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Touch her, you die! by Gumbella
Touch her, you die!by Gumbella
Sunny Wilde has always been a nerd and always been bullied for it. She doesn't have any friends except her brother but Sunny tries to keep her head held high. What happe...
  Shattered Reality | Book Two by ScoobyDo6105
Shattered Reality | Book Twoby J. Scarlet
originally called protected by the god of death ___ Cassie has now not only seemed to have befriended the God of Death but has also somehow managed to piss off the God...
But I Don't Want a Mate by isabelcanread
But I Don't Want a Mateby Isabel
Finding my mate was something I've never wanted. When my dad died in a rogue attack, and my mom killed himself out of grief just two days later, I realized that having a...
The Quiet Mate by PAN0NN
The Quiet Mateby PANNON.BINARY
Anna's life was flipped upside down when she met the Cullen's and would soon understand why a pair of them would look at her like that!
Blind Sided  by Athoune
Blind Sided by Athoune
When 12 year old Winter finds out she has bone marrow cancer, her colored world goes grey. As she fights for her life, she soon learns her life will never be the same. S...
Try again - Cú Chulainn X OC [COMPLETE] by xXShiningLily
Try again - Cú Chulainn X OC [ Kiyopan
Being strong means being lonely. Nobody knows this better than the girl who calls herself Sara Hiramoto. As a heroic spirit that was summoned by accident and actually...
The Best Christmas Gift (GT) by Daegon508
The Best Christmas Gift (GT)by Maxy
Max is an orphan, he has no money or even a home. he lives on the streets, surviving of what little he can find. the people that walk past him always look away and ignor...
Mafia Man's Kitten by Acertifiedbookaholic
Mafia Man's Kittenby Acertifiedbookaholic
Suddenly I hear a chuckle above me. No, multiple chuckles above me. My eyes pop open and all I can do is stare at the wall of guys. I glance over all five of them. Then...
Protected By Mr. Somerhalder by Just_a_LostBoy
Protected By Mr. Somerhalderby Just_a_LostBoy
(Book 2) (Please read Adopted By Mr. Somerhalder before reading this) Charlie has trouble coming his way. His father breaks out of prison and is on the loose. Charlie's...
The new vampire in school - Dolan Twins Story (Editing) by dolantwindreamer
The new vampire in school - Ellie
Elizabeth. A lonely teenage girl, while her little sister is the popular one. Elizabeth soon finds out a huge secret not only about herself. But about something that has...
Protected by the Gang  by sparkling_muffin
Protected by the Gang by sparkling_muffin
Alana was a normal girl with a normal life with her best friend Lena. They grew up together because their parents were friends, but one day Lena's parents disappeared my...
The Black Sheep by fantasy_joseph
The Black Sheepby Peanut
When a shy girl's kind actions turns the school player into her worse nightmare. Zaya Winters is your average, quiet, shy, and awkward teenager who isn't very social. An...
She's In Love With A Underwater Hero But I Love Her More by Eren712
She's In Love With A Underwater Animelover
This is a story about Beast Boy being in love with Raven but she's in love with Aqualad what will Beast Boy do? Will he get Raven or not?
The over protected brother by Madison4922
The over protected brotherby Madison Emily sunshine Morgan
so this is a reader x Zane and have fun reading this bye bye ❤❤❤
Feeling Protected by ChatAndHisLady
Feeling Protectedby ChatAndHisLady
Underfell is a place where 'Killed or be Killed' is followed like a religion. Underswap is place where monsters are able to live together in peace. Who knew two skeleton...
Blood is thicker than water by MissIndependent12
Blood is thicker than waterby Miss Dhlomo
This is the best story you'll ever read in your life. Sizwe and his little sister Enjoy!!!
Eyes On Her by Flores_Taylor
Eyes On Herby Flores_Taylor132
Adalynn Protected from everything since birth her safety was overly stressed on. at age 11 her mother passed away now her 4 brothers protect her from everything and he...
Survive the war with me (TT fanfic) by teen_fangirl
Survive the war with me (TT fanfic)by teen_fangirl
Rachel Roth is a younger girl living in Denmark,when the soldiers came. Her best friend,Garfield Logan,(who is also her neighbor),will protect her at all costs. Having a...