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The Zone {bellarke fanfiction} by breathingbellamy
The Zone {bellarke fanfiction}by Lanie
Bellamy Blake has always been that player, the unreachable, un-datable guy for Clarke Griffin. Childhood sweethearts, forever neighbors, and awkward high school hallway...
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When The Darkness Comes | The 100 | Finished by skllington
When The Darkness Comes | The on hold 🌻
(not edited) Bellamy and Clarke had a relationship on the Ark, and are reunited on the ground one year later. PUBLISHED: October 16, 2014 FINISHED: May 22, 2015
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Brave Princess - A Bellarke Story by leapinggrace
Brave Princess - A Bellarke Storyby leapinggrace
"Then how should I know that you will do it right?" she asks, raising her eyebrows and then cringing in pain. I pause. She's right. All we do is fight. Why sho...
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Soulmate by AwayWithWriting
Soulmateby Amelia
When two people who hate one anothers guts are trapped, with only each other for company, words are spoken, sins are forgiven and feelings change. And what will happen...
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Our Place by ElizabethLSullivan
Our Placeby Eliza Sullivan
Bellamy and Clarke find themselves alone in a bunker after escaping the grounders. They manage to find their place together on Earth amidst fighting with each other, th...
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Injuries (Bellarke) by bowtie-scarf-plaid
Injuries (Bellarke)by Trina
Clarke is so busy taking care of everyone at camp that she neglects to take care of herself, letting an injury go untreated. Luckily Bellamy is there watching her back.
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The house guest by bellxclarkex100
The house guestby Bellarke
Clarke loves her best friend, so when Octavia's brother needs a place to stay, Clarke doesn't think twice about offering up her loft. It's no trouble at all, that is unt...
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Bellamy x Clarke (Bellarke) Hidden Hearts by Rainwing2424
Bellamy x Clarke (Bellarke) Emily
*takes place in the beginning-middle of season one of The 100* When the poisonous fog strikes Clarke, finn, Wells, Bellamy, Charlotte, atom, and the others, what if Clar...
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The100 Groupchat  by MiraculitDuh
The100 Groupchat by a clown
The100 AU :) - Idiots on the ground (and some in the sky) texting :) - !! I do not own any of the characters. Only the plot is my original creation !!
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NSFW by jbsullivan17
NSFWby J.B. Sullivan
Clarke has worked at Blake Publishing for just over a year, her boss, Bellamy Blake, has a thing for secretaries, specifically the ones that work directly for him. Octav...
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Stay-Bellarke by llama_beby
Stay-Bellarkeby grr
New places. New people. Trying to escape her past, and trying to escape the people there. Clarke Griffin moved to Arkadia in the hope of a new life. Her awful past is cr...
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The King and Queen (A Bellarke Fanfiction) by BlarkeQueen
The King and Queen (A Bellarke T-Rex Bellarke Queen
Princess Clarke of Arkadia always imagined running away with her forbidden lover. But what happens when (the handsome) Prince Bellamy of Mecca is arranged into a marriag...
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She Saved Me by sadtroubles
She Saved Meby ♡ s a d ♡
A Bellarke Fanfiction What if she went back with Bellamy after they became the 13th clan? Clarke saved Bellamy from himself, she stopped him from destroying his life. Pi...
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A Worthy Sacrifice by FandomQueenRegnant
A Worthy Sacrificeby FandomQueenRegnant
Re-write of the Season 3 Finale. Clarke is being interrogated for the pass code to the Flame. After her refusal to break, even under torture, Bellamy Blake is dragged in...
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The Boy Next Door by random_bellarke
The Boy Next Doorby random_bellarke
Clarke Griffin is the new girl in town and she quickly becomes best friends with Octavia Blake, who is the younger sister of the school rebel Bellamy Blake (who happens...
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Bellarke One Shots Book 2 by i_ship_bellarke
Bellarke One Shots Book 2by Jess Griffin-Blake
This is book two of Bellarke One-shots One shots 51-100 The 100 cw Clarke and Bellamy One shots Bellarke I don't own the the 100
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Planned All Along (A Bellarke Story) by BellarkeandBway
Planned All Along (A Bellarke Bellarke and Broadway
Bellamy, Clarke, and the gang jet off to Hawaii for a weekend getaway. Slow burn Bellarke story. Tons of fluff and general Bellarke cuteness. The letter in parenthesis i...
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Come Back To Me  by bcars12
Come Back To Me by Bree Carson
"What do you mean? Was it a mistake?" He asked completely off topic. He was curious now. How could she do that and regret it later? "It... I don't know.&q...
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The 100: Highschool by TrustBellarkeForever
The 100: Highschoolby TrustBellarkeForever
Just a story of what it would be like if "The 100" took place in high school. I don't own anything. CW and Kass Morgan do. Thank you!
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Bellarke One Shots by 04alisa-johnson05
Bellarke One Shotsby Lisa Johnson
"Are you flirting or trying to start a fight?" --- "We're not just friends and you fucking know it." Highest ranks: #8 in bellarke #1 in bellarkefan...
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