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The 100 groupchat/ social media!  by Basicallybellarke
The 100 groupchat/ social media! by Basicallybellarke
Social media, and groupchat between the 100 characters!! This is super fun, and the plot will unravel through texts and Instagram posts!! Book by me and @bekahgrace00
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Every Darkness Has A Morning by DayDreamPeachBlossom
Every Darkness Has A Morningby DayDreamPeachBlossom
A series of falling outs led to Clarke disappearing out of Bellamy's life, now six years on he finds out he's just moved to the same town she's been living in and Octavi...
Exhale  by Basicallybellarke
Exhale by Basicallybellarke
BOOK TWO! Sequel to "Inhale" Clarke Griffin's entire life is in shambles. Now under the thumb of a dangerous man, without the love of her life Bellamy Blake...
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2,199 days since Priamfaya by evagazeeeebo
2,199 days since Priamfayaby eva
This is a story about Bellarke. It is based off after Priamfaya when Bellamy hears a familiar voice on the radio. (just for fun lmao, bellamy doesn't have a beard) (I...
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Immortal Bites- [Bellarke Vampire Fan Fic] by clarkeskaikrus
Immortal Bites- [Bellarke clarkeskaikrus
Clarke Griffin tries to get over her parents death during the summer by turning over a leaf next school year. Living with her Aunt Jenna, and having her bestfriend Raven...
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notion • john murphy by -murphyslaw
notion • john murphyby 𝖍
❝What's a kiss from a Grounder feel like, Murphy?❞ ❝Uh, I think you'll have to do it again so I can get a better idea.❞ ( SEASON ONE - ??? of THE 100 ) ( john murphy x...
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Jealousy [A Bellarke fic] by clarkes_100
Jealousy [A Bellarke fic]by Serena
This is a high school fanfiction that follows the 100 characters Clarke Griffin and John Murphy through the highs and lows of high school. This is my first fanfic so pl...
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The Boy Next Door by bellarkegrp
The Boy Next Doorby mel 💘
Two bestfriends growing up together as life passes by them. Many love interests come into play, but who is the right one? Highest rank: #18 in bellarke Also the cover wa...
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Sempre estarei aqui. Bellarke by edumadu123
Sempre estarei aqui. Bellarkeby amateur
Essa não é igual as histórias que você já leu, onde eles se odeiam, ou não se conhecem e se apaixonam quando se encontram. Essa é uma história totalmente diferente, eles...
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Midnight Decisions » The 100 [1] by -haydenromero
Midnight Decisions » The 100 [1]by ˗ˏˋ nduoma ˎˊ˗
❝Here. For protection.❞ ❝Protection from what? The rain?❞ In which 100 delinquents are sent to Earth to see if it's habitable and she and her best friend go down days la...
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Instagram-Bellarke AU  by Clary_S-Winchester
Instagram-Bellarke AU by Clary_S-Winchester
Bellamy and Clarke met over Instagram and fall in love with each other without meting each other.
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The 100 Bellarke au  by prettymadangel
The 100 Bellarke au by Pretty.mad.angel
Characters Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffen from the 100 are apart yet again. After years of being away from Bellamy thanks to the world ending calling it primfaya, Clar...
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Complicated Love by blah_324
Complicated Loveby Shannay_05
This is for bellarke fans!! This story will have ups and down but will also be filled with bellarke! I hope you enjoy. And btw this is my first time writing anything. Be...
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only angel | bellarke by lanajosie
only angel | bellarkeby ☼ lana josephine ☼
"she's a good girl..."
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Heda Bellamy by The100_bloodreina
Heda Bellamyby The100_bloodreina
Bellamy is the commander of the 12 clans. When skaikru comes down and causes disruptance, who does he side with?
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Desolation // Bellamy Blake (DISCONTINUED) by shutup5sosison
Desolation // Bellamy Blake ( a
❝ You were willing to let me die, Bellamy.❞ ❝ You know it wasn't like that, Grey, I had to do it so they wouldn't come down and kill me, Octavia needed me-❞ ❝ And what a...
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Bellarke One-shots by percabellarke
Bellarke One-shotsby 𝕜𝕒𝕥
a bunch of fluffy bellarke one-shots //HIGHEST RANKING: #2 IN BELLARKE OUT OF 3k STORIES//
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One in a hundred [Bellarke] by richbitchalarm
One in a hundred [Bellarke]by Addicting like drugs
Crime comes with either death or if your under 18 you get set into prison or what they called is is sky box, Until,after 97 years in space on the ark and it's dying the...
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The 100 GroupChat by iamtraassshh
The 100 GroupChatby Absolute Trash
Just another 100 group chat fic but with more gays.
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