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Kidnapped by Chance Sutton & Team 10 by thomassholland96
Kidnapped by Chance Sutton & Team...by Molly
I'm kidnapped and then I'm thinking that I'm actually , like literally falling in love with one of my kidnappers and I can't stop it. I'm trying so hard for me not to lo...
Jake Paul x Reader: the Sign of love [Complete][#WATTYS2017] by xXJuliePGXx
Jake Paul x Reader: the Sign of lo...by Julie
You are a Y/N M/N Martinez your half spanish half english ur a Brother of Emilio and ivan U met the savege boy in town Jake U think hes cute and and he thinks You Cute...
My Cell Phone Mix Up by _erikacostellrares_
My Cell Phone Mix Upby _erikacostellrares_
Erika Costell is a somewhat popular girl at school but she can go unknown too since she is a model In disguise but one day she had to get detention for being late to cla...
Adopted By Jake Paul  by DaughterOfPewdiepie
Adopted By Jake Paul by Last Of The Real Ones
Mackenzie Paige had ran away from home due to abusive parents and ran into Jake Paul (who she despises as a person) Jake takes her in now basically apart of team 10 and...
Fuck buddies / Anthony Trujillo  by t10_tony
Fuck buddies / Anthony Trujillo by t10_tony
"I'm serious. We're just fuck buddies, okay?"
Escaping Jake Paul  by limelightAvery__
Escaping Jake Paul by limelightAvery__
HIGHEST RANKING // #8 In Jake Paul Lily Collins , an ordinary girl from Ohio. She moved to LA after her parents passing and she Runs into her ex abusive boyfriend Jake P...
finding thea by atheakings
finding theaby Athea Kings
My life is not a fairy tale. No fairy godmother came to save me when my mom abused me. No prince charming came to fight away the nightmares I have every single night. Bu...
Team 10 Imagines by upbeatbabe
Team 10 Imaginesby upbeatbabe
REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Comment or message me requests (I do not do smut or suicide imagines) Jake Paul Chance Sutton Anthony Trujillo Ivan Martinez Emilio Martinez Kade Sp...
HER | Chance Sutton by okgibson
HER | Chance Suttonby who?
"Have you ever listened to a song and wondered if that's what falling in love feels like?" "I wonder the same thing every time I look at you". 5.16.1...
What A Baddie  by queencostell
What A Baddie by queencostell
A bad boy and a good girl cross paths
TOUR<Logan Paul> by loganjankstadohner
TOURby loganjankstadohner
{COMPLETED} Emily thought taking her sister to Logan Paul's tour would be hell, but after the first one, she didn't quite mind.
That Vlog Life • Logan Paul x Reader • Fanfiction•Discontinued• by RawlfTheCat
That Vlog Life • Logan Paul x Read...by weirdo
"Aw come on (Y/n), I thought that we were going to be doing some hardcore smashing tonight," Logan said jokingly. "Were you eavesdropping on our conversat...
The Sister by mnicdaiano
The Sisterby Courtney Doiron
Who recorded their vidoes when needed? Who came up with some of the best idea's for Jake's and Logan's vines. And who was ignored by her brothers as soon as they left? M...
Mini Jake Paul's big Sister by logangpauler_team10
Mini Jake Paul's big Sisterby Sheridan V Wage
your the older sister to tydus aka mini Jake Paul you always watch an do stuff with him like play an your basically his mom because your parents are always out what happ...
"Anthony's Girl"❤️(Anthony Trujillo) by sugarr20
"Anthony's Girl"❤️(Anthony Trujill...by Sugar
Sophie Rose Garcia just moved to California. What happens when she meets Anthony Trujillo. Will they get together or will something or someone get in the way?? Ranked: #...
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by SimplyJodi
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't Weby ☆ jodi ☆
My life hasn't always been easy, having fame and money doesn't make you happy but one person who makes me happy is my big brother Jonah Mararis you might know him from W...
I fucked my brother Jake Paul by annaliemarie17
I fucked my brother Jake Paulby annaliemarie17
My name is Page Paul and I moved to L.A. With my sexy brother wait what am I saying he's my brother I can't be in love him can I? Warning ⚠️ smut/dirty and bad language
Team 10 Imagines  (Requests open) by Hail_lea_2020
Team 10 Imagines (Requests open)by Hail_lea_2020
A book of imagines. REQUEST are OPEN!!!
Married life a Anthony Trujillo Story by rachelred08
Married life a Anthony Trujillo St...by rachelred08
Jerika and Chessa are loving the "married life" and Jake and Chance love teasing Anthony about being single. Anthony gets tired of it and decides to find himse...