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Alphas daughter rejected by thepotatoqueen4
Alphas daughter rejectedby Queen potato
"You know the stories about the alpha who rejected his mate, but she's pregnant? Yeah, I'm the daughter in one of those stories. My mom found my dad, they did the d...
4 Possessive Mates by weirdo1165
4 Possessive Matesby weirdo1165
This is your typical cliche book but, with some twists. Estrella Karma is a girl who loves school. *Gasp* I know right. Although she is not your average nerd. She is an...
The Alphas Daughter by CCJB2014
The Alphas Daughterby CCJB2014
When Aprils pack was attacked unexpectedly she is separated from her father, the alpha. Since she is only 5 she couldn't fight against these wolves, and when one wolf at...
The Alpha's Daughter: Book 2 by Iamagalaxypotato
The Alpha's Daughter: Book 2by Galaxy Potato
◼◼The Alpha's Mate SEQUEL!◼◼ ◼◼On going!◼◼ Ember Cast, the daughter of the Alpha, isn't like her family. She refuses to conform to the group, but instead heavily rebels...
My Possessive Taken Mate by annapaigelawson
My Possessive Taken Mateby annapaigelawson
Carly Gibbs has now turned 18 so it's time to find her mate. She is the daughter of an Alpha and has a birthday ball coming up. When she meets the charming Blake Parson...
Her Rogue Mate by YouHaveAVoice
Her Rogue Mateby YouHaveAVoice
Perri Liatree's life was perfect. She was the alpha of a large pack's daughter, and she had just turned of age to find her mate. Her family were hosting a ball for her...
Alphas family by UnknownW225
Alphas familyby UnknownW225
No longer the Alphas daughter, Ella Reed must face the new challenge of leading a pack. Born and raised to be a strong Alpha, she thinks she has everything figured out. ...
Trueblooded's ethereal beauty || ᵒᵗ⁷ || Werewolf au by BTSanshi
Trueblooded's ethereal beauty || ᵒ Kashi
TRUE-BLOODED ALPHA PRINCES AND THEIR HEIRESS series: BOOK 1:- True-blooded's ethereal beauty In the world of werewolves, where land was divided into packs, Power into r...
The Only She-wolf. by midomroz
The Only midomroz
✖️Artemis. The current she-wolf✖️ ✖️Devin. The alpha-to-be.✖️ [hiatus]
The Supreme White Wolf And Purple Orbs || Bts ff || Ot7 by BTSanshi
The Supreme White Wolf And Kashi
TRUE-BLOODED ALPHA PRINCES AND THEIR HEIRESS SERIES:- Book 2:- The Supreme white wolf and purple orbs Choi-Lee Kiara a kind-hearted, well-mannered and beautiful, the la...
My Brother's Best Friend Is My Mate by PrincessMakailia
My Brother's Best Friend Is My Mateby Makailia Uhland
Love Story about werewolf's but your mate is your brother's best friend but that's not all he is read to find out what happens
She's The Alpha by ToOurStars
She's The Alphaby ToOurStars
She's got it all. She's the soon to be Alpha, she's beautiful, she's successful, she's popular, she's smart, she's got an amazing boyfriend, she's surrounded by awesome...
Fated With Him (SLOWLY UPDATING) by _ClashAndCollide_
Fated With Him (SLOWLY UPDATING)by ŁïčēñćèTøThrįłł
Mercedes Rodrigez has just returned home from a boarding school and hopes that now she can find the one for her. She is feisty and knows how to stand up for herself. But...
My Twin Royal Alpha Mates by groovy-chicken1124
My Twin Royal Alpha Matesby Rᴀᴄʜᴀᴇʟ
Fallon Evans is the Alpha Mason's and Luna Hannah's only daughter. She has 3 over-protective brothers. And she has 3 best friends. She likes her circle small and close...
Soul Mates by Kwazi_Star_Dragon
Soul Matesby Nokwazi Mhlongo
A soul is never to be broken in two. Soul Mates should never be separated once they find each other. So what happens when a half of a soul finds its other half shattered...
The Luna's Secret Daughter (On Hold) by kmw20406
The Luna's Secret Daughter (On Bubbly
You've all heard the story where the teenage girl gets rejected and gets welcomed back and resists but still falls back in love with her mate not this story... Raksha wa...
Rejected By My Mate by Bitty753
Rejected By My Mateby Kendra Aka Noodle
Rejection, a word that all werewolves feared. Yes being rejected wasn't the end of the world, but it made you feel incomplete and replacable. The feeling swallowed you w...
The Alpha's Daughter by Starr_xoxo14
The Alpha's Daughterby Starr_xoxo14
Sequel To "Muted Mate" Quinn, is a beautiful girl. She has grown up in a happy household, but has to take over the pack that her mother and father has been le...
Alpha's Daughter! by LeeannStephens
Alpha's Daughter!by Leeann Stephens
Mackenzie Howard- The Alpha's Daughter, quite, shy, nerdy girl. Sticks to her Best Friend Raquel, her body guards/friends (Mason, Cameron, Hunter, Dylan, Tyler, Jake, C...