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Pick up the pieces  by Married_Sleepy_Boy
Pick up the pieces by Married Sleepy Boy
Eren is abused at home and has to put up with constant bullying at school. His mother committed suicide in front of him and his dad blames it on him. What happens when h...
ereri photos  by SomeUseLessUsername
ereri photos by (▰˘◡˘▰)
a collection of eren and levi photos :) all credit goes to the artist, none of the artwork i post is mine. also the characters do not belong to me either, sadly.
Academy of the Artists by HeichouDaddy
Academy of the Artistsby HeichouDaddy
This is ReiBert. Not many people write stories for this ship so imma do one. Bertolt is a dancer and he gets accepted into an academy for extremely talented people. He h...
New Beginnings (ErenxReader) by AngelDragon428
New Beginnings (ErenxReader)by 🦋AngelDragon428🦋
My first fanfic/romance story! I'm sorry if this sucks! (y/n) (l/n) lives in New York City in a very nice apartment facing Central Park for almost nothing. Her musical c...
recollision ~ ymir x historia  by Cosmic1carnivore
recollision ~ ymir x historia by xena 🔭
( COMPLETED ) 🖇 Noun. recollision, A repeat collision between two people which have collided before. - ymir and historia loved each other, but their story didn't go as...
~Rule number 1~ by 1-800-smd-hoe
~Rule number 1~by 1-800-smd-hoe
Rule number one to be a boss ass bitch neva let a clown nigga try to play you then rule number 2 • • • • • A story in witch Jean and the friend group fucked up with y/n...
Reiner X Reader by BrandieAbadom
Reiner X Readerby Brandie Abadom
You tried to break free from Sasha's hold to run to the door but it was too late. She noticed him too, but once she released you, he was already waving over to you. &quo...
Squad Levi reacts to ships  by chrollosbandages
Squad Levi reacts to ships by Iies
WARNING! this book contains total shits and simple conversations, so if u hate lame works, then dont read this fucking shit. -Levi also, its not really reacting to ship...
Pieck reacts to AOT characters! by moredeadthendead
Pieck reacts to AOT characters!by pieckbestgirl 🍕
[SEASON 4 SPOILERS] Yep, here is our girl reacting to characters. There arent enough Pieck stories on Wattpad 00:
Caged [Levi X guardian!angel!reader] by hiyori-sann
Caged [Levi X guardian!angel! Hiyori
You were encaged, and he was the freedom that brought you to life - - - As a job for being a guardian angel, you were sent down to protect the Survey Corps. It was your...
[Levi One Shots] by ko-hi-san
[Levi One Shots]by ko-hi-san
This started out as one story but I had an idea for another one so I thought I should do this rather than make another book :/ These will be Levi x reader, Levi x someon...
Drunk Levi - Rivamika Short Story by Rivamika98
Drunk Levi - Rivamika Short Storyby Undead Rivamika
Levi had made a vow to himself to never drink again. He stuck to this vow until his childish new girlfriend, Mikasa Ackerman, pressures him into it. One little bottle of...
Attack On Titan Crackfic by TawnyThing
Attack On Titan Crackficby grace
*Warning makes no sense and contains swearing* P.s first crack will be horrible
Various x male!reader by Star-castle
Various x male!readerby Lucius
Fluffy oneshots with a male reader and cute anime characters. (Mostly male characters...) Enjoy ❤
Erwin x reader zombie au by hyuga_pathz
Erwin x reader zombie auby FanFic_Potato
The sweet little girl people once knew is gone. She's been gone since the damn apocalypse happened. You read correctly. This is a story of a girl (you) who gets caught...
Hanji reacts to ships by metzoscatza
Hanji reacts to shipsby Rolling Stones
Hello~ hanji here I will be reacting to attack on Titan ships metzochan will also take requests any way enjoy :D _______________________ Hey guys it's metzo and hanji an...
Forbidden Feathers {Ereri/Riren}  by lonliestsweetpotato
Forbidden Feathers {Ereri/Riren} by Alex
Peacocks and Ravens aren't allowed to be together, that's just the way it's supposed to be. But I love you ----- Eren x Levi (AOT/SNK) fanfic Inspired by cover picture...
From beyond evil: AOT: Historia x Male Reader: AOT x Resident infinite darkness by dirk5176
From beyond evil: AOT: Historia dirk5176
The years is 2010, and rumors were now spreading that infection will occur in the globe. During that time the infection had began in the white house as Leon S. Kennedy w...