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My love is Toxic (frexy) (EDITING) by Blitz-gamer1
My love is Toxic (frexy) (EDITING)by Blitz Winter
Foxy x Freddy also there is lemon and blood and so emotional you have been warned
FNAF x Reader by Official_Bonnie_
FNAF x Readerby .
You have just started your new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, desperate for money. You didn't pay attention to what the job was about except the pay. So when you star...
Foxy X Freddy (Remade) by THE-REAL-FOXY
Foxy X Freddy (Remade)by THE REAL FOXY
Yes i finally remade my other frexy
Falling For The Fox (Foxy x Reader FNaF) *COMPLETED* by pastelkitty69
Falling For The Fox (Foxy x Kitty
Hello? Hello, Hello? Oh, hi, I wanted to record this message for you... So you're the new security guard? The animatronics shouldn't be a problem...Unless you see them a...
Human!Foxy x Male!reader~ First Mate  =UP FOR ADOPTION= by Lil-Fox-Boi
Human!Foxy x Male!reader~ First ⚜Lil Foxy boi⚜
Y/n is a young man, aged 19, looking for a job. He finds one at the local pizzeria, which has a main attraction of animatronics. He thinks everything is fine and this...
Bunny Love (Foxy x Bonnie) by _Lost-in-stars_
Bunny Love (Foxy x Bonnie)by _Lost-in-stars_
When Foxy and Bonnie fall for each other, they don't expect things to go so crazy. Foxy found himself denying his feelings at first before he gave in and accepted the cr...
Fnaf lemons (Human) by FnafManiac1987
Fnaf lemons (Human)by FnafManiac1987
A whole bunch of fnaf lemons, oh great... The usual pairs, like fronnie, Foxica, Fangle, all those... and others of course. Gay and lesbian allowed. I will take request...
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxalicious
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader)by Foxy's First Mate
This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD...
Foxy X Reader, Only Five Nights? by lon3r4lif3
Foxy X Reader, Only Five Nights?by melanie
What happens when (y/n) gets a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? She befriends a certain animatronic that she absolutely adores. She's human. He's a robot. How can this...
Five Nights At Freddy's- Foxy X Reader by _Kat_Minecraft_
Five Nights At Freddy's- Foxy X Kat Klub Ice
Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy X Reader (This is my first X Reader dun kill me please) Note- This is a ment for a girl... I'm sorry if your a fanboy ;-; (Y/N) = Your name...
Who's Goldie?! by Asherserce
Who's Goldie?!by Asherserce
Sometimes when Tommy and Tubbo were hanging out, Tommy would freeze and stare off with no warning. Tommy never seemed to notice but everyone else did. They never said an...
Hiding with You (Five Nights At Freddy's Male Reader Fanfic) by Knotavin
Hiding with You (Five Nights At Knotavin
"Did you hear about that restaurant in the abandoned mall? Anyway, let's go check it out," (Y/N) has never stood out for anything...however, when he faces cer...
Shattered (FNaF X Animatronic Reader) by BabyLovenessSelene19
Shattered (FNaF X Animatronic BabyLovenessSelene19
You're shattered, broken... 'unfixable' Your whole life you had to perform on stage dancing and singing only to be scooped and broken, left to rot in a dark room... Wha...
(PAUSED) Different (Freddy X Bonnie X Foxy, Polyamory Story) by NatureWinter
(PAUSED) Different (Freddy X Nolen
(Hey people. Schools been very rough this year so imma pause on this story for now and try and finish Foxy x Bonnie story ive been writing for the past year. Lol. This s...
I'm Here For You (Foxy x Bonnie story) by NatureWinter
I'm Here For You (Foxy x Bonnie Nolen
Bonnie's is suffering right now. His parents are dead, his boyfriend is abusive and he has no friends to help him. That is until Foxy comes. Foxy cares about Bonnie and...
Me Lassie (Foxy x Reader) by bookwriter1235
Me Lassie (Foxy x Reader)by Sparkles🦄
You always loved going to Freddy's Pizzeria every time you had the chance. You've always enjoyed seeing Foxy and having fun with him and his friends. But the last day yo...
Son of a murderer (FNAF 1 x male reader) by Lunar_Nova_Again
Son of a murderer (FNAF 1 x male Lunar_Nova_Again
Y/N Afton. The only Afton that isn't dead, how long will his luck last. Characters are not mine, neither is the game or art.
My Big Brother's Job (FNAF x Reader) by Girl_of_Fire
My Big Brother's Job (FNAF x Ace
Your big brother Mike is sick and you have to take his shift at Freddy's Fazbear Pizza. What will happen??? -------WARNING------- Some profanity will be used... Alrig...
you deserve love [needs revised] by ani-may
you deserve love [needs revised]by Ritsumiyu (Annie)
When she was 8, Foxy had always been y/n's favorite of the animatronics. After the accident she hadnt seen him since. Its been 12 years and now as an adult she needs a j...
Animatronic and Human? (All freddys x reader by Musicfan2005
Animatronic and Human? (All Thea sophie
Y/N was a singer at another pizzeria that was called 'Y/N's Fantastic Pizzeria!' But one day she and her gang was thrown away due to one of the members hurting a child. ...