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Her Hidden Wolf: Shifter Series by Kelluxx
Her Hidden Wolf: Shifter Seriesby Raquel
Sequel to His Half Breed (Book #2 of #ImmortalSeries), Eve Woods is the only human in a pack. With an Alpha for a dad, Eve feels like the odd one out, even from her twin...
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Little Bird by JuneValentine
Little Birdby June
"I'm never going to play fair when it comes to you, little bird," he pressed his lips onto her crinkled forehead. "Hide, pretty girl. I'll find you."...
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CURSED: is my mate a  rogue??(✔) by MusicalFriends
CURSED: is my mate a rogue??(✔)by MusicalFriends
nandini was the alpha daughter and she feels some unknown feelings for one person who was in the prison of her pack is he nandini mate or she have to face death due to...
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The Blind Mate by GabyGabriella999
The Blind Mateby GabyGabriella
Anastasia Heaven Creek is a blind girl. She is the Alpha only daughter. And her brothers are very protective and possessive. What happened when she and her brother got a...
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Forgotten Pup by AlfieMeader
Forgotten Pupby Alfie Meader
Alaska was born in to the world of power. She is the alpha male's daughter, but was unwanted. She decided to leave camp and runs into the pack's enemy, Max. Max knows ho...
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Wolfs frostbite by kiracolby
Wolfs frostbiteby kira Colby
this may seem like all the chliche rejection stories but its not what happens when the Alphas daughters ex causes problems for her so she isnt possible to move on to so...
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Royally Blessed by randi_k
Royally Blessedby randi_k
Paisley is a fun, bubbly, care free, alphas daughter. Her pack is currently the largest in the nation. When the Royals take a visit to the pack and the prince lays his e...
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Taming Her King by justamortal_
Taming Her Kingby justamortal_
She is trained to be the alpha. A female alpha. She is the only child of the Alpha. Her destiny is to become the center of the game, more than the queen she is. She was...
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Switched by Jtmay10
Switchedby Jordan 💚
Life isn't always easy, especially if you have an enemy who is a family friend. Carissa, a college girl, lives the life of an Alpha's daughter. A terrible break up with...
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•How I Met My Mate• by ANNABETH765
•How I Met My Mate•by ~♡~
Mate. Such a simple word that carries such a big meaning. In the werewolf word everyone has a mate. Daniela Fernández, The daughter of Francisco Fernández, the Alpha of...
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The Survivors (The Alpha Daughter) by phancy_juice
The Survivors (The Alpha Daughter)by phancy._.janice
Luna Mayard is a werewolf who lost her dad at the RiPe old age of 3, but she's moved on and there's something eery going on in her home town. -=+=- Luna is assisted by h...
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My Brother's Beta (REDONE) by adriannicole
My Brother's Beta (REDONE)by adriannicole
Used to be I want my brother's beta.. good thing hes too busy with his mate to notice (redone a little bit check it out) Katie is an alpha's daughter. She has a brother...
The Alpha's Daughter by allidlangdon
The Alpha's Daughterby Alli Langdon
After finding her mate, Alice is faced with a tough decision, follow her heart or be the leader she was trained to be? Alice's father had never asked for a son, he had...
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The Omega Mate by sagethetaurus
The Omega Mateby Dont_be_a_thot
Vanessa White is one of the most cherished in her pack, her father the Alpha, and her mother the Luna, have given her nothing but love for her entire life. On her 18th b...
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Property of the Alpha [discontinued] by mochism
Property of the Alpha [ maya!
Spin-off of Property of the Beta's Son Theo Collins laid in bed all night. Indie Pierce couldn't sit still. Theo Collins may be one of the youngest Alphas out there an...
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Raised by Wolves (Avengers x OC) by ETB2014
Raised by Wolves (Avengers x OC)by ETB2014
Kathleen never really had a normal life. Parents dead of a plane crash. Taken from the orphanage at 3. Spent another 5 years at HYDRA, being experimented on, and learnin...
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 Mated with the Alpha of Crimson Rose by faith_loves_all
Mated with the Alpha of Crimson faith_loves_all
Lisa is an Alpha's daughter. The Alpha of Crown Rose to be exact. Her and her sister get kidnapped by their mates. Jaebum is the Alpha of Crimson Rose. They just happen...
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His star by derpinggummybearsnom
His starby ♕Queen♕
"I don't have time for a mate, even if I had one he must be strong", she shot a glare at her mother before huffing. "honey you need a mate doesn't matter...
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Alpha Olcan  by NixGeo
Alpha Olcan by NixGeo
Esther is adventures wolf and not scared of most things, she sarcastic and does not know why Olcan wants her so bad. Olcan is an alpha wolf and has women on their knees...
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