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Shoot ~ Duty after school x reader by GiyuOnlyFriend
Shoot ~ Duty after school x readerby Omi
You just wanted to graduate peacefully but that didn't seem to be anyone's plan. An Y/n , a senior worked so hard to boost up her grades heading in the direction of the...
𝗤𝗨𝗜𝗘𝗧 • 𝗗𝗨𝗧𝗬 𝗔𝗙𝗧𝗘𝗥 𝗦𝗖𝗛𝗢𝗢𝗟. by Lucy-pasquarelli
Where Su-Zu, a 17-year-old teenager who suffers day after day with her insecurities and traumas, must face those who had been causing her nightmares in the past days. ...
Love at first sight, Tom Kaulitz by 1kaul1tzl0ver
Love at first sight, Tom Kaulitzby 1kaul1tzl0ver
Your an exchange student from a small island in Portugal, that island is named Madeira.... when a very handsome guy catches your attention and he is involved in your fu...
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Safe (duty after school x reader) by ShieyeonKang
Safe (duty after school x reader)by Shye Han
Y/n is a senior in high school who died from getting shot. But instead of dying, she wakes up confused in a new world with parents she doesn't remember. There a purple s...
Incorrect Dreamcatcher  by tinychaeng
Incorrect Dreamcatcher by E
Just a bunch of Gaycatcher incorrect quotes. Enjoy!
Dreamcatcher on Crack by ChuuvesRichLesbians
Nothing serious. Just Dreamcatcher on crack.
New feelings {COMPLETE} by ayanopacifyher
New feelings {COMPLETE}by ayanopacifyher
when juvia sees gray kissing lucy at fairy hills. juvia turns around and walks around magnolia, when she bumps into one of her guildmates. "gomen, juvia was not loo...
Jazz Bar | Suayeon  by hopelessarte
Jazz Bar | Suayeon by | ̶̶Y̶̶̶̶v̶̶̶̶e̶̶̶̶s|
*********** -----> Manager, can you go and buy me some milkshake? please ? *********** -----> I'm sorry but you must have texted the wrong number since I am not...
The cast of duty after school reacts to the show. Contains spoilers for the show. Note I won't include all scenes and finding transcripts is hard so I'm gonna twerk some...
الشهواني by riciallwice
الشهوانيby HAN SUN-HEE
"لَن أخآف أو أملّ،أنا صريح بحيآتي الجِنسية وأدمنها" "فإذا لم أشتهي فعلي التحقق لو لازال قلبي ينبض" زِير نسآء يفسُد بإنحرآفه فكَيف ستُوآصل حيآتُه؟ روآ...
Hate:Love:Protect: Duty After School by CallMiYue
Hate:Love:Protect: Duty After Yue-Shian Wu
Pretty long description so I suggest you trust the process and read it. But if you want it here it is. ♡ Il-Ha has always cared for Kim-Chi but doesn't like to so he bul...
I'll wait for you || Wang Taeman x reader by nakkoyul
I'll wait for you || Wang Taeman Nakkoyul
"I'm sorry I realised how much I loved you so late." Wang Taeman x reader (Jo Haein) Started- June 18th 2023 Ended- june 22nd 2023 Is it really a taeman ff?
Fly High by thegraysky_
Fly Highby sky
From Minx to Dreamcatcher, they have come a long way. A love story unfolds, or just so you thought. In this line of industry, its hard to find genuine love. This will be...
HER. C01 - Shen Xiaoting x Fem Reader  by shinoaisgay
HER. C01 - Shen Xiaoting x Fem shinoa
Jung Y/N the youngest sister of Jessica and Krystal Jung join Girls Planet 999
Stars and Raindrops || Seungmin FF|| Oneshot  by Blackpink2335
Stars and Raindrops || Seungmin Blackpink2335
Lee Bora a university girl who has bad dreams andd which comes true. She is scared because of that, but one night dream changes her whole life. She meets a person in her...
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Revenge Note 2 (Seo Robin) by sanaya2515
Revenge Note 2 (Seo Robin)by Eleanor
Lee Na-eun is Korean American teenager, who shifted newly to apartment 403 in Korea. Her life got troubled on her very first day at Hanjong High School, but a strange ap...