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Just a bunch of smuts for our horny souls Warning! ▪Boyxboy ▪Top Jimin (cuz why not?) ▪Bottom yoongi (only) ▪18+(lol) ▪one update per day (sometimes 2 or 3 tho) I accept...
Bangtan's Little Meow (YoongixBts) by zupimj
Bangtan's Little Meow (YoongixBts)by Incognito
From a cold hearted savage boy to a sweet innocent little meow. No one is complaining though, they still love Yoongi nonetheless. YOONGI FLUFF ?
Mafia's Joy||ʸᵐ by jimluvlq
Mafia's Joy||ʸᵐby j<3
A story where a lonely mafia founds true joy Park Jimin is a cold hearted mafia who truly cares about nothing MinYoongi an innocent lil bean who wants nothing but being...
Bangtan's Baby! by LofiCafe_jpg
Bangtan's Baby!by BLM
Kim Namjoon, Idol and leader of Bts, is known for his intelligence, his knowledge, his...interesting experiments. (Well, interesting is a mild word to describe his scien...
Preschool by Haydenpumpkinchan
Preschoolby Hayden 🎃
"We have to do something!" Seokjin exclaimed. "Those are my babies out there! In the hands of some dirty, disgusting piece of shit predator!" Namjoo...
baby 《m.yg centric》 by yoonmunchkin
baby 《m.yg centric》by hiatus 🍂
a yoongi-centric au where yoongi is their adorable baby and they cherish him very much as if yoongi is the star himself while they orbit around him. ※ i do not own any o...
butterfly boy 『m.yg + j.hs』 by -arataqa
butterfly boy 『m.yg + j.hs』by eli
hoseok often wonders why the blond boy has butterflies drawn all over his arms. nonfamous au. lowercase intended yoonseok. inprogress. !!non-graphic; trigger warning...
Little Yoonyoon.  by zupimj
Little Yoonyoon. by Incognito
fluffs & fluffs. that's all? maybe.
Our Baby Boy ⌜ MYGxBTS ⌟ by SiennaMin
Our Baby Boy ⌜ MYGxBTS ⌟by SiennaMin
Where suddenly Yoongi snapped and pushed a fan out of his way to get to his ride. Yoongi pushes a fan to her knees making them bleed, now he has been cursed and has to f...
{The baby's baby} Yoonkook by Thisgirlkinky
{The baby's baby} Yoonkookby 💕💫ᴬⁿᵍᵉˡ💫💕
A story where the maknae of BTS finds himself a baby Slow updates
Mr.Sad by cykaxan
Mr.Sadby 𝐸𝑙𝑦𝑠
In which Yoongi is supposed to be the super mean one, and cold one in the group but in reality, is the biggest softie in the world, but pushes everyone away because he f...
Book Recommendations 🌸 (Little Yoongi)  by Babie_YoonYoon
Book Recommendations 🌸 (Little Babie_YoonYoon
I've just finished 2 books about Namjin adopting/kidnapping Yoongi and becoming his parents and I really love these types of books so if you could please comment similar...
Our own World by Hobi-is-life
Our own Worldby YellowChimChim
taehyung felt his heart beat fast as the beautiful boy ran away. " I'm in love.... "
Life Had Other Plans: M.YG by sou_star
Life Had Other Plans: M.YGby sm_pr_7
Yoongi was living a joyful life with his lover, but life had other plans... *** I was sleeping peacefully when my phone rang. I thought it would be him calling me, keep...
Yoonie   by PeridotPrimRose
Yoonie by Han Jaena
bromance of Yoonie and his six hyungs. p/s: I write this just because I like little Yoongi. I certainly have no complete plan for this book and I definitely don't prom...
Forced Little by MariamAhmed353476
Forced Littleby Mariam Ahmed
" I'm sorry bun we did this to you , you will understand us when the time comes " lisa said pity taking over her " We love you bub " Jungkook comple...
Baby Yoongi starts again by StagOfTerreson
Baby Yoongi starts againby StagOfTerreson
Yoongi is homeless. He has been for a while and expects to be for years to come, however he catches the eye of a young couple who are determined to show him a new world...
kinda kidnapped  by MariamAhmed353476
kinda kidnapped by Mariam Ahmed
Yoongi is the son of Mr and Mrs min , Mrs min died when she was giving birth to yoongi while his father thought that yoongi was the reason why his mother died and so he...
bottom yoonie by DoryDaBoopableBean
bottom yoonieby dory
yoongi is the ultimate bts bottom #3 in chibi??? - 1/20/20 #8 in chibi wtf ma dudes - 1/19/20 #17 in chibi - 01/16/20 #20 in chibi - 07/23/19