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My Possessive Bully by LonelyDreamerrr
My Possessive Bullyby LonelyDreamerrr
They hated each other since they were kids. Shane Brontë was the boy who made fun of her hair in kindergarten. He laughed when she scrapped her knee when she fell in fif...
NO LIMITS by StoriesbyRJ8
NO LIMITSby StoriesbyRJ8
"Trust is everything, respect is earned. What do you do, when the possibilities are endless to what your heart desires? There's NO LIMITS to what the future holds&q...
The Foreseer by Clutz05
The Foreseerby Molly
Luna is a wonderful and sweet girl, but if you are a werewolf, you won't want to get on her bad side. She is the protector of all werewolves and a force to be reckoned w...
All I want (Zayn x Harry X Liam) by lokatiemidze
All I want (Zayn x Harry X Liam)by lokatiemidze
alpha/beta/omega "Li...they want to take Li away from me...Love him...Don't want to be alone ... Alpha help..." Zayn cried out silently "Where is he?&quo...
The Hitchhiker by StainedQuill
The Hitchhikerby PV Scylla
On one rainy day, Cassandra picked up a hitchhiker. This couldn't be the worst time to find her. After several disappointments, Cassandra was not ready to confront herse...
BIlldip-Why do you love me? by Tramirezrio
BIlldip-Why do you love me?by Tramirezrio
This is another billdip. I ship them so much Obviously gay stuff so sorry not sorry
Hello, My Name Is Lani by KKAKP05
Hello, My Name Is Laniby Katie Palaimaea
Follow Lani as she navigates through her senior year at Riverside High School and tries to live up to her moms high expectations of her, peer pressure to fit in, a poten...
Ms. Short Rich Girl And The Alpha Werewolf (ON HOLD) by TeresaRose6
Ms. Short Rich Girl And The Teresa
Winter Rose Masters is rich. Filthy rich in fact, when her wealthy parents died years ago they left everything to her including the businesses. She has little to none fr...
My Life. by Zdaboas
My CaneBlaze the creator
This story isn't as much as a story as it is really me. this will be about me and my life. hope you all enjoy my work! :D
Don't Blink [DISCONTINUED] by Saiko254
Don't Blink [DISCONTINUED]by Saiko
🚨DISCONTINUED🚨 WILL NOT BE UPDATED!!! ....unless asked to be continued by popular demand (Just a warning this story is probably gonna be shit as it starts out. You've...
Khrome by Joel3asters
All I remember was the heat and both the lack and presence of great pain. I'm unbreakable, but happiness is a broken tool I search for. If I die, I won't care, I just kn...
Triangle Love Story by HisPinkyBabyGirl1017
Triangle Love Storyby L I V/ His(AND ONLY HIS) Baby...
AJ Lee is dating Daniel Bryan, but she hangs out with her best friend Cm Punk, these two have been friends since AJ first came into WWE, Daniel hasn't been treating AJ r...
Anger issues  by Shaunababy06
Anger issues by I_read_yaoi🥵
M/n is going to camp this summer because his parents wanted to get rid him and because of his anger issues let's see how he deals with max and get ahold off his anger is...
I GAVE IT MY ALL by iya377
I GAVE IT MY ALLby iya377
Rocky ross and riker always try to date but either find themselves mad, heartbroken, or getting hurt by the end of it Riker- has a problem with drugs Rocky- cuts himself...
Are badboys protective? by Katieelouise
Are badboys protective?by Katie
"Are you willing to go for 40?" Blake questioned with a smirk on his face causing my blood to boil but forcing myself to think of the good side. "20?"...