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Slavery (BTS Hybrid x reader) by Melon1294
Slavery (BTS Hybrid x reader)by FlowerInTheDark
Y/n has grown up in the world where it's normal to have hybrids as live in servants. She's grown up with not one but seven of them. But what happens when feelings become...
Mute Mate by Melon1294
Mute Mateby FlowerInTheDark
Lee Y/n would be classed as an ordinary girl but with one small problem, she can't talk otherwise known as a mute. She was brought up in a honourable family, that love h...
The soul by Melon1294
The soulby FlowerInTheDark
Go Y/n isn't like any normal human being. In fact she's not a full blooded human being. She's also half angel and that makes her special. Everyone in the country know of...
Ours by Melon1294
Oursby FlowerInTheDark
This story is about a girl Y/n, that was abused by her parents at a young age. She was so badly beaten she was taken into hospital and that night would change her life f...
Theirs (sequel to ours) by Melon1294
Theirs (sequel to ours)by FlowerInTheDark
Yoo Y/n was born a half blood. Half human, half vampire. She moves to a new school after her father taking up a new job in the castle just on the outskirts of the city...
A Dragons Heart (BTS Fanfiction) by Melon1294
A Dragons Heart (BTS Fanfiction)by FlowerInTheDark
There's legends from long ago that dragons once lived the earth. They ruled long and far but evidently became no more....... or so everyone thought. Seven survived the m...
Homosexual bestie  by Melon1294
Homosexual bestie by FlowerInTheDark
For the past six years Choi Y/n and Kim Namjoon have been the best of friends. They've been through many ups and downs through the years and helped each other through so...
Love of the damned by Melon1294
Love of the damnedby FlowerInTheDark
What happens when Nan Y/n meets the very people that everyone is after? The very people that are not your ordinary vampire or werewolf. The war between wolves and vampir...
Historic Myth (BTS Fan fiction) by Melon1294
Historic Myth (BTS Fan fiction)by FlowerInTheDark
There's a myth among werewolves about the 7 loyal soldiers of the moon goddess. They are reincarnated in every life time to find the love of their lives, but each life t...
It was you by Melon1294
It was youby FlowerInTheDark
For the past three year Y/n has been a single mother to her precious son. It's just been the two of them since she graduated just before he was born. She wishes that her...
Innocence by Melon1294
Innocenceby FlowerInTheDark
For a 25 year old woman you could say Y/n was very shadowed when it came to men and party's. She was brought up in a very strict family that believes no sex before marri...
Smiler by Melon1294
Smilerby FlowerInTheDark
For five years a group of seven men roamed the streets and ruled the underground. They were ruthless and feared. The most wanted by law throughout the country. No one sa...
The Prince & The Servant Girl by Melon1294
The Prince & The Servant Girlby FlowerInTheDark
A prince and servant girl grew up together in a castle. Best friends for life until that love as friends changed to something more. All was well until the prince was to...
Blood And Roses | A Jeon Jungkook FF by Jackkim22
Blood And Roses | A Jeon Aaron
"We have two options, KILL or DIE!" Jungkook sneered while aiming gun at her. "And... If you can't kill, you should die." And the next second, his...
Fluffy One Shots [REQUESTS OPEN] (slow updates) by ladyb790
Fluffy One Shots [REQUESTS OPEN] ( Peach🍑
Fluffy one shots. All seven members. All sorts of ideas including school romance, littles, hybrids, toddlers, babies etc. I love doing requests so message me your...
Double the love by Melon1294
Double the loveby FlowerInTheDark
Lim Y/n has the two most best of friends in the world. Together they own their own cafe and are doing very well for themselves. Though their ten year anniversary of bein...
Mafia daddy by Melon1294
Mafia daddyby FlowerInTheDark
Who knows what it's like to be a slave? A servant against your will and have every bit of freedom ripped from you? Bu Y/n does. For the past two years she had to endure...
Secret by Melon1294
Secretby FlowerInTheDark
To save Lee y/n family's reputation she must enter the high class school of South Korea. Were all rich families throughout the country enroll their children into high en...
unknown caller • min yoongi by all1von
unknown caller • min yoongiby you are loved.
"hello?" "jungkook! this isn't funny. give me back my condoms!"
In The Shadows by Melon1294
In The Shadowsby FlowerInTheDark
•••~Text Imagine~••• Y/n has a sweet loving family and she couldn't be more happy with them. Her house is full of love and laughter and nothing but happiness fills the h...