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Dominating Hearts  by astroholland
Dominating Hearts by jay
"I heard you are a player. So let's play a game. Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight. Let's talk 24/7. Let's tell each other good morning and good night every day. L...
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Best Friends with the Player ✔️ (The Player #1) by ehl_kayy_writes
Best Friends with the Player ✔️ (T...by LOSALINI
player (n) : a male who is skilled at seducing women and is only interested in sex. Santana Marie Klaus has always had a crush on her best friend, Daemon Matthe...
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Fake boyfriend by leylawalters
Fake boyfriendby Leyla walters
I was currently running from that insane boy that has a crush on me at the mall in my town. I get that he's a freshmen and way younger but god can't he leave me alone. H...
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The Fake Boyfriend by ChiinieBae
The Fake Boyfriendby ChiiHunnie
Jungkook just wanted to steal some expensive stuff from the apartment of the girl that he's been eyeing for a week but, instead of stealing he got himself an instant gir...
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🎄 Underneath the Tree 🎄 Zarry by dattumblrgal
🎄 Underneath the Tree 🎄 Zarryby dattumblrgal
Covering his eyes with his left hand, Harry sighs, interrupting his mom. "Fine, I'll bring him over. But I'm not promising anything because he has a family too and...
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Ms. Lockman (BWWM) by Venerea_
Ms. Lockman (BWWM)by tú
First Story ~~~~~~~~~ Shea Lockman was in no need for a boyfriend. She had just ended a longtime relationship with her boyfriend Sean. With Sean getting married Shea st...
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Save me| Yoonmin by 1-800-LOVURSELF
Save me| Yoonminby 1-800-LOVURSELF
Jimin is a rare omega, which almost all female, male alpha's and beta's crave for. Coming of ages are always hard on omega's especially male omega's because of the so ca...
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Jaemin the Icy Prince and Me - Na Jaemin NCT by Kainingwen
Jaemin the Icy Prince and Me - Na...by Kaizen22
Sixteen-year-old Mina has been in love with eighteen-year-old Na Jaemin, the boy next door, since forever. He is the most popular boy in school, despite his cold and alo...
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TO ALL THE BOYS―ricky bowen by anti-heroines
TO ALL THE BOYS―ricky bowenby 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐲
❝My last made me feel like I would never try again But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt Come closer, I'll give you all my love❞ [high school musical the mus...
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MR. BOYFRIEND - A MANAN SS✔️ by _NitixParth_
From a fake relationship to a real one.... How will it happen? To know more peep into the story. Cover credit: @StarsAndFireflies_
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Fake Love| Z.H. by whydontweedolan
Fake Love| Z.H.by Katelyn
"I need you to be my fake girlfriend.." - - - [FINISHED]
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Going Live- A Destiel Fanfic by DamnThatsDeep
Going Live- A Destiel Fanficby DamnThatsDeep
Shy, anxious and confused Castiel Novak is your average, everyday college student. Stressed and full of student debt, just trying to make it through the next few years...
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Only for the public G.B.D (Jazilyn) by Physicallydxlan
Only for the public G.B.D (Jazilyn)by grayson's bbg 😅💘
"Kiss me, everyones looking" he states, "ug-" I get interrupted by his pink soft lips smashing against mine. *plz note that ethan will not be in this...
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My fake boyfriend by WickedQueenofOz
My fake boyfriendby WickedQueenofOz
Tracey was just another theatre kid minding her own business until one of the most popular guys in school approached her. After what he proposes to her she can't help bu...
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Mrs. Noir? by Pom240135
Mrs. Noir?by Michael15
A marichat story. What happens when Chat says Marinette is his girlfriend when she isn't and Alya gets it on tape. Please if you have suggestions on something I should...
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Some how you get me. by Haileyjwisbeucjf
Some how you get me.by Haileyjwisbeucjf
I really hope you like it so here we go!! 😳✨
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Fake Love (Jaemin X Female Reader) by pixxies02
Fake Love (Jaemin X Female Reader)by ☾°•❀𝕮𝖎𝖆𝖗𝖆❀•°☽
"I have a proposal for you." "Whatever it is, I want nothing to do with it..." Y/n's boyfriend cheated on her during a party that they attended toge...
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Fake | Fillie  by cxox011
Fake | Fillie by bitchin’
Millie's boyfriend of three years and her have just broken up, she needs to get over him and fast. Finn is sick of having the reputation as the player and doesn't want...
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fake boyfriend || johayden  by leblancxo
fake boyfriend || johayden by 𝒃 𝒆 𝒍 𝒍 𝒂
johayden ↠ ❝hayden, i'll be your fake boyfriend. ❞ johnny told his best friend. they both made eye contact, until johnny broke it, making eye contact with the floor. ...
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Hit or Miss by whysteriarose
Hit or Missby W. H. Rose
In a desperate attempt to rebuke the advances of her overly energetic coworker, YN asks her quiet roommate Jungkook to pretend to be her boyfriend until Taehyung lays of...
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