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Distance Creates Fondness ~ DNF Angst  by youwontknome
Distance Creates Fondness ~ DNF youwontknome
George 5,000 miles away Sapnap leaving to visit his depressed friend Dream left alone in his humid miserable home No one's winning
A silent angel  by eliah-chan
A silent angel by eliah quenize talamillo
ever since Izuku was born he was sold to a scientist because Izuku has every rare case being born with a quirk not just one but three Izuku was a child with no emotions...
Your Lifetime Guardian by Wenly07
Your Lifetime Guardianby AGK. Wenly
Story about a police and a man with traumatized childhood encounter and accidentally involved in crime investigation.
Póquer by LuPhantom
Póquerby lalelilolu
Sólo fui un simple juego de cartas, una apuesta sin sentimientos justo cuando yo sentía todo por ti. ωNo copiar ni adaptar por favor. ωTaegi; YoonGi bottom. ω Evitar los...
Hanging Soul by funnyweednumber420
Hanging Soulby zena
Kusuke hangs himself and his very own brother Kusuo is the one to find him ~~
Shell >> Satzu✓ by chouzakisayu2
Shell >> Satzu✓by ChouZiyu
Short story *I dont own this story this is just adaptation hope you like it. ©To owner
The Venerable's Guide to Destroying the World by Allioune24
The Venerable's Guide to Allioune24
All they need is someone who cares, Someone they can trust, Or grief will sweep them away like dust. "For you to cry inconsolably, you should ask us and we will tel...
Forgotten... The perfect weapon/Boboiboy/ by Lazyice_DCMystery
Forgotten... The perfect weapon/ Lazyice_DCMystery
Imagine being forgotten by all those who gave you "friendship" and false hope... Unfortunately the three people who hurt him so much came back.... Appearances...
Dukexiety PLEASE READ Description!  by EDDSWORLDSIMP
Dukexiety PLEASE READ Description! by cammywammy
I'm into the sander sides again. I ship romen and virgil but I ship remus and virgil more ig? don't hate me- also this is mostly fluff and angst I'm just working you now...
꒱꒰Dnf꒱"How to not be weird......?"꒱꒰ by KillakkumaCho
꒱꒰Dnf꒱"How to not be weird......?" KillakkumaCho
꒰ʚ♡ɞHai I Fanart is by me if you want to make Fanart for this book I will be honored :>ʚ♡ɞ꒱ ꒰info abt story: George thought about pranking his friends that him and Dr...
Touch of Death by LithiumHeart
Touch of Deathby Toast
Chen x Chanyeol They were two connotations standing on the middle of a street with people running past them to take shelter from the drizzle. Him, a mournful lullaby an...
Baby Hotline by TR4NSM4SC_H3DG3H0G
Baby Hotlineby keith
Silver was the more cold one out of the two, but after being transferred to a new and completely different world where floating eyes are the norm, Gold started to lose h...
A Two Lovers Who Can't Be Together  by sourcreamlobster_
A Two Lovers Who Can't Be Together by notanactivewriter
a story about two girls who met online and became close and started to develop some feelings for each other but there is only one thing that's keeping them apart from ea...
from criada de mi madre to criada de........ los 7 by Carlibiri21
from criada de mi madre to Carla Alba Ventura
carla es una chica de pueblo cansada de trabajar para su madre quien la esclaviza limpiando la casa hasta que se encuentra con jimin y seokjin en la playa y deciden llev...
Billie y las diez mil veces en que Lorie intentó matarla by LaMorraDeJaehyun
Billie y las diez mil veces en La Morra de Jaehyun
Billie ama a Emile. Emile odia a Lorie. Lorie odia a Billie por amar a Emile y que Emile le odie. Lorie asegura que todo lo malo que le pasa tiene nombre y apell...
Dream Angst by Shizu_1234
Dream Angstby Akari
Include: Ships, Angst, and Suicidal If you don't like these stuff please click off
Punishment by Nozomi-chan2020
Punishmentby Nozomi-chan
Love always triumphs. No, the truth does not. Short story told from Lux's point of view.