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Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Around the world) by AngelinaSmith590
Hetalia X Reader one shots! ( I’m back bitchessss
(REQUESTS CLOSED SORRY!) Ever wondered how to get Norway to smile? Can Prussia be sweet like candy? Maybe you want to help America with his depression? Is Romania a vamp...
American one-shots | Hetalia by Bell_Kim
American one-shots | Hetaliaby Bell_Kim
One-shots of my favourite hetalia character, the U.S. Requests are open, if you want a ship Alfreds gonna bottom. I'm fine with almost everything, but I'm not writing le...
The Light To My Darkness // Hetalia // Aph America by hunie_stArx
The Light To My Darkness // 《hunie》
America is the superpower. His family is extremely proud? No. Only Canada. After year of bullying from other nations, he has finally reached his max. With the support of...
Gifts In The Morning! // Hetalia // APH America & APH Canada by hunie_stArx
Gifts In The Morning! // 《hunie》
Story given to @SoullessSkeletonGod Oh France and England... neglecting America and Canda again. When China finds out that the new world twins haven't experienced what h...
Hetalia Reader Inserts by LightblueflowersX
Hetalia Reader Insertsby XBluelightX
The title kind of explains the book. The chapters will be reader inserts with certain Hetalia characters. I do take requests if anyone has one. There is angst and fluff...
Hetalia Memes! by Artemis816
Hetalia Memes!by ✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧
None are mine, but the hetalia memes go from many, many, ships to the 2ps. Including the Nordics and Baltics and pretty much anyone else. Feel free to leave suggestions...
How to know that you're a Hetalian by Larckla
How to know that you're a Hetalianby Larckla
Here are some examples to "How to know you're a Hetalian" Feel free to comment if you think I missed an important part
Hetalia x Reader Oneshots by Organic-sprite
Hetalia x Reader Oneshotsby Organic-sprite
The title says it all. Request are open
At First Blush: Hetalia one shots [reader insert] by akatsuki_tsukiyomi
At First Blush: Hetalia one Nakashima Yumi
Status: Ongoing Anime: Hetalia Pairing: Various/Reader Requests: open/accepting --- There's a certain way to get your requested one shot included in this book. R...
☆To Change The Worlds☆(hetalia x reader)☆Book One by XOXOYukiXOXO
☆To Change The Worlds☆(hetalia x HENTAILOVERLOLUWUXD
(Y/N)'s life changed after her parents died in a terrible tragedy. 12 years have passed since then. She only has her sister left by her side. They later grew up to love...
Reality to Reality | Hetalia x Reader [Episode - Reader Insert] SLOW UPDATES by KrystalSunset118
Reality to Reality | Hetalia x Krystal
Follow (Y/N), the personification of the recently discovered country, Amisha, on her eventful journey as she encounters the human representatives of various other countr...
Hetalia X Pregnant reader Scenarios by MoonstruckOtaku
Hetalia X Pregnant reader Scenariosby Gandalf Cow
I noticed a lot of hetalia boyfriend scenarios on this site, but I wanted to do one a little differently.
✔ Masquerade | England by Vongola_10th
✔ Masquerade | Englandby Platinum
In which the cold Commander with an iron heart falls in love with you.
51 Rules // Hetalia // APH America by hunie_stArx
51 Rules // Hetalia // APH Americaby 《hunie》
Alfred F. Jones, the personification of the United States, is in a meeting when he gets an urgent phone call and leaves in a rush. Wait... he left his bag! What? A super...
2P! Hetalia X Reader Oneshots by IRealietyI
2P! Hetalia X Reader Oneshotsby ☆ hoelie water ☆
Random cute one shots/Drabbles including many 2p!Guys (And girls) May contain nosebleeds and/or smexy Serial killers /Mafia bosses, Requests are welcome~ Reader-insert...
Hetalia Memes by kyrxchi
Hetalia Memesby | Chi™|
It's time for your daily dose of Hetalia Memes! 5 memes per chapter. Note: Hetalia does not belong to me. Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaryua. These memes came from the...
The Lone Star Hero  by shadowgirlmatrix
The Lone Star Hero by Lemmybear
America is the happy go lucky nation everyone knows and loathes. You'd think he'd be the same way he is at the meetings at home right? Wrong. Even that persona annoys hi...
Hetalia One-Shots by shuumaikiichi
Hetalia One-Shotsby Vee
His Royal Majesty by yanyan_eggs
His Royal Majestyby Yanyan
Here is a Kingdom!AU GerIta story. It contains a little bit of Spamano and SebMona as well. Feliciano is the newly coronated King of Roma. His late grandfather, by whose...
World Academy Experience (Hetalia x Reader) by OsaLotte
World Academy Experience ( Osa Lotte
•#1 in 'hetalia' 8/16/18• "This school takes a select few students from many different countries of our world. They pick out which ones might be suitable. Ones that...