a little while.
Publicity by candygirl48
Publicityby Emily
Princess Bubblegum and Marceline reveal their relationship to the public at the ball. Just a little something I came up with last night.
Friendship to bubbline  by lesbian0_0pride
Friendship to bubbline by pat2002
Marceline has been friends with Bonnie for years till they both realize they have feelings for each other and there friendship becomes into a relationship
Bubblegum Tastes Sweeter With You by bagel-gay
Bubblegum Tastes Sweeter With Youby thegayyestbagel
Bubbline college au- Marceline and PB are roommates who don't realize each other's feelings towards them, that is, until they start to get to know each other. After Marc...
Bubbline One-Shots by BubblineVauseman
Bubbline One-Shotsby ViolentRima
I will update this whenever an idea for a one shot comes up. I won't promise they'll all have happy endings.
Before I knew I loved you by Azula_the_Firelord
Before I knew I loved youby Sebastian
Marceline is a high school student with a not-so-great life. The only thing good in her life is Bonnibel. A grade-A student who is the complete opposite of Marceline. Th...
Bubbline Oneshots by Rileyquinn07
Bubbline Oneshotsby Rileyquinn07
This is a bunch of Bubbline Oneshots and maybe some aesthetics, too. Feel free to comment on parts and recommend more ideas for Oneshots. No smuts! Update: Discontinued
it started by the carousel (bubbline fanfic) SMUT WARNING by sunkissedpotato
it started by the carousel (bubbli...by nosebleeds4days
this story isn't supposed to be extremely based on the cartoon just based on the characters and it all starts off with the yearly carnival what will happen between marc...
Just a Royal Problem (A Bubbline Fanfiction) by ObviousLies
Just a Royal Problem (A Bubbline F...by lord of the butts
Marceline doesn't want to be seen by her former friend, Bonnibel, after her banishment from the Candy Kingdom. Will they ever become friends again? (Dang. It's been over...
Ship Pics by Official_GayKachan
Ship Picsby Yoongi
Slow updates Random ships And maybe some other shit