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Hetalia Reader Inserts by LightblueflowersX
Hetalia Reader Insertsby XBluelightX
The title kind of explains the book. The chapters will be reader inserts with certain Hetalia characters. I do take requests if anyone has one. There is angst and fluff...
2p Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by -litttle-princess-
2p Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby -litttle-princess-
A Boyfriend Scenarios book of all your favorite 2ps! These are reader inserts and they will contain some adult themes and profanity. But if you can get passed that Enjo...
Romano X Abused! Reader - Rules by MeowHime
Romano X Abused! Reader - Rulesby owo
(F/N) has been living in abuse for most her life, she shows no emotion, and despite her situation, she never cries. Just when she is losing all hope, she accidentally ge...
SpaMano Fluff! by NothinToSeeHere
SpaMano Fluff!by Carebear
Finally, here is my OTP! Spamano fluff for everyone!
stardust! ★ hetalia imagines! ★ [requests closed] {VERY RARE UPDATES} by -ourbasorexia
stardust! ★ hetalia imagines! ★ [ 𝕥𝕠𝕤𝕜𝕒
imagines/one-shots of your favorite personified countries! •requests closed for now, will probably reopen during school breaks! •lowercase intended! •i'm rarely on wattp...
Cooking for the Countries (REWRITE) - A Hetalia and Shokugeki no Soma Crossover by pandawritings
Cooking for the Countries ( pandAHHHHH
Japan owes a favor to Nakiri Senzaemon, the man who controls the Japanese cuisine industry. Nakiri Senzaemon wants to polish the newest chefs of his school, Totsuki Culi...
Hetalia: The Secrets Of The Nations in The Light (Diary Fanfic) by CFVACTSDSPOKEFan
Hetalia: The Secrets Of The Akina_VENEHRESailor
Synopsis: The Ancients have watched their descendants suffering for a long time, as well as their fellow former Ancients. They knew they had to interfere somehow, they h...
Romano Sick by HetaliaSickFics
Romano Sickby HetaliaSickFics
Hey Guys :D This Story is about Romano or South Italy who gets very sick so Spain has to take him to the hospital. Will he survive? This story is also from or was from m...
Romano Not Feeling Well by HetaliaSickFics
Romano Not Feeling Wellby HetaliaSickFics
Hello this Story is about Spain is taking care of his sick Romano. This story is from my Fanfiction Account and it's normally called "The whole world is sick"...
On a Summers Plain  by LuckyKittty-Meow
On a Summers Plain by Quadrants_Lover
Alfred was a normal college student. He wants to work for NASA as a scientist to help people go to space. He dreamed about it since he was a child. His life changes whe...
Ti Amo Bella(romano x reader) by darkenzi
Ti Amo Bella(romano x reader)by ~Enzi~
You meet a extremely good looking guy at your local supermarket, that man being Lovino Vargas. How will you love develop over time? What adventures will take place? Will...
A Mafia Moment [Lovino Vargas X Reader] by Dragonfire56
A Mafia Moment [Lovino Vargas X Dragon Queen
"How do I know I can trust you?" "You don't, you just have to trust yourself to stay alive. Double crossed-words mean double pain played, after all...&quo...
Corset; South ItalyxReader by AssassinPsyche
Corset; South ItalyxReaderby AssassinPsyche
Felicano was your best friend, however you also had a huge crush on his hot older twin Lovino. Feli had been trying to get your confidence up to approach the grumpy sout...
Sweet And Spicy [RSI x Reader x CLN] by GoatTrash01
Sweet And Spicy [RSI x Reader x Your Stalker
A Swiss doctor finds an Italian partisan facedown in the snow, and brings him into her home. Everything's fine, until someone who looks just like him comes knocking on h...
Inbound 'til 2020 by thehxrmit
Inbound 'til 2020by thehxrmit
Lovino isn't happy about Grandpa Roma hosting an exchange student for the next school year. He seems to be the only one, with his brother being as excited as their grand...
When Worlds Collide by Lalalafandoms1234
When Worlds Collideby Multifandom_boyo
A Hetalia fanfiction- how fun and original! It's basically 2p meets 1p. Don't worry, this is still under editing and is going to be updated. TW; Abuse, Blood, Fighting...
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Hetalia x Reader (boyfriend scenarios)  by _kiramochi_
Hetalia x Reader (boyfriend _kiramochi_
I'm a big Hetalia fan and even though there are already many of those scenarios out there i thought i could give it a try to make a story of my own. This will include: R...
League of Nations by ArtKirklandIsStress
League of Nationsby RomanoVargasIsACoffeeholic
A long time ago, an assassin known as Germania started an assassin league. Nowadays it is led by Ludwig Beilschmidt, code name Germany. With an assassin from every edge...
hetalia || someone to talk to by StuartPottymouth
hetalia || someone to talk toby ♤ baby blue ♤
[ prussia x romano ] Lovino Vargas is in hospital from a car crash, one night ringing his Lover, Antonio Carriedo to find out he is at his brothers Feliciano, what will...
Mafia Wars (Romano x Male!Reader) by PsychoYoshi
Mafia Wars (Romano x Male!Reader)by Kieran
((Mafia AU)) It wasn't supposed to end like this. He was never meant to fall for him. But with that bad boy attitude, who could resist? Certainly not Lovi....