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𝙰𝙻𝚆𝙰𝚈𝚂 by ThatJerikaLove
𝙰𝙻𝚆𝙰𝚈𝚂by jerika
no description but i'm back;))
I F*cked Up.(completed)  by CaptainJackSparrow16
I F*cked Up.(completed) by Champion
No Description of course ;).
My Boss by ThatJerikaLove
My Bossby jerika
Erika works at a small diner with hardly any money. Jake shows up at her diner and offers her a job. Her working with Jake could lead to some type of romance between the...
Jake Paul You Don't See by FightingBreaks
Jake Paul You Don't Seeby FightingBreaks
Everyone says Jake Paul, is a awful person, quick to anger, abusive, unforgiving, and full of himself, right? Tada here's the Jake Paul haters see.
B A D v.s G O O D by jerikaolicity
B A D v.s G O O Dby jerika&olicity
the school bad boy (jake paul) and the new girl (erika costell) meet for the first time in there senior year in high school. what will jakes crew ' golden boys' think of...
Who is She? (Completed) by CaptainJackSparrow16
Who is She? (Completed)by Champion
No Description
Jerika - Only by multiwritez
Jerika - Onlyby multiwritez
Jake Paul is an ordinary boy from Ohio who has lived in LA for years now. He's got the looks and the athleticism and he's captain of the football team. His girlfriend is...
My Cell Phone Mix Up by _erikacostellrares_
My Cell Phone Mix Upby _erikacostellrares_
Erika Costell is a somewhat popular girl at school but she can go unknown too since she is a model In disguise but one day she had to get detention for being late to cla...
Jerika//We found love by chessa_life
Jerika//We found loveby chessa_life
Erika Costell, a girl who moved to a small town in Ohio from Michigan. In michigan things weren't exactly right. Jake Paul, one of the most popular boys in school. Peop...
Ms. Perfect (completed)  by CaptainJackSparrow16
Ms. Perfect (completed) by Champion
I suck at descriptions but you'll get it as you go along.
Save Me: Jake Paul (Discontinued) by randoexpando
Save Me: Jake Paul (Discontinued)by rando
Jake Paul is a single teen parent to a 4 year old boy. He lives with his older brother Logan, they are going poor and there's only one way to get money. Which is be a se...
My brother (jerika) by jerikaislife
My brother (jerika)by jerikastories
Our street racer by decendantsxjerika
Our street racerby :)
Jake paul left disowned by his family & ex girlfriend could anything possibly get worse for him?
Why me? by queencostell
Why me?by queencostell
He's poor and everything happens so fast. She's rich and tries to help but what happens when he doesn't want it
Teen dad ~Jerika 💗 by decendantsxjerika
Teen dad ~Jerika 💗by :)
A Jerika story x
My next door neighbour❤️ by decendantsxjerika
My next door neighbour❤️by :)
Erika costell has lived in Michigan all her life! What happens when she has to leave her life behind in Michigan and move to ohio...
The babysitter (JERIKA) by decendantsxjerika
The babysitter (JERIKA)by :)
Erika Costell-Babysitter
Jerika-Returned Love by ddaniellenichole
Jerika-Returned Loveby Danielle Nichole
Jake and Erika are dating in high school, but Erika has a huge secret that she needs to tell Jake...shes pregnant. Jake leaves her because he panics...4 years later....i...
Jerika - Ever After [Sequel to Only] by multiwritez
Jerika - Ever After [Sequel to multiwritez
READ "ONLY" FIRST IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY!! Jake and Erika haven't spoken since Jake moved back to Ohio. Erika moved back to Nashville for a little bit, but now...
Jerika - Stepsiblings ❤️ SMUT  by Gabbytoesfuzzy
Jerika - Stepsiblings ❤️ SMUT by Gabbytoesfuzzy
Where jake and Erika become stepsiblings, but they fall in love.