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MOMENTS // Sheriarty by vintagecrackhead
MOMENTS // Sheriartyby time is an illusion
The criminal mastermind and the great detective, both alive and trying to find out their darkest secrets. What could possibly go wrong? All rights to BBC of course ;) If...
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Mycroft's daughter  by panda4781
Mycroft's daughter by panda4781
What happens if Mycroft has a daughter that is locked up with Eurus? Is there murder?
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Sherlock Quotes Book by Phsycic_of_Darkness
Sherlock Quotes Bookby Nyxyn_Arcana_Saros
... yeah. Since I see so many awsome quotes and phrases everyday, I've decided to dedicate a book to it. I don't own these phrases and I'm sorry if so posted something w...
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title ! rules ! - no excessive cussing. - smut is a big no, bois. - any form of hate from the admins will get them blocked and deleted. - do not tag me every time you re...
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Multi Fandom One Shot a month by hugefan451
Multi Fandom One Shot a monthby TheLivingFacepalm
Every month I write a one shot, the fandom varying. Here are some fandoms that I might write for: -Marvel -Jackaby -Good Omens -Sherlock -The Twilight Zone -Poe Party ...
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Deduct me if you can (sherlock x female reader) by WritingLife4U
Deduct me if you can (sherlock x WritingLife4U
This is a Sherlockxfemalereader (just as the title says). Story is after the Reichenbach Fall.
Sherlock imagines/preferences  by R_S12345
Sherlock imagines/preferences by R_S12345
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Random One Shots by MyGreenDarling101
Random One Shotsby MyGreenDarling101
One shots for different fandoms. Please leave requests and info is in the first chapter.
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Sherlock Holmes - Kezdetek by Sherlockedgirl000
Sherlock Holmes - Kezdetekby Sherlockedgirl000
Sziasztok! Ez lenne az első történetem, remélem tetszeni fog! A történet a BBC Sherlock életét mutatja be! Prológus: A mára már jó ismert karaktert szerintem az emberek...
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Oracle of Baker Street by BloodcursedxDawn
Oracle of Baker Streetby Mandi
An AU of Babs Gordon entering the Sherlock verse and how she becomes part of the team in London. Plot: Barbara moves to London to pursue other interests and she takes ov...
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Sherlock and Kendal  by Hannahbug17
Sherlock and Kendal by Rainbow Rose
Where was Sherlock the past two years when he was declared 'dead'? Mycroft put Sherlock in hiding in Chicago and tells him not to do anything stupid. However, Sherlock...
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𝙼𝙸𝙽𝙳 𝙶𝙰𝙼𝙴𝚂 ➳ Sherlock Holmes X reader  by Crooked_king
𝙼𝙸𝙽𝙳 𝙶𝙰𝙼𝙴𝚂 ➳ Sherlock Crooked_king
Dr. [Y/N] Watson has just returned from fighting in the war in Afghanistan, she loves London but can't afford it so when she runs into an old friend who suggests she get...
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The fourth Holmes  by Vanne-Hiddles
The fourth Holmes by Vanne
How will she keep her secret? When will she discover that her older brother is living upstairs and when will her other brother take notice of her living in 221 C? What a...
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The words that started everything | Johnlock| by teoakaweirdo
The words that started *shrugs*
'I love you, John' Sherlock had finally said it. these are the words that started everything for them... I'm just gonna give you a heads up this is my first fanfic and...
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My strange addiction by LostLeviosa3107
My strange addictionby LostLeviosa
John and Sherlock dance on Christmas night. Inspired by a Billie Eilish song.
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Sherlock's daughter  by slel1kkk
Sherlock's daughter by slel1kkk
A fan fiction about a little orphan girl, meeting her future father Sherlock and how their relationship works. Enjoy❤️💫
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Sherlock by fictionstories101
Sherlockby Holland Brouillette
*All rights to BBC and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle*
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