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Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED) by jenlisasbiatch
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED)by jenlisasbiatch
"You like her." "What?" I heard her say. Her voice was barely a whisper. So small and fragile like it wasn't hers. Not from the Jennie I know. I loo...
You're Intoxicating by KingCaptFeline
You're Intoxicatingby Elemental
Jennie is an assistant at Manoban Inc. She can't stand her job or her boss, Yang Hyunsuk, but she needs the money. One day she's finally had enough and ends up ranting i...
The Donor and The Owner by KingCaptFeline
The Donor and The Ownerby Elemental
"I'm 33, and I'm not married, and I'm not seeing anyone," Jennie started lowly, never looking away from Lisa's calm face, trying to gauge a reaction, "And...
Tinder - Jenlisa (English version) by Blink-cat
Tinder - Jenlisa (English version)by My cat is Blink
Lisa and Jennie meet on a dating app and, after a succession of misunderstandings, they hate each other. Quite a lot. Although they would love to never see each other ag...
I love you with all of my obnoxious, selfish, evil heart by fionne_lsm
I love you with all of my r a e
Brunette. Feline eyes. Chubby cheeks. Has an obsession over black colored clothes. Likes bears. Love dogs. An A+ senior student. It's ironic how such a freaking person...
Protect Her, My Heart by sunflower_pinks
Protect Her, My Heartby eh
Jennie has been getting death threats ever since she can remember. They have almost gotten boring over the years. But now she has a daughter and while she couldn't care...
JENLISA | The Way You Make Me Feel by BP_JKLM
JENLISA | The Way You Make Me Feelby BP_JKLM
COMPLETED Lisa Manoban dials the incorrect number and started ranting, unknown to her that the one on the other line was THE Jennie Kim. • Sequel to this book is up! Hop...
Because love can either damn you or dumb you. A/N: 2nd book Story and plot from yours truly. Started: Jan. 10, 2022 Ended: Jan. 29, 2022 Edited: June 9, 2022 Feb. 03...
mon amour | jenlisa ✔️ by boyslikeskz
mon amour | jenlisa ✔️by boyslikeskz
I. I was born to be loved by her. Highest Ranking : #2 kpopau (New) #25 park #1 blackpinkinyourarea #11 blackpinkjennie #1 blackpinklisa #11 blackpinkjisoo [based from...
Lock & Key (Chaelisa) by Dreamofshadows
Lock & Key (Chaelisa)by MMC
The most wanted woman in town has announced she'll only marry the one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. A Chaelisa AU ft. a smidge of Jenso...
Almost Love: A Blackpink High School AU by QueenJulia24
Almost Love: A Blackpink High Queen Julia
Stereotypes are as common in high school as a quirky girl's love for chicken nuggets. Whether you're a queen bee, a nerd, a class president, or a jock, everyone sees you...
||sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ|| •~ᴄʜᴀᴇɴɴɪᴇ~• by Ryuu_JeongJen
||sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ|| •~ᴄʜᴀᴇɴɴɪᴇ~•by Nini
Converted story Jennie and Chaeyoung were both what you would call 'Fuckgirl' plain and simple. The two didn't know one another but their best friends were more than ti...
Ascendio by KingCaptFeline
Ascendioby Elemental
Lisa has every reason to hate the triwizard tournament. For one, it's the reason the house quidditch tournament is cancelled. But on the other hand, it brings Jennie Kim...
Here's some chaesoo fanfics! 🔞 And credits to all the owner of the stories.
Midnights In Paris | Jenlisa by lesyeuxdemily
Midnights In Paris | Jenlisaby lesyeuxdemily
One ring. Why am I calling her ? Two rings. Of course she's not gonna answer. It's three in the morning. Three rings. What am I doing? I should han- "Allô?&quo...
Hidden Secrets (Jenlisa au) by The-Comic-Writer
Hidden Secrets (Jenlisa au)by The-Comic-Writer
Jennie was just a normal girl while Lisa was the most popular girl in school. So what happens when Jennie's heart begins to beat a 100 m/hr just because of a sexy wink L...
Foolish Wit by KingCaptFeline
Foolish Witby Elemental
Jennie Ruby Jane Kim needs a husband, Liam Manoban needs an easy resolution to his cash flow problem. Unfortunately, the best laid plans often go awry. -- Or, Jennie Kim...
Nannie's Diary by KeiLovesKohi
Nannie's Diaryby KeiLovesKohi
In great need to acquire money, she's a woman who will do anything and accept everything. Without second doubts she goes to any job that's right for her, day or night. A...
Love, Lumiere by sunflower_pinks
Love, Lumiereby eh
©an adaptation; credits to the owner Impressive Rankings 🏅1 - jenlisaadaptation 🏅2 - blackpinkau 🏅7 - jenlisaadaptation
Cliché: A Chaelisa Football AU by QueenJulia24
Cliché: A Chaelisa Football AUby Queen Julia
Lisa has made history as the first female player to ever join a football team. It's definitely not a walk in the park for her, and things just get trickier when she runs...