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Sherlock's Story (A Harry Potter and Sherlock crossover) by TheAur4Master
Sherlock's Story (A Harry Potter TheAur4Master
"People usually leave a note don't they? When they . . ." Sherlock didn't mean to die. Something happened to his carefully thought out plan. At least he assum...
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ℳoments // Sheriarty by vintagecrackhead
ℳoments // Sheriartyby time is an illusion
The criminal mastermind and the great detective, both alive and trying to find out their darkest secrets. What could possibly go wrong? All rights to BBC of course ;) If...
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A Study in Sentiment (BBC Sherlock) by 221b_sherlockholmes
A Study in Sentiment (BBC Sherlock)by Avery :)
Henrietta is a normal girl, who lives for crime and detective books. When she meets Sherlock Holmes, her life is changed forever, along with Sherlock's famous viewpoint...
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Love Locked ( a johnlock fanfic ) by -Author-Senpai-
Love Locked ( a johnlock fanfic )by -Author-Senpai-
please read warnings are in first chapter of you want to avoid season 1-4 spoilers. This takes place pre Riechenbach Fall. Spoilers Everything is changing wether John a...
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Reasons Being A Human Being by SodaPopWrites
Reasons Being A Human Beingby Gabriel | Tou
Jim Moriarty isn't the most sane nor humane human being of all time. Many can attest to that. But [Name] [Last name] can also attest that Jim can be a human being and no...
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A Heart Made of Glass by johnlock_is_otp
A Heart Made of Glassby johnlock_is_otp
From the author of Tall Buildings and Pill Bottles. Sherlock Holmes died 3 years ago. Or at least, that's what John Watson had thought. When Sherlock comes careening bac...
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The Baker Street Boys by teresalucas200331
The Baker Street Boysby Teresa Lucas
After Mary Watson's death, the Baker Street Boys face twisted, darker cases to a weirdo nanny for little Rosie. **I am correcting and editing a lot.**
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Mystrade Oneshots  by Professor-Stealyarty
Mystrade Oneshots by ...
I have been writing these for so long jesus christ. It's been like a year someone stop me. I have proof read these so many times but if you see anything that I've missed...
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Glass - A Sherlock Fan Fiction by daydreamtofiction
Glass - A Sherlock Fan Fictionby daydreamtofiction
[COMPLETE] • Part 1 of the Glass series A mystery brings Sherlock Holmes and Margaux Cave together in a way they never thought possible. When he dies, she is destroyed...
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Emergency by EmeraldUrAFreak
Emergencyby EUAF
Recovering drug addict Sherlock Holmes meets supposedly permanently hospital stuck John Watson. As they become freinds- and maybe even more - they have ups and downs fin...
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Sophia Holmes and the Lying Detective (Sherlock's Daughter Fanfic) by sophia_holmes221b
Sophia Holmes and the Lying Sophia Holmes
Book 30 Mary Watson is dead, and Sophia blames herself. When John passes on a message never to contact him again, Sophie's already fragile world crumbles and she finds h...
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Patrick Calling Patrick by thewhackyartist
Patrick Calling Patrickby Sanaea💫
A Sherlock Holmes fan-fiction. °Psychological thriller° •Patrick, an introvert, is always ridiculed by his boss and has faced many setbacks throughout his life. However...
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The Emotional Children by missholmes-of-gondor
The Emotional Childrenby Miss Holmes of Gondor
Sherlock rescues Irene Adler from the hands of terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan: setting her free and securing a place in his heart for her. But after the said events at...
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morphine by heliophilia13
morphineby .antisocial.bitch.
I knew you were going to break my heart but a part of me hoped you wouldn't sherlock because I knew you couldn't love me back because someone like you could never love m...
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Working with Sherlock Holmes ~ BBC (Sherlock X OC) by Hannahbug17
Working with Sherlock Holmes ~ Rainbow Rose
Annabel Baymore comes to London to start a new life. She meets up with her old friend Greg Lestrade to work at Scotland Yard. When he asks her to work alongside a certa...
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My bad boy (A Jim Moriarty Fanfiction) by depy1098
My bad boy (A Jim Moriarty depy1098
I took my phone to call the police, but another man told me "Don't call the police, it will be a waste of time" I looked at him. He was a tall man brown hair a...
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loyalty » bbc sherlock by NefariousGoddess
loyalty » bbc sherlockby NefariousGoddess
'destruction is a form of creation' [season 1-4] [moriarty x oc] [translations from google~] [transcript from ariane devere]
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Sherlock oneshots by soul_cab_co
Sherlock oneshotsby soul_cab_co
This is a book where I can express my love for various Sherlock ships! There's gunna be a lot of different ones, if u want one specifically feel free to request it! All...
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BBC Sherlock Imagine by CrazygirlP13
BBC Sherlock Imagineby CrazygirlP13
Imagine yourself in the TV show Sherlock Holmes. You live in an extra room down the stairs a little ways away from Sherlock's room at 221B Baker Street. You try to let...
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Sweet Mornings by SodaPopWrites
Sweet Morningsby Gabriel | Tou
On a day off for the assassin, he spend his time in bed with his husband who makes him feel like everything is normal. A sweet morning for the assassin and his dear husb...
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