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Amortentia: A Blackpink Hogwarts AU by QueenJulia24
Amortentia: A Blackpink Hogwarts AUby Queen Julia
Love is one of the strongest forces in the world. No one can replicate it. Not even the most skilled witches and wizards. Love isn't something to be tampered with, espec...
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED) (EDITING) by jenlisasbiatch
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED) ( jenlisasbiatch
"You like her." "What?" I heard her say. Her voice was barely a whisper. So small and fragile like it wasn't hers. Not from the Jennie I know. I loo...
Scary Innocence | Jenlisa AU by LiLiTop_NiNiCutie
Scary Innocence | Jenlisa AUby Caela
Argh! This whole thing is killing me! "Lili, Come on let's play!" "Rubyjane, I haven't finish my thesis y'know. It's not like I'm a genius like you."...
Epoch | JENLISA | by jenlisasbiatch
Epoch | JENLISA |by jenlisasbiatch
"She's weird." "Who?" "Her. She doesn't talk much." "She doesn't talk at all." another added. "Yeah?" I asked, intrigue...
♡ Jenlisa Film (AU) ♡ by kashyismydaddy
♡ Jenlisa Film (AU) ♡by megaytoo
Jenlisa on Youtube. This is an AU which means it is different from their normal lives. However the characters and supporting characters are somewhat similar to the peopl...
||sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ|| •~ᴄʜᴀᴇɴɴɪᴇ~• by DumplingJendukie97
||sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ|| •~ᴄʜᴀᴇɴɴɪᴇ~•by Снаеииιе
Converted story Jennie and Chaeyoung were both what you would call 'Fuckgirl' plain and simple. The two didn't know one another but their best friends were more than ti...
Nannie's Diary by KeiLovesKohi
Nannie's Diaryby KeiLovesKohi
In great need to acquire money, she's a woman who will do anything and accept everything. Without second doubts she goes to any job that's right for her, day or night. A...
us colliding. [chaennie] by manicslasher
us colliding. [chaennie]by M.S
two different worlds. but here they are. in other words: HIGHSCHOOL AU Jennie and Chaeyoung are from two different cliques; student body president and the leader of th...
Hidden Secrets (Jenlisa au) by The-Comic-Writer
Hidden Secrets (Jenlisa au)by The-Comic-Writer
Jennie was just a normal girl while Lisa was the most popular girl in school. So what happens when Jennie's heart begins to beat a 100 m/hr just because of a sexy wink L...
as if it's your last ♕ chaelisa by l0vely_lily
as if it's your last ♕ chaelisaby lily marie ✨
Roseanne Park is a pop princess. Lalisa is an actual princess. When Rosie is on tour, she spends a week in Thaliand, where she meets Lisa, a girl working in a coffee sh...
AGAPE - rosé x reader by adventurismatic
AGAPE - rosé x readerby mac
Rosé is the daughter of Zeus, an emotional wreck who runs away from Mount Olympus to the Mortal World- our world. Y/N is a university student studying mythology, who liv...
Almost Love: A Blackpink High School AU by QueenJulia24
Almost Love: A Blackpink High Queen Julia
Stereotypes are as common in high school as a quirky girl's love for chicken nuggets. Whether you're a queen bee, a nerd, a class president, or a jock, everyone sees you...
Still cute~ chaelisa  by BitchYouBlind
Still cute~ chaelisa by BitchYouBlind
A non-social girl who's obsessed with her studies seems to be interested in a lowlife delinquent? A cold, high school girl who loves studying and a stupid yet sweet deli...
Cliché: A Chaelisa Football AU by QueenJulia24
Cliché: A Chaelisa Football AUby Queen Julia
Lisa has made history as the first female player to ever join a football team. It's definitely not a walk in the park for her, and things just get trickier when she runs...
5330 To Forever by chaelisaxkim
5330 To Foreverby Ang
Different countries, thousands of miles apart, but one wrong number might connect two destined hearts. A Chaelisa short novel. • • • Genre: RomCom Setting: 2020 Characte...
The Governess | Chaelisa by withthefire
The Governess | Chaelisaby withthefire
Determined to broaden her horizons, whilst also helping out her family financially for the first time in her life, Lisa Manoban takes up a job as governess to the Park h...
Before Midnight: A Chaelisa Cinderella AU by QueenJulia24
Before Midnight: A Chaelisa Queen Julia
Lisa is nothing more than a simple servant girl, the lowest rank in the castle. However, when she unexpectedly meets Princess Rosé and a sassy fairy, her whole life begi...
Cookies & Cream: A Chaesoo Coffee Shop AU by QueenJulia24
Cookies & Cream: A Chaesoo Queen Julia
It was a dark and stormy night when Kim Jisoo laid her eyes on the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. The girl might not be what she seems, but something about that do...
The Lone Wolf: A Chaelisa Wolf AU by QueenJulia24
The Lone Wolf: A Chaelisa Wolf AUby Queen Julia
Rosé has always been the outcast. Everyone in her village thinks she's odd and strange for being able to read. Because of that, she's always been hard on herself. But th...
Secret Story of the Swan: A Jensoo Swan Lake AU by QueenJulia24
Secret Story of the Swan: A Queen Julia
Jisoo is a princess who feels trapped in her royal life. She doesn't abide by the rules of royalty and even rebels against them. She is opposed to the idea of love of an...