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Das erste Mal alles by blumentopf44
Das erste Mal allesby Rutschenkind44
Leonie ist 16 Jahre alt. Bisher konzentrierte sie sich nur auf die Schule und traf sich mit ihren Freunden. Sie war auch schon öfter in Clubs, doch dort wurde sie nie b...
Niemals vergessene Erinnerungen - Vampire Knight FF 3 by TsukiyoKuroi
Niemals vergessene Erinnerungen...by Tsukiyo Kuroi
Ein Jahrtausend ist vergangen, Yuki belebt Kaname wieder, dieser ist fortan ein Mensch und besitzt keinerlei Erinnerungen. Doch die Vampire um ihn herum haben nichts ver...
How to speak in draconic  by DragonAutismForever
How to speak in draconic by Peyton Eberle
This book little is where you learn how to speak in draconic which is also known as the dragon language. This book will also help you decode some hidden dialogue to some...
Das Art collection 3 by DragonAutismForever
Das Art collection 3by Peyton Eberle
My artwork part 3 where you will see all kinds of stuff. Meet my character old and new. Welcome to my franchise, The Strange World.
Un sueño y una pesadilla realidad by SofiaCampora9
Un sueño y una pesadilla realidadby Sofia/Liam
ahi gente que dice los son solo una carga otros son muy estresantes otras son adorables si pero cuando son bebes tambien son aspiradoras de billeteras y bueno eso es to...
Embracing the Darkness by DoubleTheTrouble
Embracing the Darknessby Hisaki & Naburi
I killed a nameless boy. A nameless boy that inhabitted my head. A nameless boy that harrassed my memories and dreams. He and I share the same face and fear, and we g...
Industrial Progress Under Capitalism and Socialism by SultanKhan1
Industrial Progress Under Capitali...by Sultan Khan
It is a common argument that Socialism and Communism do not exhibit industrial progress. This piece has been written to counter this belief and provide ample proof. The...
India gets A new Flying girl - Hima Das by kushirajput
India gets A new Flying girl - Him...by kushi rajput
All the Indians are feeling honored with this news of this golden girl's amazing wins in the newspapers. The champions are different, they think and do differently from...
Multi fandom Oneshots by XxBroadway_GleekxX
Multi fandom Oneshotsby 𝓛𝒊𝒍𝒊 𝑵𝒐𝒍𝒂𝒏
Das art collection 2 by DragonAutismForever
Das art collection 2by Peyton Eberle
This is the next book where you will see new and improved artwork. Better then before, featuring many references to basically well, almost everything I've seen, and artw...
Rick and morty & The demonic Disease (Rick Sanchez x Oc) by DragonAutismForever
Rick and morty & The demonic Disea...by Peyton Eberle
I do not own rick and morty or any of its characters obviously.Warning this fanfic contains dark adult themes. This story will take place pretty much before season 4 a...
Os Misteriosos Reinos das Águas Encantadas by azclau14vernk
Os Misteriosos Reinos das Águas En...by Claudinéia Verneque
O livro contem 379 paginas e se encontra no Amazon Sinopse Os Misteriosos Reinos das Aguas Encantadas . Em reinos majestosos em uma terra magica. Onde seres fantástico...
The Troublesome Kidnapping of Five by AhmetOzgean
The Troublesome Kidnapping of Fiveby AhmetOzgean
A fan fiction featuring one of the characters from the serial Dark Matter, Five/Das. She's cute, she's pretty, she's kidnappable. Captains Ogi and Andreea are tasked to...
Cidade das cabras by CristianDerosa0
Cidade das cabrasby Cristian Derosa
Um fotógrafo policial cansado de ser atormentado por imagens das fotos que tirou, vítimas da violência, decide fugir para uma pequena cidade em busca de sossego e saúde...
Brooke  by caceresitzeel
Brooke by Itzeljimenez15
-quien diría que yo pudiera ser una Rocles -es verdad todos esos cuentos, esas historias sobre hombres lobos, vampiros, hadas, demonios, ángeles, duendes, ninfas y bruj...
Das war so cool by storyline_98
Das war so coolby storyline_98
Ich bin grad student in der schule. das ist richtig cool and all of me and my husband. The only thing that I have been in the morning and evening of summer and I have to...
Ela pediu-lhe que lhe falasse das estrelas. Ele preferiu que fosse ela a falar. E ela falou.