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My life in Konoha highschool by demonSebastian
My life in Konoha highschoolby demonSebastian
My OC life in Kohona highschool
Love at First Sight ·.Corbyn Besson  by Imkattherron
Love at First Sight ·.Corbyn Imkattherron
Alexis goes on tour and goes to the mall. She walks in and sees all the boys standing there. Will Corbyn have some competition with one of the boys?.....
Purge (BTS x Reader x GOT7 ff) by SecretEscapeCA1
Purge (BTS x Reader x GOT7 ff)by CA1
Princess.That's what everyone in the country called you. You were the daughter of one of the richest and most respected men in the country and everyone loved you. You ha...
Little Dove (a hazbin hotel fanfic) by the-winter-wolf
Little Dove (a hazbin hotel fanfic)by the-winter-wolf
this story features my oc snow, she is the youngest sister of angel, Molly, and arakniss. I know she is not Canon and do I give a shit ? fuck no. anyway this story will...
fnaf college  by shadowbonnie176
fnaf college by shadow bonnie
fnaf life. there are some lemons in here if you hate lemons then go away
Supergirl stories by Ajfanfic20
Supergirl storiesby Addy
This book has random supergirl stories I DON'T OWN ANY SUPERGIRL STUFF OR CHARACTERS 😁 Hope you enjoy
AMV and Songs by WhiteShukaku091
AMV and Songsby WhiteShukaku091
Just random songs and AMV I love to watch and listen.
New Student-A miraculous ladybug fanfiction by ismarichatshipper
New Student-A miraculous ladybug Claire Bear
Hi this story is also on my YouTube channel Claire bear ill link it sometime anyways Claire is a new student sent to Paris to help ladybug and cat noir but will her past...
Blockman go or hypixel by dcracer
Blockman go or hypixelby DC racer
I've never played hypixel, but I play BMG. It's literary normal bedwars just free and the blockman go app includes more games, like hide-and-seek, spleef, bedwars, dropp...
naruto king of saiyans souls and terra by reapernaruto
naruto king of saiyans souls and
we start in the forest of death with naruto in his seal orochi is a girl and this is all genderbent this will be the time for kiba too bleed and them to suffer under the...
How Prussia Met Gilbird (My Version) by Kittyplier_Shinko
How Prussia Met Gilbird (My xXKittyplierXx
A short simple storyline on how Prussia and Gilbird met
Death him self (prototype fanfiction) by have-faith-in-me
Death him self (prototype have-faith-in-me
All I wanted was a night out with my friends, I wanted to be happy, I don't know who he is, his not human, but something more.
Gymnastics by miagymnastics101
Gymnasticsby miagymnastics101
This is my first ever gymnastics story
Dirty Paws (Dragonfly #1) by AwsomeDragons
Dirty Paws (Dragonfly #1)by jay
The Dragonfly Chronicles (Book 1) Zach leads an amazing life, but one day he stumbles upon his childhood drawing come to life, a winged cat that looks as though it ste...
kind of a long story. . . by EmilyAnn-42
kind of a long story. . .by EmilyAnn-42
16 year old Jesse chase as had her her fill on trouble without any explanation why something always goes wrong for her.but thanks to her friend Aleks smith who always is...
Talking to you! by TheBestNoob
Talking to you!by Renée
I'm talking, so SHUSH and listen. Lol I'm kidding say what you peeps want. B)
forever love (niall horan fan fic) by hannahlovesbam
forever love (niall horan fan fic)by hannah
Samantha Scott is a famous actress but suddenly she gets kidnapped by 2 tough blokes luckily she has a secret place to keep her purse, in the purse is a butter sock! She...
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