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Why now? by Joyling1342
Why now?by Sam
Some of the countries found a book during a meeting. Little did they know that it would cause so much pain, and we aren't talking about paper cuts, but something much wo...
Hetalia One Shots  by Ivan___Braginsky
Hetalia One Shots by Ivan Braginsky
Full of one shots of your favorite hetalia characters (oneshots, lemons, whatever) ~REQUESTS ARE OPEN!~
Hetalia oneshots (not taking requests) by Rosawinterthecountry
Hetalia oneshots (not taking reque...by Amestris
Exactly what the title says. I do not own Hetalia (even though I wish I did) it belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. The stories though belong to me. And you belong to you.
Hetalia x Child!Reader by BrokenChain_
Hetalia x Child!Readerby Alice
(Y/N) has been adopted by the nations! Follow her and her story as she goes on adventures with Russia, the Nordic Five, the Bad Touch Trio, and the rest of the Hetalia...
Hetalia x Child Reader by ender1027
Hetalia x Child Readerby ♫ Izuru ♫
This is just a book of Hetalia and Child reader stories.
Hetalia Chatroom by TheFuriousCake
Hetalia Chatroomby Wailani Wei
Poland introduces Lithuania to a special chatroom where countries can communicate online... Read this crack filled, crazy tale only written in chatroom form. I do not ow...
Baby Time! || Sufin by Katcrazy22
Baby Time! || Sufinby Li
Is the Nordic 5 ready for a little one? Book One: Baby Time! || Sufin Book Two: More Than Friends || Australia x Sealand Book Three: Love Me || USUK Includes Sufin, Den...
Unforgotten - RomaCan by LeahTheNerd4
Unforgotten - RomaCanby Batman
//completed// When Canada is chosen to be a spy for the Allies, he ends up falling for one of the Axis Powers, south Italy to be precise. Over time, the two grow closer...
Runaway Maple leaf by _FandomLover332_
Runaway Maple leafby FandomLover .
The country's move in with their 'family's' for a year to see how they would react to each other after living under one roof. Matthew also known as Canada can't take his...
Fate's Bite:  A Vampire Hetalia Story by Aph_Drabbles
Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia St...by Aph_Drabbles
Fate's Bite is a story following a young woman who just returned from years of boarding school abroad. Pressured by the head maid, she returns home to attend a lavish ba...
H e t a l i a || x readers by royallyoli
H e t a l i a || x readersby ❀asshole✿
Hello there, Dear Reader of mine. This is a series I have recently brought back from the dead and improved, chapters updated and created regularly. Take Note: This seri...
The Danish Slaughterhouse by: IntraSule by Hetalia-Fanfiction
The Danish Slaughterhouse by: Intr...by Hetalia Fanfiction
You can find IntraSule on fanfiction.net I did not write so all credit goes to the author. Read my bio for more information.
Lukewarm (nyofruk) by jelsa_fnaf_lover
Lukewarm (nyofruk)by animelover
Being a single mom was hard for Alice. Living with her only son Alfred made her realize how she needed a husband....or wife?
Body swap (FrUK) by jelsa_fnaf_lover
Body swap (FrUK)by animelover
Arthur and Francis both have to act natural as they deal with a sudden body swap
✔ Fake Identity | Iceland by Vongola_10th
✔ Fake Identity | Icelandby Platinum
In which you befriend a young stranger online, who has a very deep secret.
Meet The Siblings [ Hetalia ] by mavisisntdead
Meet The Siblings [ Hetalia ]by amy
The meeting hall is under construction and the countries have to find some where else to hold their meeting. England's home is close by. They head there but when they ar...
🌻My Sunflower~🌻 | 🇷🇺Russia x America🇺🇸 by JessTtzz
🌻My Sunflower~🌻 | 🇷🇺Russia x A...by 🕊♡Jess♡🕊
♡🌻"Your mine, my sweet beautiful innocent sunflower. No one else can have you just me. Only me. Forever and always~"🌻♡ **************************************...
My new roommate (FrUK) by jelsa_fnaf_lover
My new roommate (FrUK)by animelover
Francis thought going to college in England would be a breeze. However he soon realizes it will be tougher than he though after meeting a certain Englishman.
2p Hetalia Headcanons (requests) by StarlightPernaAOT
2p Hetalia Headcanons (requests)by Starlightperna
2p Hetalia Headcanons book, chapters 1-55 are written before my hiatus so I encourage you to read from 56 onwards. Feel free to request characters, ships, themes etc. I...
Prussia Headcanons by ZhePrussia
Prussia Headcanonsby GilbertBeilschmidt
Title says it all, just my headcanons for Gilbert!